Lessons I’ve Learned While Working From Home

Boundaries have become a really consistent theme during this time of quarantine…..’ya feel me?!

While new boundaries have been set on our ability to socially interact, it’s also caused me to set boundaries within the four walls of home….since this is where 99% of my time is spent these days! Over these last couple of weeks, I have consciously tried to be present in every moment…even though most days are running together and feeling like groundhog day, honestly! While Kyle and I are having more quality time than we EVER could’ve asked for (and I am reaping the benefits of all his home cooked meals!), it’s been important for us to set some boundaries with one another since we are attempting to work from home together for the first time ever!

With all that said, here are some lessons & eye-opening thoughts I’ve had over the last 6 weeks of working from home…

IF I DON’T WORKOUT & MAKE A SMOOTHIE, I AM A MISERABLE HUMAN THE ENTIRE MORNING: Having a morning routine feels silly right now when we are essentially doing the same thing every darn day, but it completely shifts my mindset & helps clear my head from all the fogginess! Y’all know how much I love my daily smoothies, but I was getting frustrated with all the ingredients and prep work, so I finally placed an order with Daily Harvest and got some of their smoothies to try! They make it so simple because everything for one smoothie comes frozen in a sealed cup (they refer to them as a “One Cup Wonder” and they truly are!)…all I have to do is fill the cup with almond milk & toss all the contents into my Nutribullet! I have tried the Cherry + Almond (has PB&J vibes!) as well as the Cold Brew + Almond (tastes like a cold brew milkshake), but the Mint + Cacao is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE because it reminds me of Thin Mint Cookies! (I also add an extra banana because smoothies can never have too much banana IMO, and top with some cacao nibs BECAUSE WHY NOT?!)

GETTING DRESSED UP MAKES ME 1000 TIMES MORE PRODUCTIVE: When I was young, my mom use to day, “Dress well, test well!” So every time I had a big test at school, she would encourage me to dress up so that I would feel confident and hopefully perform better. I’m sure most of you would agree with me that when YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD! Hey, I’ll take any extra boost of confidence these days, and if that means slapping on some makeup and a comfy dress, then that’s what I’ll do! (And Kyle certainly doesn’t mind either!)

I DESPERATELY CRAVE QUIET TIME…..AND THAT MEANS ABSOLUTE SILENCE: This is actually a brand new discovery that I never could have assumed or predicted about myself! While, yes, I am an only child and spent many years of my life living alone, I am a social butterfly who loves to be surrounded by friends and family. BUT THERE IS AN EXCEPTION: If I am trying to work, or clean the kitchen, or finish a caption for Instagram, I PREFER SILENCE. That means no music, no television, no small talk. This could not be more opposite from Kyle, who AS I WRITE THIS IN THE OTHER SILENT ROOM, has ESPN playing on the tv, while he watches a cooking segment on his phone, and is attempting to ask me a question. OMG GIMME SOME SILENCE!

VIRTUAL LUNCH DATES WITH GIRLFRIENDS ARE VERY NEEDED: One thing I have desperately missed since social distancing became our new normal is having my weekly Friday lunch dates with girlfriends! Instead, we have all now taken advantage of technology & been able to keep up virtually! Each workday, I now look forward to my lunch hour because its the time that I schedule to check-in on one of my girlfriends! And instead of turning the kitchen into an absolute mess (because we know I am a disaster in the kitchen!) or begging Kyle to cook something, I am enjoying some Daily Harvest soups or harvest bowls. On this particular day, I heated up their Cauliflower + Leek Soup….I LOVE hearty potato & leek soup, and this healthy alternative was flavorful & delicious! For additional Daily Harvest lunch options throughout the week (or when Kyle isn’t cooking!), I’m a HUGE FAN of the Lentil + Mesquite Chili because its got some TEXAS-SIZED HEAT that my palette loves, and I also can’t get enough of the Quinoa + Chipotle Harvest Bowl (legit is a burrito in a bowl!) & the Lentil + Tomato Bolognese on top of zucchini noodles enjoyed a la spaghetti bolognese!

BOREDOM MAKES ME HUNGRY: The biggest temptation in working from Kyle’s house is something he & his kiddos like to refer to as the “Candy Cabinet.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: an entire cabinet dedicated to candy & sweet treats….and my little paws have gotten into some serious trouble with it! Having some healthier snack options around the house while WFH has been key…you know, things that you don’t feel guilty for indulging in! When my sweet tooth gets the best of me, I reach for the Daily Harvest Cacao Nib + Vanilla Bites, which only have 100 calories per piece! Each piece is about the size of a golf ball & taste just like homemade chocolate chip cookie dough! (Ps. If “cacao” is a new term in your world, its just a fancy way of saying chocolate chips!) And when my sweet tooth turns salty (ahem, certain time of the month!), all I want is pizza…so Daily Harvest’s new flatbreads HIT. THE. SPOT! Each flatbread is perfect to split for happy hour snacks….or hell, eat the entire thing….its only got 320 calories! They launched 3 gluten-free flavor options: Kale + Coriander, Tomato + Cremini, & Artichoke + Spinach. If you are a traditional tomato sauce pizza lover, Tomato + Cremini is perfect for you, but if you are a white pie add artichokes kinda gal, then you will love Artichoke + Spinach as much as I did! (HOT TIP: Kyle broiled them for little bit after they were done in the oven for an extra crisp, and you could even add some EVOO or shredded cheese for some extra oomph!)

THE NEWS IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST SOLUTION…CHOOSE MUSIC & LAUGHTER INSTEAD: The best decision Kyle & I made a couple weeks ago was to turn off our news notifications. We realized early on during quarantine that the news left us feeling depressed, negative, and uncertain. We replaced morning news with music and we replaced evening news with quality time together laughing and enjoying each other’s company!

During this time of quarantining & social distancing, what positive takeaways do you have about yourself, the way you work, your partner, or what you want once all this is over? I always love when y’all share your thoughts in the comments below because your feedback & encouragement ENCOURAGES US ALL…myself included!

PS. Please enjoy $25 off your next Daily Harvest order using the code KERRENTLY! Start your order HERE!

*Thank you to Daily Harvest for sending us some delicious & healthy food to eat during this time spent WFH, & for sponsoring this creative content.

  • Docdivatraveller

    These are some really great tips Kourt! We all are in the same boat. At least we should try to stay happy and productive in our homes.

  • Jessica Wassenaar

    LOVE THIS! I have been SERIOUSLY struggling with workday productivity and staying focused.

  • Joshua Robertson

    I will most definitely be trying this smoothie recipe ! Looks so delicious !


  • Ellese

    Silence is golden! I love my quiet time. A big boundary I have been placing lately is the amount of people I give my energy to. I leave my phone in a different room so I can stay present. Thank you for sharing all of this. Xo, Ellese