Holiday 2018 Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers & Gifts Under $100

Silk Dress (& ON SALE FOR 50% OFF!) // Monsieur & Mademoiselle Stockings, old

When I was little, I remember my mom always filling my stocking with the MOST SILLY, MOST BIZARRE, & MOST RANDOM ITEMS. After the fact, she would tell me that shopping for stocking stuffers was generally a lot of fun, primarily because she knew the gifts would put a smile on my face or make me laugh.

So with that in mind, I always look for the quirkiest, silliest, & sometimes just flat out DUMBEST, items for my stocking stuffer gift guide! Because if your gift can’t make someone laugh, is it really worth giving it?! I also threw in some good last minute gift ideas or options for those people that you truly HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO BUY!

-At the rate I stop at Starbucks, this $64 PERSONAL COLD BREW MACHINE would be so much more frugal over time!

-These HIS, HERS, & ALSO HERS LUGGAGE TAGS are a great idea for an engaged couples’ upcoming honeymoon!

-If you’ve been to a party where sometime busts out this KARAOKE BLUETOOTH MICROPHONE, then you get it!

-Give this CACTUS SOCK 6-PACK to your friend who’s kind of a “prick.”

-I can never find my sunglasses, so a PERSONALIZED METALLIC SUNGLASSES CATCHALL would keep me organized!

-Any child of the 90’s will totally relate to and love this ALL-AMERICAN 90’s ADS COFFEE TABLE BOOK.

-Any kid, or even adult, could kill a lot of time with this HANDHELD MR. PAC MAN MACHINE!

-As someone who tries to drink 128oz of water a day, this PERSONAL WATER COOLER would be perfect for my desk!

-My girlfriend Lynsey gave me this SOHO HOUSE CHIC STAYS BOOK 2 years ago & it gives me so much travel inspo!

RETOX/DETOX COASTERS for the person who is always bouncing between on & off the wagon!

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Photos by Danielle Sabol