Flattery always makes us feel loved here at “KERRently,” and with that said, the comments, compliments, concerns, and questions are what drive us to continue to create more exciting content for our readers! Yall’s questions are honest, humbling, humorous, fashionable, and sometimes, they are straight up awkward.
Without further adieu… (drumroll, please)

…Our #KERRentlyFAQs!

How/why did you begin blogging and/or “KERRently?”

My (Courtney’s) journey into this arena began as a love letter to the fans who followed my sense of style on Bravo’s “Most Eligible Dallas.”  I would get tweets, emails, & messages daily asking something like, “Where did you get the dress you were wearing in episode 3, minute 26?”  My dear friend, Amber Venz (you might know her from her uber successful site, rewardStyle), had a successful blog & suggested that I create one as a place where fans could come and see exactly what I wore on the show & to press events, etc…and while the blog still covers that, it has also transitioned into a daily inspirational, personal style blog where I can share shopping tips, favorite finds, and new ways to wear items.  If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I would expect to be doing professionally, I never would’ve said this, but now, it almost seems like the utmost perfect job for me! And thankfully, YOU, the readers, have given me a platform to share my inspiration for anything style related.

Who takes the beautiful pictures and videos for “KERRently?”

We work with the talented, married duo, Yesi Fortuna, who does our photography, and Joshua Fortuna, who does our videography. Great content is something that allows sites to really bloom, and they have been a genuine, contributing asset to “KERRently’s” success.

Do you shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

No, but my eyes are always peeled to new designers, sales, and online retailers that fit in with my personal style….and I know that if I LOVE these things, my readers will too!

“Have I spied a tattoo on your left ribcage in pictures before?!”

Yes, as a dedication to the memory of my great-grandmother, Helen, I have the date she passed in cursive wrapping around my left ribcage & into my heart. It simply says “seven.eight.nine.” Everytime I see it, I smile, because I know she would be my biggest supporter and fan.

“Would you ever do another reality television show?”

Never say never, but for now, my days strapping on a mic pack and putting everything out there is on hold. I’ve been dedicated to launching “KERRently” and my daily radio show in Dallas, “Leigh Ann & Courtney Kerr Uncorked!”

Have any other questions you want answered?! Send us an email to hello@kerrently.com or reach out to me via social platforms!