Leather & Lace

Blouse: Wayf (Also in black HERE & another white version HERE) // Faux Leather Overalls: BlankNYC // Booties: Schutz (also in nude HERE) // Crossbody Box Clutch: TDE // Lipstick: Grande Lips in Desert Peak (online exclusive) // Headband: Free People

Sometimes certain fabrics can be a bit of a bitch…..well, before I begin name calling, lemme explain.

We all know that leather can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, right? Best Friend Leather: That broken in moto-bomber that goes with everything, fits like a glove, and makes you feel insta-cool the second you slip it on. Worst Enemy Leather: WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? Ill-fitting leather leggings/pants ala Ross in “Friends” ring a bell?!

And quite honestly, lace is right up there with leather in my opinion. There’s a VERY FINE LINE between chic, grandma’s tablecloth, and newborn baby when it comes to lace.

But pair tough leather with feminine lace and what you’ve got is kindof magic, right?! No longer is the stand alone fabric “kindof a bitch,” suddenly, it’s actually quite BITCHIN!

Photos by Danielle Sabol