2021 Wellness Week: How to Not Let Alcohol Rule Your Life

Okay, that title might sound a little extreme, but when it comes to alcohol, the chances are that it has more of a lead than supporting role if you really sit back and think….

Let me explain.

I’ve always had an on again, off again love/hate relationship with alcohol….it’s kindof like that ex that you can’t live with or can’t live without, ‘ya feel me ladies?! Anyways, throughout my 20’s & 30’s I have “cold-turkey” eliminated it from my life because it just wasn’t scratching the itch. Some times I was grossed out by how it made me feel, other times it was a control battle with myself & my internal realization that the only way to control liquor is by not drinking it at all, other moments it’s been a vanity thing where I wanted to lose weight quicker so I cut it out, or there’s even been times where it just flat out bored me and I didn’t see the point.

Nonetheless, the common denominator that I have come up with when it comes to putting down the bottle is that IF IT DOESN’T POSITIVELY SERVE ME & THIS MOMENT, THEN WHAT’S THE POINT?!

Now don’t get me wrong…..I LOVE an incredible glass of Volnay or Pinot Noir…especially to accompany a steak, a bath, that time of the month, or girls night. And yes, there are times in my life where I want to celebrate, I want to relax, or I want to indulge…and to me, those are the moments that deserve some wine, some cocktails…and something special to toast.

But just a random Tuesday? Does that really need a drink? Does every meal need to be washed down with liquor? Does every taco need a margarita? Does every happy hour need an Uber home? Just something to think about…

So looking back at my original post in 2017, “How Quitting Drinking Changed My Life,” I pretty much still agree with it all. But the one thing I think I have learned since then is how to more properly distribute moderation when needed!

