Big Blue Sleeves

Bodysuit: L’Academie // Jeans: Frame // Heels: Schutz // Bag: Vintage Hermes

As a young girl growing up in Texas, I IDOLIZED the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

From the big hair, the gorgeous smiles, the high kicks, the pom-poms, and the jump split line they would do before every game….I was mesmerized by them all from head to toe….and perhaps still am! I LOVE watching their show on CMT, “Making the Team,” and I love everything that they stand for! They are truly awesome ambassadors in the community and, really, the cream of the crop!

What’s funny about this outfit is that, the second I put it on, my girlfriend was like UMMMMMMM YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE CHANNELING THE COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS IN THAT TOP! I’m still not sure if she was being sarcastic in a good or bad way, but I took it as the biggest compliment! Can’t wait to wear this top to a game soon… will make me feel like a cheerleader in the wild!


Photos by Danielle Sabol