I Just Can’t






Jacket: c/o Topshop x Nordstrom; Skirt: c/o Topshop x Nordstrom; Tank: Vince; Heels: Valentino; Watch: c/o Nine West; Sunglasses: Burberry, old; Cross Necklace: Boticca; Chevron Midi Ring: All the Wire; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Lips: Nars Dragon Girl

Over the last couple of weeks, specifically, the word “can’t” has ruled my vocabulary:

You can’t make people like you.

You can’t make everyone laugh.

You can’t always dress to everyone’s liking.

You can’t give love uncondtionally and always expect to get the same in return.

You can’t assume that people will do what they say they will do.

And you can’t be entirely vulnerable without realizing you will receive backlash for your honesty.

But what you can do is control how you react to all those things….and you can continue to love those who hate you.

Spread the love this weekend.  Find one thing you can’t do and turn it into a can. React with kindness. Rejoice with humility. And celebrate one another.

And if all else fails, remember it’s Friday….and pour a cocktail.


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  • MamaKerr

    I love your attitude and outlook! Always so positive!

  • Tiffany Elam

    Great attitude!


  • Danielle

    Well said! I love that you’re continually experimenting / mixing so many looks and vibes. I always say there’s no need to fall into just one kind of style! Have fun with it.

    My sole complaint is that you don’t post daily! Jazzed for your return to Bravo 🙂


  • Eboni Ifé

    After the week I’ve had…this bit of wisdom was just what the doctor ordered! Have a great weekend, Courtney!

  • kendall

    love your words & loving that skirt!! amazing! x

    dipped in yellow

  • Berty Morales

    Courtney, I am in love with this entire look. AMAZING and that skirt looks gorgeous on you. 🙂

  • mrschanelO

    i’m loving those valentinos with that leather jacket. kill them with kindness and sweat tea.


  • Kay

    Trying to find a casual weekend look wearing jeans and flats. Got any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Dana

    love this – definite words of wisdom for sure.


  • lillly

    you are so much like housewife in the fact that people have such strong feelings for you…bless your heart “TORY” man she is obsessed with hating you-Ill never get it-its not about you it is totally about “Tory”….. remember that-you are a huge texas pill to swallow-and the world needs people like you-keep on keeping on-for Gods sake Andy Cohen likes you and he is amazeballs…..

  • Brie

    Love the hair, lipstick and outfit as usual!

    Keep rockin’ it girl!

  • stina

    Love the message!! Would love if you checked out my blog http://www.wearsequinstobreakfast.com xo

  • Kelly

    You look absolutely gorgeous, I love this skirt and the red lip!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Alyssa//Runway Chef

    What a positive reminder that you just can’t do everything! Another thing I can’t even deal with is that amazing skirt! Must get ASAP!

    Runway Chef

  • Jessica

    I think I need a plaid skirt. I remember in middle school I had a plaid midi a-line skirt. How I so wish I still had that piece right now!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  • andrea

    always love a red lip on you 🙂


  • Marina

    Looking fabulous!! Can you do a post about how you got to your best shape yet??

  • Charlie

    You can’t ever use enough lube for backside action either!!
    That’s what granny used to say!

  • Samantha Jo

    I love this outfit, but why did you photoshop under your eyes so much? Keep it natural girl!

  • Kristin

    Your hair is fantastic! Do you have any tips you can share on how you style your hair or any hair products you love? I’m stuck in a hair rut, personally…

  • Brandy

    COURTNEY I LOVE your style. Will you tell me where to get that large yellow and large turquoise ring I saw on your show? I AM DYING TO HAVE THEM!!!

  • Catrina

    Love your style. This is so inspirational and motivating. While there are somethings you can’t do there are so many more than you can.

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  • this domain

    Awesome post.