From Coffee to Cocktails with Amazon Fashion

Military Trench Coat // Grey Beanie // Grey Flare Sleeve Turtleneck // Leatherette Jeans // White Sneakers // Faux Fur Coat // Lace Up Black Suede Booties // Red Bracelet Clutch (comes in 23 colors!)

Is it just me or is there nothing better than wearing GREAT PIECES ON REPEAT?!

But what about great pieces in the same day….from day to night….from the same store? Is that ACTUALLY possible? Casual & fancy AND convenient? Whoa, do I have your attention?!

I know I talk a lot of day looks versus night looks, but after cleaning out my closet during my holiday purge, I have settled on a “less is more” approach when it comes to basic pieces that are essential in building a strong wardrobe around….basically, the anchors of your closet. Think: interesting denim, well made blouses, sweaters, & tops in neutral shades!


Why Amazon? Why here when there are PLENTY of contemporary & fashionable sites out there? Well, convenience, that’s why! When it comes to streamlining my closet & my wardrobe, it feels completely unnecessary to spend tons of money and time on several websites, when I can get it all in one place! And how much more convenient does it get when you can buy toiletries, vitamins, cleaning supplies, electronics, AND clothing all in one spot?! Talk about STREAMLINING!

One thing that really impresses me with Amazon Fashion is not only their ability to source pieces that are already on my wishlist (hello, faux fur Baldwin coat!), but they curate the shopping experience so well on their site that it is easy for me to navigate & also stumble on pieces that my closet never knew it needed & put me in a good mood…remember the Whole Foods/trench coat story on instastories?! From inexpensive pieces to indulgent pieces, I can find it all quickly, easily, & fashionably! And because I always love a fashion challenge, I dare you to search a contemporary item that’s on your current shopping list….chances are, AMAZON FASHION HAS IT…and it could be yours in a few clicks!

And when that special Amazon Fashion box arrives at my doorstep (who else can recognize that Amazon smile logo from a mile away?!), unboxing it is the highlight of my day! And with most pieces shipping 2-day for free (hello, Amazon Prime perks….I love you!), I never feel anxious about tracking packages or wondering when they will arrive…..or IF they will arrive! Scrolling through the Amazon Fashion department in the Amazon app has sort of become my new way of decompressing because I never know what I might find next! And for all you gals who a have a man checking your purchases, well, no man is every gonna question an Amazon delivery….he will just assume you’ve stocked up for the home, but little does he know you might have added some new items from Amazon Fashion to your cart! (Ps. I’m not judging at all…I am totally encouraging this!)

So it makes sense that Amazon has a dedicated mission that encourages us to find and discover anything we might want to buy online…and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Now we can find it all, discover it all, & buy it all on Amazon Fashion….from day to night!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to Amazon Fashion for sponsoring this post & making all my fashionable purchases just one click away!