Falling in Love…Again

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 Photos courtesy of Rob Kim/Getty Images

Jumpsuit: c/o Hunter Bell; Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Clutch: C.Wonder; Necklace: Bauble Bar; You’re My Person Bar Necklace: All the Wire; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Watch: Michael Kors; Double Bar Cuff: Gorjana; Nail Bracelet: c/o C.Wonder; Spike Cluster Bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot; Lips: MAC Ruby Woo

I’m not one who falls in love very easily…like, it takes A LOT for me to get all doe-eyed and swoon over something…or someone.  But gimme a jumpsuit, and its 100% all over.

My love for jumpsuits is no joke, or secret. You’ve seen them appear here. And here. Oh, and how could I forget this one?! And then 2 showed up here! And then there was this one too…and this little lady, as well! The jumpsuit and I are in an exclusive relationship, we take care of one another, and are always there for each other when the going gets rough.

So its only appropriate that on the one day dedicated to love, and happily ever afters, and that little annoying kiddo, Cupid, that my dear friend Hunter Bell would gift me the new jumpsuit from her Spring collection as a Valentine’s Day present! And it was the most perfect item to wear as I hosted The Empire Hotel’s BFF Valentine’s Day Party alongside astrologist, Susan Miller….who thankfully told me 2014 is looking good and that I won’t be dying alone 😉

What’s the one item in your closet that you continue to fall in love with over and over?


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  • Berty Morales

    Gorgeous Courtney, and loving the new hair 🙂

  • Monica Lee

    Love the hair!

  • Casey

    I love a good jumpsuit, it makes bathroom visits out interesting haha. Love the haircut.

  • Krystle Patterson

    Hi Courtney , I’ve been a fan if both shows and you were actually my favorite , so this is a bonus ! I wanted to ask if you are exclusive to bauble bar ? The reason I ask is because I sell jewelry for a company that is based in Pittsburgh PA , but the jewelry is made in Austria. I’ve been dying to see se of our pieces on you . The gold chains you have ok in the pic look like a set we sell. Out jewelry is the highest quality metals used to make platinum . It’s all less and nickel free and the crystals and other pieces are the highest grade that are exclusive to is by Swarovski . Many items are vintage because they are vintage pieces and stones found in old abandoned factories in Austria . Anyhow , id really love to send you a piece to wear .the jewelry is called Sabika . Priced for everyone and meant to be worn with the casualest to dressist events / outfits . The website is http://www.sabika-jewelry.com. We have maybe 12 consultants in Texas but i keep thinking that you would love our stuff. I look forward to hearing back from you . Thanks , Krystle Patterson

  • Matt Araiza

    I swoon over a good cardigan. AKA my party cardis!

    Loving the hair!!!

  • Katie

    Do you ever give your hair secrets out??? What products do you love. Gorgeous as always!!!

  • Joan

    Didn’t think your hair could be any cuter, but love it styled this way too!!

  • Amanda Elizabeth

    ahhhh such a tease I thought you were going to reveal who the mystery man is on your instagram pictures!!! Do tell!!!

    Meet @ the Barre

  • carolina

    Totally love your style. And you are right jumpsuits are amazing. By the way your hair is very chic!

  • Paty

    Love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Shay

    Courtney you look so classy!! Love the new hair!

  • Rach

    You definitely know how to rock the jumpsuit!!


  • Tiffany Elam

    This is a fab jumpsuit!

  • Rachelle

    You look gorgeous lady, love this jumpsuit.


  • Seppy

    I absolutely LOVE jumpsuits but need some more in wardrobe!!! I think cozy sweaters are a key piece during the winter time here so I have a few that are really fun and different!


  • Amanda Ruth

    Courtney I absolutely adore you and your blog. I hope you read this and it makes you smile girl. Fabulous fashion sense.



  • Ashley Pletcher

    In LOVE with that jumpsuit… Not sure I can pull one off… but.. You do it perfectly!!

    Afternoon Espresso

  • Margaret Ybarra

    Say What?! You chopped off your locks – and yet you still look just as fabulous!

    You also look amazing in this jumpsuit – love the cut outs.

    xo – margaret

  • Elizabeth Hawn

    great jewelry!


