How to Delegate Your Shopping to a Trunk Club Stylist

Learning how to delegate has surprisingly been one of greatest joys of my life.
Considering I am an independent only child and a woman who tends to lean towards being somewhat of a control freak, this is a BIG STEP for me! But what’s even more of a big step is that I have chosen to delegate one of my favorite hobbies, SHOPPING, to Trunk Club! About eighteen months ago, I was introduced to Trunk Club, a Nordstrom company that specializes in personal styling & helping you build your best wardrobe, and I have NEVER LOOKED BACK! Trunk Club helps customers find clothes they love through their top-quality Nordstrom assortment at a range of price points…all so that they can feel confident at any given occasion!
So let’s narrow it down to how delegating some of my shopping to Trunk Club has helped make my life easier:
Variety of Style. From the first moment I met my Trunk Club stylist, Megan, we just clicked. Not only did she understand my personal style, but she picked up on patterns & prints & colors I was drawn to, silhouettes that flattered my body shape, and the certain items that could help make my wardrobe more versatile. She also keeps notes about what brands fit me best, plus what sizes I wear across the board. Megan also prides herself in pushing me (YES, EVEN ME!) out of my comfort zone with pieces that I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself! And when I visit the Trunk Club Clubhouse here in Dallas, it’s always a surprise to see what Megan has waiting for me to try on!
Convenience & Time Saving. This summer, I’ve got 5 trips within 7 weeks. Between packing, and unpacking, and packing again, the last thing I want to do is have to waste time perusing the mall for items….only to be disappointed when my size isn’t in stock or the items don’t fit me the way I anticipated. During those 3-4 days between trips, my time would be much more valuable spent catching up on work, doing photo shoots for the blog, relaxing, hanging at the dog park with Fancy, or having quality time with my friends & family. Earlier this summer, before all my traveling began, I emailed Megan to let her know when I was gone, what I needed, and what my budget was. We set up a time for me to come into the Clubhouse where she had RACKS ON RACKS ON RACKS of clothing waiting for me…..and within one hour, I had tried it all on, selected what I couldn’t live without, and was on my merry little way! I was even able to get a pair of jeans altered while I was there….talk about “one-stop-shopping!”
Continued Style Advice & Top Notch Customer Service. Megan isn’t just a Trunk Club stylist, she’s also become my shopping buddy! Because she has taken the time to get to know me and my personal style, it’s allowed us to develop a relationship where I can trust her opinion wholeheartedly. I know that Megan isn’t going to push me into purchasing things that I don’t need or won’t wear. For example, this last time I saw Megan at the Trunk Club Clubhouse, we talked about the next 4-6 months and how she can help: We made a plan for how to navigate the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (yep, your Trunk Club stylist can shop that for you, too!), what pieces I might want to have my eye on for fall, and how we can build off the new items I bought and re-wear them once the weather cools down. And of course, when the holidays roll around, Megan will be front and center helping me find those super-special items to wear to all the parties….and I might even delegate some Christmas shopping to her, as well! Why not, right?!
To find out how you can get your very own “Megan” & to start using Trunk Club to make your shopping easier & your wardrobe better, click HERE!
*Thank you to Trunk Club for keeping my wardrobe stylish, working with me as an ambassador for your brand, & for sponsoring this post!
  • Amy

    What brand are those jeans?

  • Lori

    That stripe shirt and denim combo is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Janet Chua

    Great post! That dress is so gorgeous on you, and i love the vintage flirt details of the dress. Gorgeous!

  • Lauren

    Same! What brand/style are the jeans and that blazer and top?????