Inspiring Ad Campaign: 7 For All Mankind

Campaign photos courtesy of 7 For All Mankind.  Northpark 7 For All Mankind store photos courtesy Shana Anderson Photography.

So I love clothes as much as the next girl.  I love buying them.  I love wearing them.  I love taking pictures in them. I love looking at them.  But one thing about clothes that really gets me inspired is a beautiful ad campaign….and not just the pictures…I want a back story.  I want to know why the photographer took that picture using that kind of filter, or light, or why a certain location worked better than another.  I want to know where the designer was when they dreamt up their new collection.  All those little details truly allow for a picture to be painted and allows for customers like you and me to understand how a style or a fabric was conceptualized and why its cohesive to the collection.

7 For All Mankind has spoken to me this season through their photography and the inspiration behind their summer 2012 collection.  This collection debuted with a short teaser video, which was shot from behind the point of view of actor James Franco.  Evoking the casual California lifestyle interspersed with fashion and sexuality, the resulting campaign imagery and film communicates the brands’ values with a realism that  is entirely unique.  Shining through in this season’s collection, Summer 2012 tells the brand’s story of a modern and elevated California lifestyle.  The collection is authentic and sophisticated – all while showcasing the fits, finishes, and fabrics that defines 7 For All Mankind.

When it comes to the women’s campaign, 7 For All Mankind wants to take you on the ultimate girls trip: top down, music up, and California sun and sand! This season their collection stays on trend using bright, girly prints such as florals, ikat, and lace, and the color palette is perfectly worn-in, with a sun faded feel.  Think: bright sun, reflections off the water, and a hint of shimmer an sparkle! Sounds like a perfect summer vacation wardrobe, doesn’t it?!

Have y’all seen any ad campaigns that have stood out to you this season?