How to Shop My KERRently Curated Trunk!

Ever wished you could shop the looks & styles that I love from Trunk Club?!

Well, now YOU CAN! This month, Trunk Club is releasing my “KERRently Curated Trunk” that is filled with my favorite items that were handpicked by me & my stylist, Megan! By now, you know how much I trust my Trunk Club stylist & how she makes shopping feel like a piece of cake! She scouts out the most stylish pieces that she knows I will not only wear over and over again, but since she knows what’s already in my closet, these items blend perfectly into my existing wardrobe! And because Trunk Club is part of the Nordstrom family, there is always a variety of options, sizes, brands, & price points for me to choose from!

So, let’s talk more about this “KERRently Curated Trunk” that you can get your hands on, shall we?! A couple of weeks ago, Megan and I got together to talk about what I wear most. It was pretty easy for me to narrow down since I typically gravitate to the same types of styles…..WAIT, DOES THAT MEAN I AM PREDICTABLE?! I just know what I love and what works for me body…and thankfully, so does Megan! (That’s one of the best perks from using Trunk Club!) We narrowed down my list to structured blazers with interesting details, great fitting denim, ANYTHING with leather accents, dresses that can seamlessly go from day to night, blouses with all the frills, and stiletto booties & high heels! (Sounds about right when it comes to my wardrobe, doesn’t it?) And now, you can call your own personal stylist at your local Trunk Club Clubhouse, or use their styling service via the app or website, & have them send you pieces that were inspired by my closet through my “KERRently Curated Trunk!”

Thanks to Trunk Club, having my closet at your own disposal has never been so easy! CLICK HERE to get my “KERRently Curated Box” delivered to your door ASAP!

*It has truly been a pleasure to have this consistent partnership with Trunk Club over the last several months! I am so grateful for their support of my blog, for my stylist, Megan, and for their willingness to sponsor my content that I share with y’all!

*Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Dru

    OMG – this is an awesome one! But the thing is, I think only 1/2 the pieces will work for me. Is there a way to pick and choose the pieces I want?

  • Sylvia McIntyre


    I love everything in this collection. Who is the designer of the darling V-neck wrap top with the pleated shoulders, please?

    Thanks so much!!