Checking In: Roundhill Hotel & Villas, Jamaica

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After a busy summer, I knew exactly what I desperately needed: A VACATION.

But not the kindof vacation that would require a vacation after vacation. Not the kindof vacation that was filled with excursions, or itineraries, or schedules, or plans. The kindof vacation that I could do whatever I damn well pleased….and I knew the only way to get what my soul needed out of this vacation was to do it alone.

The thought of traveling alone made me a smidge nervous. Yes, as an only child, an independent spirit, & a woman who has lived alone for the last 10 years, I was use to doing things by myself. But 4 days…in a foreign country…with my own thoughts…marching to the beat of my own drum….all by my lonesome….was this gonna be too much “me” time?!

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Upon checking into the Roundhill Hotel & Villas in Jamaica, I immediately knew I made the right choice. The charm of the Jamaican people, the food, the scenery, & the accommodations made me feel like a queen from beginning to end. Falling asleep & waking up in the most perfect white sheets to the sounds of the ocean were exactly what my heart needed to get the rest I deserved. Eating a leisurely breakfast while watching the sunrise (oh, & the breakfast potatoes…..THOSE BREAKFAST POTATOES…I miss you.), then frolicking along the beach, soaking up the sun with a glass of rosè in hand, taking late afternoon naps to the sunset, then getting dolled up for a solo steak dinner or Jamaican BBQ for 4 whole days….it was all too good to be true.

There was a part of me that thought how much I couldn’t wait to share Roundhill with my boyfriend, or my mom, or my gal pals….but then I realized that maybe this place could become my own little hideaway? Mine, all mine. My spot, whenever I needed some time to gather my thoughts, clear my head, or de-stress.

Roundhill, you were the loveliest…..And aside from giving me one of the greatest weeks of my life, you reminded me that sometimes being alone is the greatest gift you can feed your soul.

  • Keyma

    Hi Kourtney,
    I love you blog and I’ve followed you ‘everywhere’ since Most Eligible Dallas. I love that you visited Jamaica as that is home to me. I was born and raised there (In Hanover) and as a fellow blogger, it always soothes my heart to hear how beautiful others find it and the great time they had.
    Thanks for capturing Jamaica so beautifully and so happy you had a great time babe.

  • Melissa

    Hi Courtney!

    Could you please share where your swimsuit and blouse are from? Both are adorable – thanks!


  • Joshua Robertson

    This scenery is absolutely stunning! I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica. Such a nice place for relaxation & fun.

  • Carol

    Hi Courtney,
    Jamaica is a surreal picturesque island. It left us lingering for more. Until that day, the calm warm waters will be in our memories.