In the Kitchen: Red, White, & Booze Popsicles


If there was an award for eating popsicles during the summer months, I could, hands down, claim any victory in this competition.

Buy why hassle with having to keep them in stock in your freezer when you can, just as easily, make them yourself?! You can choose the flavor, the contents, and even, dare I say, the BOOZE?! Yep, boozy summertime popsicles are a big hit with my friends (& at any pool party!), and one that they know I am an expert at making, so this Fourth of July, I decided to use the colors of the holiday as my inspiration for these RIDICULOUSLY EASY popsicles!


1. Booze of your choice: I used vodka…but rum would also be delicious…or get creative!

2. Red fruit: I used strawberries & raspberries!

3. Blue fruit: I used blueberries!

4. Flavor of juice: I made half & half limeade and lemonade!

5. Popsicle molds (I bought mine HERE)


1. Slice fruit & soak overnight in booze.

2. Arrange fruit by color into popsicle mold.

3. Pour over fruit with juice!

4. Freeze & enjoy!

Ps. The adorable t-shirt I am wearing is by Blaine Bowen! You can shop it HERE!

Photos by Danielle Sabol