Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Don’t panic…

…but it’s crunch time, which means you officially have less than a week to complete your Christmas shopping.

In case you just like to procrastinate or you’ve been supremely busy, here are some of my favorite last minute gift ideas and stocking stuffers that are my go-to’s!

ANYTHING PERSONALIZED: Some of my favorites include THESE Stoney Clover bags…and if you are in NYC or Palm Beach you an visit their shops and get it customized on the spot! But here’s another tip in case you aren’t: Head to your local craft store and find some letter patches and make your own! Most people know that you have to order custom items a bit in advance, so they will think you had their gift in mind back in November!

JEWELRY SETS: BaubleBar has some of my favorite mix & match sets (which you can also get at Nordstrom HERE)…this is a great idea for a girls’ gift exchange or if you are shopping for a gal you don’t know so well, but know they have pierced ears! Headbands are also a big hit…in the last month I have purchased THIS DIAMOND ONE, THIS RED & PINK BRAIDED ONE (that’s actually packed in my suitcase for NYC!), and Stoney Clover gifted me THIS ONE from their collaboration with Lele Sadoughi!

SOMETHING SNARKY & FUNNY: Is she always drinking White Claw or checking her makeup prior to taking a selfie? If so, give her the gift that I bought for “that friend”…..its a skinny can hardshell leopard print coozie & a lighted selfie mirror that fits on your fingers!

UNIQUE SOCKS: Like candles, socks can be a kinda crap gift, right? But find ones that are special to the recipient. For example, Kyle’s daughter asked for fuzzy socks or socks with dogs…and that’s exactly what she got! For fuzzy socks, I found THESE PLAID ONES at the Gap and THIS PACK at Nordstrom Rack! For dogs socks, I got THESE BULLDOG ONES at Old Navy for a buck on Black Friday!

And last but not least….and I need to explain myself:

I F$@&ING HATE CANDLES as a Christmas gift. It’s a total cop out. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Nothing says I waited till the last minute like a candle. But if someone shows up with THIS NEST HOLIDAY CANDLE…I will forgive them because it’s what’s been burning in my home from Thanksgiving-New Years for the last 5 years. And sometimes when I see them on sale after Christmas, I stock up and put them away for the next 11 months 😉

What are some of your favorite last minute gift ideas? Share with the rest of the #KERRentCommunity in the comments below!

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