Getting my FIX with NuFACE

When it comes to your wrinkles, is it REALLY EVER POSSIBLE to turn back time?!

We all know that the theory of a “quick fix” seems a little too good to be true….UNTIL NOW. 

Most of you know that I’ve been on a serious skincare device kick recently. After years & years of heading into my aesthetician’s office for every skin ailment, I’ve finally realized that there are so many treatments that I could actually be doing at home (and saving tons of money on, nonetheless!)! The skincare device business has scaled so quickly over the last 5+ years, and Tera Peterson, the founder of NuFACE, has been a leader in this industry since day 1! Tera, a longtime aesthetician, launched NuFACE in 2005 as a way for her clients to maintain the integrity of their skin in between professional facials. The NuFACE Trinity uses microcurrent to contour the face and reduce the look of wrinkles…it was (& still is!) unlike any other device on the market, which is why it’s won countless awards and is still seen as the pioneer of the device industry! 

Since 2005, NuFACE has launched a handful of devices: The NuFACE Trinity, The NuBody, The NuFACE Mini, & The FIX. Well, I am happy to report that The FIX found its way into my arsenal of devices…and BOY, OH BOY, this little tool is quite the game changer! As someone who’s been very candid & open about my skincare journey….from lasers, to Botox, and everything in between….I could not be more excited to find a product like this that TRULY OFFERS INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS. One thing that the NuFACE brand has done successfully is create products that allow women to IMMEDIATELY see before & after results…the proof is in the pudding the second you look in the mirror!

WHAT IS THE FIX? The FIX is a skin firming, skin smoothing, and skin tightening device that instantly targets the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead in just 3 minutes. 

HOW DOES THE FIX WORK? The FIX, which is FDA cleared & is used alongside the NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Serum, sends microcurrent energy into the skin (it doesn’t hurt, FYI!) and the microcurrent immediately tighten your lines! You first apply the serum to the desired area (you can use it around your lips, around the crows feet of your eyes, on the lines of your forehead, or even on the smile lines around your mouth!) and then you use a feathering, erasing motion/stroke to smooth away the lines for 3 minutes! The device shuts off after 3 minutes so you know you’re done…and just like that, you’ve LITERALLY ERASED the lines. Talk about a quick fix, right?! (Pun intended!)

The FIX sounded *almost* too good to be true….so I put it to the test for my very own before & after moment! Because I’m always craving a plumper pout (and almost pulled the trigger on lip filler recently…but chickened out!), I decided to test The FIX around the fine lines of my lips. I applied the serum (about 2 peas worth) then used tiny little feathering strokes upward around my top lip and downward on my bottom lip. 


Pretty incredible, right?! 

Could the NuFACE FIX work for you in your skincare regimen?! It could be a great way to brighten up your dull skin, or to touch up your target areas in between Botox appointments, or maybe it’s the answer for those who don’t want to deal with the upkeep of Botox at all! But best of all, The FIX is safe to use everyday, is so small & discreet, and ONLY TAKES 3 MINUTES per treatment area!

Who says there’s no such thing as a QUICK FIX?! 

*Thank you to Tera & NuFACE for gifting me with The FIX, sponsoring this post, & giving me the opportunity to teach my readers about a new skincare device! 

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Karen G

    Thanks for reviewing. The mini has been in my cart for a few weeks. Today I found out that Dermastore is having a 25% off sale so you can get the mini NuFace for the same price as the Fix!

  • Sadie

    Hey there!! I just purchased this… totally influenced! Haha. I could have sworn you did a tutorial on this but I can’t find it anywhere on your instagram?! Ahhh