  1. YOU SLEEP LIKE BABY // I LOVE SLEEP. Like, I LIVE for a good night’s sleep. On average, I sleep about 8-10 hours a night, and for the longest time, I always thought that a glass of wine was actually helping me relax & sleep better. But the truth is, that nightcap is doing you no favors. Comparing my sleep with versus without alcohol in my routine is like a NIGHT & DAY DIFFERENCE. You don’t toss & turn, you don’t feel groggy in the AM, and I actually realized I LIKE BEING A MORNING PERSON AFTER ALL!
  2. YOU LOOK YOUNGER // Insert my vanity here! It’s no big secret that I am full-on obsessive when it comes to my skin. And while there are a lot of things about it that I cannot control, the one thing I can control is how hydrated it stays. You can slather all the serums you want onto your face, but replacing alcohol with non-alcoholic options might actually be the biggest secret in getting that glow you’ve always wanted.
  3. EXERCISING IS ACTUALLY FUN // If I drank the night before, the last place on freaking earth I want to be is in the gym or working out. LIKE NOT HAPPENING, NO DISCUSSION. But when I don’t have alcohol in my system, I’m basically a fitness junkie and live off those exercise endorphins!
  4. YOU CRAVE WATER & HEALTHY FOODS // WATER! WATER! WATER! When you aren’t drinking wine, its amazing how much water you consume. And when you consume that much more water per day…magical things happen to your body & your skin! I think it’s also important to note how much you also crave healthy, colorful, fresh foods! yes, I still want my occasional burger, but I want salads, veggies, & lean protein even more!
  5. WEIGHT FALLS OFF WITHOUT TRYING // Empty calories might the most fun/worth it calories, but they’re also the ones that piss you off after the fact. 1000 extra calories per day in alcohol just because I was “bored?” And when you’re really not caring, probably EVEN MORE. Between mimosas, bloody mary’s, white wine, red wine, margaritas, whatever the drink may be, you can easily rack up 5000 alcohol based calories in 48 hours. And that’s not even counting the crap food you’re going to eat in between. You know how hard you have to work at the gym to get off 5000 calories?! Just let that sink in and you might think twice next time!
  6. YOU ATTACK THE DAY & GET MORE ACCOMPLISHED // Want to attack you to-do-list like never before?! Well lemme just tell you…it doesn’t happen if you are hungover or foggy from one too many cocktails. I said this last time I wrote this post, but people will think your energy levels are slightly obnoxious & they might even say, “I’ll have what she’s having,” only to find out you’ve been sipping water all damn day.
  7. YOUR PRIORITIES SHIFT // I tend to notice that when alcohol is in the equation….its the primary part of the equation. Social events revolve around happy hours, Netflix is always accompanied with a glass of wine, exercise is pushed aside because you’d rather brunch….whatever it may be, and whether or not you’d like to admit this, most social events or happenings feel a type of pressure when it comes to having a drink. (PS. I’m currently reading “Quit Like a Woman” and social pressure to drink is largely discussed. Its worth a read if you are on the no-drinking train…might actually curb your though process to quitting all together!)
  8. YOU REALIZE THAT PEOPLE WHO DRINK ARE KINDOF ANNOYING // Admitting this might be super bitchy of me, but I still stand my ground o this being supremely true! And still…..the only reason I can admit this is because I now know, without fail, that I have been that annoying AF person….(I might still be annoying but that’s for completely unrelated reasons that have nothing to do with alcohol lol) People who are drinking start normal, then they get loud, and THEN THEY GET LOUDER. Social awareness doesn’t exist, social graces are like WHATS GRACE WHATS THAT MEAN, and then people begin to say & do things that seem completely out of character. When you are drinking along with them, you probably don’t notice it….well, because YOU’RE ONE OF THEM. But take a night off, don’t order a cocktail, and sit back & watch the shitshow unravel. FYI: It’s not cute. And something to note: People get VERY uncomfortable when you tell them you aren’t drinking…it will bother them and they will ask all sorts of questions….and quite frankly, they are in a different frame of mind & their relationship with alcohol is on a different level, so don’t even attempt to explain your rationale. Instead, get where ever you’re going early. Make friends with the bartender or waiter. Tell them you aren’t drinking but don’t want it to be a thing…so just bring you “sparkling water with a lemon in a cocktail glass!” Drunk people assume its a vodka/water & never question a thing.
  9. YOU BECOME MORE OF A PLEASANT PERSON TOWARDS OTHERS // Most of us make a drink to “take the edge off,” but I have realized that drinking might have actually given me too much edge! I’m pretty over the top even when I am sober….I never need a “personality cocktail” to loosen up or be social. But on the flip side , I have done some self-reflection and realized that not drinking actually gives me more compassion, more self awareness, more empathy, and more kindness. Not that I lacked those things before, but my awareness of them is greater and it has affected my character & my close relationships in a much more positive way!

So there you have it….my KERRent non-alcoholic ramblings! Like I said, the drinking versus non-drinking thing comes in waves…but I think the most important take away is the amount of fulfillment or positivity that alcohol gives you. Does it serve you? Does it serve others? Step back, take a look, and re-access.

The worst that could happen is that you save a couple thousand calories each month, actually sleep well, become a more enjoyable & pleasant human, and have glowing skin….

But if those things don’t appeal to you, then there’s nothing more I can say.

  • Christy barnes

    Oh my gosh. This is all 100 % true and couldn’t agree more. You should write your own book. Solid and realistic with some humor – love it!! XOXO gorgeous!

  • Ellie Flores

    Whoa!!!! All valid points….bravo 👏
    Thank you for posting this. I appreciate your humor and thoughtful words. Sometimes we all need a reminder that drinking should be done in moderation. Too much can really reduce your energy and good vibes. AND hangovers get worse as we get older….it ain’t fun!

  • Wiley Lewis

    I am #KERRently taking a break from alcohol and i appreciate the love the honesty, humor and realistic take on this. thanks for being ever evolving. xoxo- 💙

  • Kelly

    I totally agree with the nightcap thought – it does not make you sleep better, in fact it is the opposite!

    xx Kelly
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