Hair Chronicles + A Trip Down Memory Lane

A special thank you to Pantene for sponsoring this creative content, this hilarious trip down memory lane and for keeping my locks healthy the entire way!  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to my hair, there are days that I truly feel it’s like a cat who’s lived 9 lives! Since beginning my blog almost 10 years ago, these strands have been through the ringer, and if you scroll back far enough through the pages of, you can see it all: Long & ombre, long & brown, short & blonde highlights, shorter & platinum highlights, then all over platinum (I mean, whoa), then what the heck…LETS CUT BANGS, then we grew the bangs out & added some tape-in extensions.

Now here we finally are….back to where we started, long & ombre again. It’s almost as if the hair gods have called me back home to my original roots…pun intended! But amidst this trip down memory lane, who wants to see some MAJOR HAIR THROWBACKS?! (Like, major as in “not documented ANYWHERE in the pages of this blog,” and thanks to Mama Ro for offering up the most embarrassing scrapbook photos, like, EVER!)

Oh, those were just too good not to share, right?!

But as someone who loves changing my hair as much as I love changing my lipstick, how can I stay confident about the health of my hair while not worrying that I might be damaging it along the way? That’s where Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Collection saves the day! Not only does this collection of treatment products work as well as a $60 treatment, thanks to products like the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment and Intense Rescue Shot, but they reverse signs of damage & leave your hair feeling soft & smooth, looking shiny, & completely frizz-free! Listen, just because you’ve used & abused your hair over the years, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have the hair of your dreams! 

And working the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection into your hair routine is as easy as 1, 2, 3! First up, its the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment, which you can use in the shower after you shampoo! (I like to let this sit & go to work while I shave my legs!) Then, after you have towel dried your hair, spray the Miracle Moisture Multitasking 10 in 1 Spray all over your strands! This product not only works as a detangler, but it also provides protection against UV rays & hot tools! And lastly, when you are feeling like you need an extra shot of protection against damage, add in the Miracle Rescue Treatment Shots all over your hair and then wrap in a towel or put in a slicked back bun…and let your hair SOAK it all up! (HOT TIP: Treatment shots pair well with candles lit, a hot bath, your favorite podcast, & a glass of red wine in my opinion…..’ya feel me?!)

So if your strands are as old as this scrapbook from the year 2000, they might be ready to throw in the towel. But girlfriend, you are not…and that’s why I’m here to to remind you that thanks to Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Collection, YOU & YOUR HAIR are ready for more!
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  • dawn covey

    Wheee did y’all stay in Santa Fe?

  • JeanMarie

    Love your hair but am missing your great take on product videos

  • Angela Wallace

    Hey I’m looking for those different levels of hair ties and I remember the color of the hair ties were brown with different shades of brown! They held a ponytail up high on the head! Please tell me you remember the name of them?? I need to order a few!! Thank you so much!
    Angela Wallace