Going Green with L’Occitane


Masks are kind of like the superwomen who wear them…..they come in different shapes & sizes: some are made to promote hydrated skin, some give the illusion of glowing skin, and some come to the rescue and keep everything tight just in time for a big event!

But I think we would all agree that masks are generally reached for when we need to to revive & renew our skin, right?! Well, if you have been following me along on Instagram lately then you know that the LAST THING my travel schedule has allowed is time for REVIVING & RENEWAL….but when I planned a recent girls’ trip to Palm Springs, I set aside “KERRentlyPampering” time for hot baths, masking with L’Occitane, & 10 hours of sleep….my girls’ trips sound pretty legit, don’t they?! So go ahead and pour your favorite green smoothie (or cocktail!) and listen to the scoop about my “KERRent” favorite detox mask!

When it comes to a detoxifying, purifying mask, there are a few non-negotiables…and lucky for me, the new L’Occitane Purifying Mask, checks all the boxes: chock full of freshly-cut, organic ingredients (hello, thyme from Provence!), get rid of all the excess oil (aka: soak up everything that is weighing my skin down!), and gently exfoliate all the dead skin cells & make me GLOW! This thick, green formula applies evenly, & after it’s been left on the skin for 5-10 minutes & rinsed off, my skin feels free of anything that might clog my pores, cause excess oil, or drag my skin down! And with all my exposure to the humid Texas weather, this Purifying Mask is PERFECT for summer months (read: congested, clogged, oily skin)!

Scroll though to shop the rest of the new L’Occitane mask collection, as well as their newest lip products!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to L’Occitane for giving me the chance to test their new Puryfying Mask & for sponsoring this dedicated post.