KERRently Christmas 2020 GIFT GUIDE for HIM

UGH, MEN! You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them….but you also can’t freaking figure out what to buy them! Here is a handful of some quirky & creative ideas that might tickle his fancy on Christmas morning!

*Is he an ass man?! Get him this $20 ARTSY DERRIERE MUG to remind him that BABY GOT BACK!

*Tech guy meets germaphobe? Well, if he wasn’t a germaphobe before 2020, he probably very well is now! This WIRELESS CHARGER & UV CLEANER not only recharges your phone’s battery, but it also will kill up to 99.9% of surface germs in just 20 minutes!

*If you have a man that loves to cook, well, first of all congratulations! Secondly, be sure to up his kitchen game with a LE CREUSET DUTCH OVEN to reach for. Kyle has 3 of these in our kitchen, and not only do they look chic as hell sitting on the stovetop, but they are easy to clean and so incredibly durable.

*There’s nothing that gets my blood boiling more than finding all those annoying hairs all over the counter after Kyle trims his beard. I’m pretty sure I’ll be putting a $13 BEARD CATCHING CAPE in his stocking!

*Sleep next to someone who runs either super hot or super cold? Yeah, me too! This DYSON HOT-COLD BLADELESS FAN has pretty much saved our relationship! And it has a remote, which is a form of currency in our household!

*Okay, so I know this might be a little controversial, but I just want to see the look on any man’s face when he opens up this GOOP X HERETIC “THIS SMELLS LIKE MY VAGINA” CANDLE! As long as your vagina smells good, right?!

*Speaking of grooming, if he’s a fella who loves taking care of himself and spending time in front of the mirror, then he will be thrilled to try tons of dfferent products included inside this 12 DAY ADVENT MENS GROOMING CALENDAR from Mr. Porter!

*I’m all about a multi-functional piece of decor, and this TEQUILA ROCKET DECANTER not only gives off chic decor vibes, but your man will look pretty hip serving tequila with this alongside some chips & guac!

*Does your man love martini’s as much as mine does? I must get Kyle these SHAKEN & STIRRED COCKTAIL NAPKINS for our bar cart!

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  • Casey

    The UV charger and light is amazing!!! I can’t wait to give this to my husband.

  • Jessica

    The Mr. Porter 12 days of grooming was a huge hit with my man! Thank you for sharing!