What the F@$% is Jade Rolling?!

About a month ago, I had a run in with delightful combination of strep throat & a sinus infection…..and oh yes, it was just as awful as you can imagine.

There was coughing, there was aches & pains, & there were a lot of days spent in bed. Aside from the strong meds, there was one little tool that really made a big difference in my daily progress: my jade roller! I scooped up this ancient Chinese beauty tool about 6 months ago for vanity reasons (you tell me something helps with anti-aging and I WILL TRY IT TO SEE FOR MYSELF!), but was amazed at how I was able to use it while I was under the weather! I posted  how much it was helping on instastories & was overwhelmed at the response, so of course, I figured the best way to explain this little tool & all its benefits was to put it in a video for y’all!

Have you tried jade rolling?! How do you use it?! Are you as obsessed as I am?!

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Video by Fort Lion Studio