How My Puppy Made Me More Active

Cloudscape Jacket: lululemon // Boyfriend Tee: lululemon // Align Pant: lululemon // Sneakers: APL

Wait, is this Bossy’s first official appearance on!

I mean, I know she’s had plenty of air time on my instastories and on the @FancyAndBossy Instagram page, but I think this might actually be her virgin photoshoot for the blog! Well, isn’t that just adorable?!?!

So….speaking of Bossy, let’s get caught up on everything you need to know about this squishy, psycho puppy love: She’s 13 months old, she’s 55 solid pounds (& bigger than Fancy which doesn’t always go well!), she loves cheese, she sheds like you wouldn’t believe, and she is FULL OF SO MUCH DARN PUPPY ENERGY! From the time she wakes up till the time the snoring begins (and how convenient, she “just so happens” to fall asleep in our bed!), she’s got me running around just trying to keep up with her…..having a puppy again has certainly welcomed me to #thesweatlife, ‘ya feel me?!

Lately, people have been asking how I have been staying in shape and what my fitness routine looks like…..and to answer honestly, well, I GOT A PUPPY! Our daily schedule has changed and is now molded around what this new four-legged crazy needs….and to be honest, we had gotten use to Fancy, our 9-year-old rescue, who would just prefer to live her life going potty and taking naps! Having a puppy has really encouraged me to get active in different ways than I had before! When we rescued Bossy, IT WAS SO FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE and it caused me to up my active, outerwear options! When I saw this Cloudscape jacket at lululemon last month, the first thing I thought was, “I WILL NOT BE STRANDED TAKING BOSSY ON WALKS IN THE COLD AGAIN!” And when I thought about walking Bossy in the cold, unpredictable weather of Dallas, this jacket sold itself to me! Its filled with 700-power-goose-down….so it’s kindof like draping your down comforter over your shoulders?! Its coated in a silky smooth wind & water resistant glyde fabric….PLUS, its got enough hidden pockets that will make you never want to carry a handbag again!

So you’re telling me that I can GET MY DAILY STEPS IN CHASING MY BULLDOG PUPPY DURING OUR WALKS, & STAY WARM, & LOOK CHIC? If you ask me, this is what we call #thesweatlife triple threat!

Scroll through below to shop this look from lululemon, PLUS some of my other fitness favorites for fall!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to lululemon for having warm outfit options that make walking the dog not only feel like a workout, but also feel stylish….& for sponsoring this content!