KERRently Coveting September 2017: Clean Eating Swaps with The Defined Dish

Eating healthy is the worst.

Don’t get me wrong….I love a good salad, some fresh juice, & nice lean protein. But I also love chicken tenders dipped in ranch, tex-mex, and anything served in a crockpot or casserole dish! Lately, I have been trying to eat healthier…not dieting, really….but just being more conscious about the quality of food that goes into my mouth. And one thing that has really helped keep me accountable is following food bloggers who are always encouraging clean eating! One of my favorites is Alex Snodgrass, founder of The Defined Dish, does such a great job of not only making sure that most of her recipes are Whole30 compliant, but they are also ALL DELICIOUS!

So as I continue my healthy eating journey, I decided to bring Alex in for this month’s “KERRently Coveting” and have her share with me 5 of her easiest clean eating swaps in the kitchen….and of course, she did not disappoint! Who knew I could actually enjoy eating healthy food?!

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Video by Fort Lion Studio

  • Andrea Overturf

    Great video, Courtney! Awesome swaps from one of my favorite recipe bloggers…she inspires me! If you love ranch, you’ve got to try Whole30 Ranch dressing…its the best. ranch. ever. Really!

  • Jenny

    Great video, Courtney! As someone with zero kitchen game, can Alex explain her collard green wraps prep in written down detail? Also, do either of you recommend a spiralizer? I want to buy one, but with so many options I’d love ya’lls’ advice.
    Thank you

  • Kelly

    I love this video and it makes me really want to try Whole 30! Also, are you coming to NYFW this year?

    xx Kelly
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