KERRently Christmas 2020 Gift Guide for PETS & PET LOVERS

I feel ashamed to admit that this is the first time in 6 years that I’m not mailing out a Christmas card that is splattered with precious photos of Fancy or Bossy. What can I say…2020 got away from me (THANK GOD HURRY UP AND BE OVER, 2020!) and Christmas card dog portraits just didn’t end up on my to-do-list! So instead of bragging about my dogs via a Christmas card, I’ll just spoil them with gifts…and here’s a short list of some cute ideas!

*Know someone who loves their new pup but hates the eyesore that is left by the crate?! This CRATE COVER-UP SET includes a a matching crate cover, plus pillow & mattress to place inside! And just like that, the crate is part of the decor!

*If its personalized, my dogs must have it! These CUSTOM VELVET DOG COLLARS will ensure that your pup is the most chic at the dog park!

*Even though us humans are obsessed with keeping our drinks hot or cold with our Yeti tumblers, shouldn’t we be equally as obsessed with keeping our pups’ water bowl just as cold?! Thankfully, we can spoil our four legged friends with a YETI DOG BOWL that comes in 8 colors!

*Trying to teach you kiddos responsibilities by having them take care of the dog’s feeding schedule? This cute $9.95 “DID YOU FEED THE DOG” YES/NO SIGN is a cute reminder for those chores!

*My biggest fear in life is one of our pups running off and having zero clue where they are, which is why this WHISTLE GO EXPLORE PET TRACKER is absolutely genius! Not only is it a waterproof GPS tracker, but it also got a built-in night light, a battery life of 20 days, & can track your pets fitness! Super convenient & hooks on your dogs collar!

*Who knew putting Bossy’s face on a mask would get so much attention?! Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about that mask, I could legit retire! I mean, doesn’t every pet owner need a PERSONALIZED FACE MASK WITH THEIR DOGS FACE on it?! And GET THIS…for every face mask that is sold, this company donates to feed a shelter pet!

*We get a good amount of questions about this COOLING ELEVATED PET BED that Bossy hangs out on in our home! Its ventilated so her belly stays cool (versus laying on the ground…on the cot she gets good airflow!) and its known as her “place” so that she can stay calm and feel safe in that space…which helps for dogs when it comes to aggressively marking their territory! These inexpensive cots have been a game changer in our home…we have one in our kitchen, one in our living room, one in our bedroom, and one on our patio!

*And while we are speaking of Bossy, my mom also scooped up THIS PERSONALIZED SEQUIN PILLOW as a gift for Elle! OMG sequins & puppies?! What’s not to like?!

*Have a friend who has severe separation anxiety from their pet? Well, we are so obsessed with our FURBO DOG CAMERA so we can always see what Bossy is up to when we are out of the house! Not only is it an awesome way to make sure your dog is safe (Furbo cameras have saved so many dog’s lives through their emergency health alert notifications that you get immediately to your phone!), but they are also helpful in monitoring your home! Check out my experience with Furbo in THIS VIDEO!

What are you buying for your dog….or for the friends who are obsessed with their dog?! Share your pet lovers gifts in the comments below!