Sequin Tuxedo Jacket // Diamond Earrings & Necklaces c/o Diamonds Direct

What do you get the person who has everything? Well, either something more luxurious than anything they’ve ever owned before, or something that will knock their sock off with how unique it is! Sometimes taking breath away requires some thing luxurious, but other times, it just requires a creative experience!

*You might not immediately connect organization with luxury, but in my opinion, having someone else come into your home with a fresh set of eyes and organize everything from top to bottom is the ultimate luxury! The gals from NEAT METHOD recently came in and re-organized our closets, and while Kyle didn’t understand the value at first, he’s now all about it! This would be such a great gift for a parent, someone who is busy wrangling kids & doesn’t have the time/energy, or for a girlfriend who’s maybe recently moved & needs some help getting all her stuff situated!

*Have a friend who’s the super healthy one of the group? Surprise her this Christmas with a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION TO URTHBOX, which delivers new & different healthy, gluten-free, & vegan snacks right to her doorstep!

*I’ve had my eye on this PRE-LOVED ROLEX watch! A girl can dream, right?!

*Need a getaway?! MIRAVAL AUSTIN is one of the best experiences I’ve every had when it comes to de-stressing, relaxing, and gaining some mental clarity. I’ve been with girlfriends, I’ve been with my mom, & I’ve been with Kyle. No matter the company, its an experience that is truly memorable & oh-so-good for the soul.

*I never thought I would be an advocate for a $400 BLOWDRYER but this thing has made my life so much happier because it reduces the time I have to spend blowdrying these extensions…and if you have them, you know how its quite the task. I asked my mom for this blowdryer a couple years ago and was THRILLED when Santa delivered!

*$265 for something that eventually runs out is absolutely ridiculous. $265 for a cream that I love to wear under makeup is also ridiculous. But if you’ve tried THE RICH CREAM by AUGUSTINUS BADER, then you also understand how its worth every damn penny. Ask for this from your husband or your parents….who knows, they might surprise you with it?! (If you are reading this during Black Friday sales, then head to the VIOLET GREY website where you can currently score it at 20% off!)

*If Kyle asks why I need a $500 INFRARED SAUNA BLANKET, I’m going to tell him that any doctor would suggest it…a medical excuse is legit, right? RIGHT?! No, but seriously….there are so many benefits of spending time everyday in one of these: weight loss, muscle recovery, increased metabolism, better night’s sleep…the list goes on and on. Now we just Kyle convinced!

*I know it sounds cliche, but diamonds really are a girls best friend….and this statement is coming from someone who didn’t even own diamonds until she was proposed to in April 2020….and now I see what all the fuss is about! Kyle worked with DIAMONDS DIRECT to create the most beautiful yellow canary engagement ring, and every time I swing in to get my ring cleaned, I end up picking up another item for myself! I love their selection of dainty stackable rings, huggies for your second or third piercings, and diamond pendant necklaces that you could wear everyday! Diamonds Direct has gift options for every price point, and one of my favorite features they offer is the ability to create a “wish list” so that when Kyle goes in to shop for me, they have items on file that he knows I already have tried on and love! CLICK HERE to find the Diamonds Direct nearest you!

*Over the past year, Kyle & I have talked about how we have loved spending more TIME together instead of spending more MONEY together. Date nights have changed, as our priorities have too! These DATE NIGHT DICE would be such a fun item to have in our house so that we are reminded to always mix it up & roll the dice when its time to be together! They take the guesswork out of date night at home by helping you select the type of food you eat, the genre of movie you watch, & the naughty position of the evening when its time to hit the sack! Even though these dice are inexpensive, they are all about creating memories and experiences…and sometimes, that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!

*You probably think I’ve absolutely lost it now that I am suggesting you spend $39 on handsoap, but trust me when I say that every single person that washes their hands in our guest bathroom always comments on how lovely this RESURRECTION AROMATIQUE HAND WASH is! Legit, this is one of those little luxuries that your guests will notice!

I’m certain y’all have some ideas that are luxurious or experiential! Please leave them in the comments below!