Let Olay Get Rid of the “Retinol Scaries”

Let’s talk retinol, shall we?

Did you know that retinol is the #1 skin ingredient searched on Google?! Did you know that it’s also the most recommended ingredient by dermatologists?! Or that since 2016, over 5,000 retinol products have hit the skincare market?! But aside from all these retinol fun facts, the most disappointing one is that more than 50% of women who started a retinol product gave up after less than a month because of price, lack of results, or skin irritation (I like to call them, THE RETINOL SCARIES!).

Well, Olay has created a new collection of retinol focused products that addresses these common negative experiences! The Retinol24 collection, which is offered with a moisturizer, an eye cream, or a serum, gives women visible improvements in fine lines & wrinkles, smoother texture, brightness, firmness, dark spots, & pore size. But the best part? 96% of Olay Retinol24 users had ZERO irritation while using the new collection!

So aside from the price, and NO RETINOL SCARIES, what else makes Olay Retinol24 different than traditional retinols? Retinol24 is formulated with a combo of vitamin B3 plus Olay’s Retinoid Complex, which is made up of two types of retinol. And one thing that makes Retinol24 supremely different is the 24-hour hydration that your skin will experience….which we all know is the polar opposite of what retinols typically do to your skin!

And since the Olay Retinol24 collection comes in 3 different products, you can choose which item works best into your daily skincare regimen! For me, I gravitated towards the serum because it was easy to sandwich between other products in my lineup! So where exactly do the Retinol24 items find their perfect place into your routine? The Retinol24 moisturizer will replace your daily moisturizer, the Retinol24 eye cream will be applied after your moisturizer, and the Retinol24 serum will be applied in between cleansing & moisturizing!

And after almost 4 weeks, I can confidently say that after using the serum, my skin appeared brighter, the texture appeared smoother, and I was able to actually use less foundation because my overall complexion looked more even! I wanted to showcase a simple before & after, so I applied the serum onto the top of my left hand, and what’s impressive about this serum is that you immediately see how my right hand looks more dull, the pores look more apparent, and it looks dehydrated. This application is only after about 30 minutes…imagine the difference you’d see on the delicate skin on your face after 4 weeks?!

Which product from the Olay Retinol24 collection are you gonna try first?! Let me know in the comments below!

*Photos by Danielle Sabol

*A special thank you to Olay for creating a retinol product that makes women feel so much more confident about our skin and for sponsoring this creative content!