My Kind of Holiday Outfit

Dress: Gap (& ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE!) // Bodysuit: KERRently X Privilege // Boots: Marc Fisher // Box Bag: The Daily Edited // Earrings: Gorjana // Bow: Namrata Joshipura

If one more person invites me to a damn “ugly sweater Christmas party,” I might actually lose my shit.

I don’t want to get dressed up in an ugly sweater and go in public. Furthermore, I don’t want to have to pay for an ugly sweater when I would much rather pay for something I actually LOVE. What type of horrible hostess would ask her guests to look ugly?! Ugh, ya’ll, please stop doing this.

Do I sound like a Scrooge? I certainly don’t mean to….it’s all meant with a dash of humor! But seriously though, if I’m having to dress in ugly sweaters to all these parties, then WHERE ON EARTH AM I GOING TO GET WEAR THIS STRIPED SEQUIN DRESS?!


Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Natali

    Looking super cute, chic and glamorous in this outfit!

  • Tiffany Elam

    I’m always that girl who dresses in a sequin covered dress over an ugly sweater- no shame in my game!

  • Brittany

    Love! Any advice for what to wear to a holiday work party that is “business casual”? It’s not my office party, it’s my husbands. And it’s at a fancy museum in SF. But the term business casual to describe an office party is mystifying to me ?

  • Joshua Robertson

    These outfit deets are stunning! I am dying over this dress. The fit, the sequins this is a win-win situation!

  • Amanda Gnaedig

    That purse is so classic and chic! Love it!!