How Walmart Helps Keep Me Organized

Gals, you KNOW I live for a good old fashion Walmart trip.

Gimme that big cart and let me stroll every singe aisle! From the grocery section (I’ll never buy K-cups anywhere else), to the bakery department (get the Freshness Guaranteed chocolate chip muffins, TRUST ME), and lets not forget the beauty department for some of my favorite inexpensive products (ps. you check out my past Walmart beauty hauls HERE & HERE), Walmart is part of my routine. Heck, I might even go so far to say that Walmart helps keep me organized because I can get so many items for my family at low prices in just one place!

But when Walmart rolled out their Pickup & Delivery service, there was this whole new world of excitement when it came to my Walmart trips! These 2 services made my life so much easier because now when days are busy and I still need to go to Walmart to scoop up the essentials my family needs, I can schedule a pickup or delivery time instead…and just like that, Walmart has saved the day!

You might’ve seen how simple the pickup process is, as I have shared it on Instastories a handful of times! (And I LOVE hearing how many of you learned about it through me, or also love it, too!) But just in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

  1. Order your products online HERE or through the Walmart mobile app! (The app is so user-friendly, even my mom could figure it out!)
  2. Select your pickup/delivery time & submit order! (HOT TIP: opt in for the text messages & that way they notify you every step of the way….like when your order is ready for pickup or your delivery is on its way!)
    • When you get notified that your order is ready for pickup, just let the Walmart app know that you’re on your way. Follow the orange signs to the pickup area & park in your designated spot, then a Walmart associate will deliver your order to your car contactless…all you have to do is pop the trunk!
    • You can track the process of your order through the app & you’ll be notified once the driver has arrived & delivered the products contactless on your doorstep!

And for those of you who are full of excuses like, “I don’t want to pay an added cost for pickup” well, PICKUP IS ALWAYS FREE & a very, very small delivery fee applies! But if you ask me, its always worth it if you don’t have to leave the house, right?!

And because Walmart is the ultimate the one-stop shop for legit *almost” everything my family needs on a weekly basis, you can add products outside of the grocery department to your pickup or delivery order! That means I can also scoop up all my other essentials like tampons, my favorite purple shampoo, OLLY vitamins, protein powder for the growing teenage boy, party supplies (we’re always celebrating something around here), household essentials, & all the outdoor supplies we need to get the yard in tip top shape for Spring & Summer!

Listen, if 2020 taught me anything, its that A) you can have pretty much ANYTHING delivered, & B) I’d rather be at home soaking up quality with my family than running all over town to get my to-do list completed! So take a page from my “book of convenience” & utilize the Walmart Pickup & Delivery service ASAP.

Its one decision I promise you’ll seriously never regret!

(NOTE: $35 minimum & small delivery fee apply. Walmart Pickup & Delivery is only available in select markets.)

*A special shout out to Walmart to always saving the day & for being the ultimate triple threat when it comes to PRICE, QUALITY, & SERVICE! And a big thank you for sponsoring this creative content!

  • Katrina

    Need the deets on the beautiful blazer!! And cheers for Walmart pickup/delivery!

  • Lisa

    Missing the Courtney videos!

  • John

    Hahaha agree! I only need to visit Walmart for anything I need.