2021 Wellness Week: How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Lotion // OLLY Sleep Gummies // OLLY Extra Strength Sleep Gummies // Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask // SheaMoisture Pure Lavender Essential Oil

There are a handful of things in my life that YOU DON’T MESS WITH: my man, my mama, my money, my food, & my sleep!

If you have followed me for a while, then you’ve heard me mention on more than one occasion that I AM THE QUEEN WHEN IT COMES TO SLEEPING. I’m not sure why, but I can sleep ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. And when it comes to sleeping at night, I better get AT LEAST 9 hours. And while, 10 is actually preferred, I know it’s completely unreasonable & unrealistic.

I think we can all agree that sleep is such a crucial piece of our wellness, our attitude, our appearance, our happiness, and our relationships. Without the proper amount, I can go from being your BFF to being your worst enemy, ‘ya hear me?! But over the years, and since I have gotten older and placed a much higher value on those sleeping hours, I have discovered a few tips that helps ensure that once asleep, I doze off into the dreamiest place and stay there for quite some time!

  1. First things first: My nightstand is my hub of fantastic sleep // Must-haves ALWAYS include: sleep gummies (regular for me & extra-strength for Kyle), hand & foot lotion (loving this one lately from Dr. Teal’s that is loaded with melatonin & essential oils!), essential lavender oil, Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask, a sleep mask for my eyes (just in case Kyle stays up on his phone & the light irritates me), and a candle…you know, just to set the mood! (Ps. I found this lavender coconut wax candle at my local Walmart for only $9.99 & the scent quality is INCREDIBLE. I went back and bought a couple of the other scents because I was so impressed with the price…I think we all know that sometimes cheap candles put off LIKE ZERO SMELL….that was not the case for these! Bad news is that I can’t find them online anywhere…if you find them, please send me the link! But inside the store they were located in the seasonal home goods department right when you walk in…like where the Christmas tablescape stuff was during holiday!)
  2. No caffeine 12 hours prior to bedtime // Yes, if you’re doing the math correctly based off my desired bedtime, then yep that means no coffee or Starbucks runs after 10am.
  3. Stop eating & drinking 2 hours before bedtime // When I strictly implemented this rule, I noticed a world of difference in my sleep. I think we forget what a big role digestion plays in regards to our sleep, so going to bed on a full stomach can really do more harm than good. I also try to cut back on too much water before bed so I don’t have to wake up and pee all night long!
  4. 4. Take a melatonin bath to relax // These products by Dr.Teal’s are my current favorites….the epsom salt mixed with the bubble bath….OMG! They are infused with melatonin so you really feel the effects while soaking…they’re so good that you have to be careful not to doze off until you get out!
  5. Cut back on the alcohol as a nightcap // If you ask me, there’s nothing that goes better with a evening bath quite like a glass of red wine! But unfortunately, alcohol is a stimulant so it’s actually working against your ability to relax in time to hit the sack! If you must sip on something, why not swap out your wine with my favorite tea combo: Sleepy Tea + Mint Tea…and add a squeeze of lemon for some pizazz!
  6. Foam roll or use an acupressure mat // This was something Kyle has done since we started dating and he sleeps so much better on night’s that he takes the time to roll out his muscles for 10 minutes or so. Of course, in true Courtney fashion, I kicked it up a notch with this acupressure mat that we are both now fighting for time on!
  7. No electronics 30-60 minute before bedtime // I’m guilty of not doing this….but they say it helps! Let me know if you actually have the willpower to stick with it!
  8. Pop in my night guard // Nothing screams “ITS TIME FOR BED” quite like a nightguard! Although not attractive in the least, I suffer from being a nighttime teeth grinder and this has completely fixed it. The grinding was so bad, there were times that it would wake me in the middle of the night!

Ready for a better night’s sleep LIKE RIGHT NOW?! Well, the good news is that I found all these items at my local Walmart…so if you hop in the car and head there ASAP, you might be snoozing away by the time the sun goes down! HOT TIP: If you are headed into the store, I think the simplest (and most time saving) trick is to order everything in the “Pickup & Delivery” section of Walmart.com or their app, and then by the time you’ve got pants on & drive up there, your order will be ready! And with their curbside pickup & added safety precautions, you don’t even have to interact with anyone…all you do is open up your trunk and they will load your pre-paid items right into your car!

Fingers crossed some of my tips help you get a better night’s sleep ASAP! I know they say that diamonds are a girls’ best friend, but 8-12 hours of incredible sleep might hold a strong second place!

What are some of your favorite ways to ensure that your sleep is 100%?! Share your HOT TIPS with the KERRent Community in the comments below!

*Thank you to Walmart for putting your customers’ wellness at the top of your priority list by creating a “Wellness Hub” that makes it so easy for us to find great products! Another big thanks for sponsoring this creative content!

  • Connie

    i have that acupressure mat and I actually fall asleep on it! There are a bunch of studies that back it up. It has also helped with headaches! Thanks for the tips!

  • Gina

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Michelle Ortiz

    I found those candles at my local Walmart today in Clovis NM! They smell amazing!!

  • Jj

    I have not only a night guard, but a day guard too. A night guard is most effective when you have top & bottom. Also, alcohol increases grinding. My mom was an alcoholic for decades and would saw her teeth at night like a lumberjack. Once she stopped drinking it was like a switch turned off.

    As for electronics…. totally see a difference in speed to sleep. I leave my phone on the coffee table. No tech or TV in bed…. morning or night. It was hard AF the first week but as silly as it sounds…. life got so much better, sleep too.