#KnowThyBoobs with Colleen Rothschild

Breast Friend Self-Exam Butter: Colleen Rothschild // Dress: Chrissy Teigen X Revolve

How well do you know your boobs?

I don’t mean, like, how well you know your cup size…I’m talking about something way more in depth than that.

Basically what I’m trying to say is this: When was the last time you felt yourself up?! When was the last time you have yourself a breast exam?! If it was longer than a month ago, then according to Colleen Rothschild, it’s been too long.

You might be wondering why Colleen Rothschild, founder of some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SKINCARE, cares so much about your boobs?! Well, Colleen not only wants you to take care of the skin on your face, but she also wants you to take care of the skin on your boobs….sort of.

So lets rewind a couple years: Colleen was giving herself an at-home self exam when she found something that felt suspicious. After meeting with her doctor, what she found was just normal lumps & bumps, but the doctor did, in fact, discover 2 micro-clusters that required being removed surgically. Thankfully, the masses came back benign…but the whole experience left Colleen with the desire to create a product that would bring attention to the importance of elf exams.

And right in time for October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Colleen is launching Breast Friend Self-Exam Butter! The butter is loaded with rich butters & nourishing oils which provide the ideal slip and slide your fingers need to help detect unusual lumps and bumps during your exam. And as an added bonus, your skin is left soft and supple with a delicate fresh feminine scent! The packaging is super cheeky, too…all hand drawn by Colleen…& its a fun way to stand out on your countertop to remind you to perform those exams & schedule your mammograms.

I personally know several women who have battled breast cancer. I know women who have lost mothers, sisters, aunts, & friends to breast cancer….and I know all of you do, too. But it’s also a disease that can be detected early, & I am happy to support brands, like Colleen Rothschild, who want to help do their part & ensure that woman are performing self-exams. I am also thrilled to report that Colleen will be donating Breast Friend Self-Exam Butter to local women’s shelters, as well.

And because I am also a somewhat cheeky gal, I wanted to sit down with Colleen and talk about boobs! See the full video below & PLEASE spread the word to all your female friends & encourage them to #KnowThyBoobs!

*A HUGE thank you to Colleen Rothschild for creating a product that’s helps hold us, & our boobs, accountable each month…& for sponsoring this post!