  • Sofia

    Love your jumpsuit. Perfect to dress down or up.



  • Thandie

    Courtney, i love your style and i am always drawn to buying stuff you have on. However, i have noticed that your links do not take me to the item i require. You really need to work on ensuring that the links you post take your readers to the items they want or it all becomes just so frustrating. I am dropping you this line because i am interested in purchasing the two necklaces you have on in this post but i cant purchase due to the reason given. any way you can give a proper link?

  • Meghan


    I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit! I’ve never purchased one before, but I may have to now. If only this one wasn’t $250 🙁
    I’ll have to search for the look for less.


  • Mallory

    I am an equal opportunist. I love a jumpsuit and a romper. The cutouts on this one are fantastic. WANT!


  • Tana Cowin

    Glad to hear your future is looking full of good company 😉

    Love your jumpsuit! I’m always hesitant to put on a jumpsuit because I’m a shorter girl. You definitely inspire me to rethink my hesitation.

    Fantastic look, Courtney!


  • Jennifer F

    That jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! And I absolutely loved Hunter Bell from FashionStar. Would love some jacket suggestions that fashionalby work with jumpsuits!

  • Claire

    Your hair is fabulous (hoping you are feeling the hair love from all the compliments you are getting). I love a jumpsuit, too, so I’ll probably be looking around for a few for spring. Susan Miller is amazing – believe whatever she tells you!

  • She Rocks Fitness

    Gosh darn woman you can ROCK that jumpsuit! I absolutely LOVE that necklace…Gorgeous!

  • Jacqueline

    LOVE the hair ~ just perfection!!

  • Blair @ The Perennial Style

    I LOVE that jumpsuit! I have an evening gown that’s super similar and it’s one of my favorite things in my closet. Definitely need to add this jumpsuit to the mix!

  • Lashonda Douglas

    I swoon over anything in my closet that I know I spent good money on…but it would have to be my dress collection…I love dresses and just having a reason to wear one makes me happy!

    Keep up the good work Courtney; we love you!

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  • Courtney

    I love that jumpsuit! I have a faux fur vest that I swear gets more amazing every time I open my closet door, so I know how you feel!


  • Kellie The Shoe Diva

    If I looked as gorgeous in a jumpsuit as you, I’d probably have as many as you do lol I love the cut of this one in particular. I can imagine it with a blazer for a day at work, and without it (and paired with a cute pair of pumps) for a night at the club!

  • Giovanna

    Such a cute look! Loving the cutouts on that jumpsuit! Definitley need to get my hands on a good jumpuit!


  • Lindsay

    This jumpsuit looks amazing on you.


  • Ashley

    I love chunky statement necklaces! This is a great outfit!


  • Leah

    S T U N N I N G


  • corinne

    Love your hair- the cut really suits you and adds a fresh vibe to everything!


  • Maddi Leigh

    I love the Jumpsuit 🙂

  • Heather

    Would you consider doing a post in jewelry storage? I am trying to build a jewelry collection and having a hard time trying to find ways to store my pieces. Any ideas would be wonderful. Thanks!!

  • Debra

    Love your style and your energy discovered you on your TV show . I can’t get enough of you . I get so upset when the show is over. It is way to short, needs to be an hour long. …. Congrats … Hugs from Toronto Canada

  • Jackie

    Would you agree with the black and rose gold looks for spring? I would love to send you a locket to wear. With a long chain, a locket would look awesome with a jumpsuit!

  • Patrycja

    There is nothing better than a great jumpsuit, and this post is proof! Thanks for being an inspiration. Love your style always!

    xo from NYC

  • Italian Princess

    What a sexy look! The cut outs are hot and make the outfit that much sexier. Love your Louboutins too!


  • Ireland

    The consensus is in… your hair is awesome!


  • Jennifer Lieskovan

    I’m really a fan of the simplistic elegance of this look! It clearly shows that you can take something as basic as a black jumpsuit and then pile on fabulous gold accents and look so perfectly glamorous. Then with your new modern hair and the classic red lip, it’s such a lovely outfit.


  • Aaron


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