Being an Amazon Prime Member Has Its PERKS

Does having your own day mean you’ve officially made it?!

Well, Amazon can go ahead and check that box because PRIME DAY is one of the biggest shopping days of the year for the e-commerce giant.

SO, WHAT IS AMAZON PRIME DAY? This year, Prime Day is taking place on Monday, July 15 and it is a 24 hour period that Amazon deeply discounts some of their most popular items on their site. They have daily deals that last for the entire Prime Day window, but then they also have deals on the hour where they release new sales sitewide!

SO, WHAT EXACTLY DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AMAZON PRIME DAY? 1) In order to access the exclusive Prime Day deals, you must be a Prime member. Being an Amazon Prime member is only $9.99 a month (FYI….that the same as Netflix!) and offers SO MANY PERKS! Perks obviously includes Prime Day access…but also free video streaming, free one day shipping, free two-hour Whole Foods delivery, exclusive in-store discounts at Whole Foods…the list goes on and on! And note: even if you aren’t a Prime member currently, you can start your 30-day trial RIGHT NOW….just in time to shop! 2) If you’ve got an Amazon Alexa in your house, she’s gonna be your secret agent to scoring the best hourly deals! Just ask her, “Alexa, what are your prime day deals?” And she’s got your back! 3) Tons of deals launched at midnight, but you don’t want to miss what Amazon adds every hour for the rest of the day! You can make sure you stay in the loop by turning on “Personal Notifications,” in the SETTINGS section of the Amazon app and that will send you push notifications regarding deals it thinks you might like based on your previous search and purchase history! 4) This year they are extending the sale for an additional day, so Prime day will continue through Tuesday the 16th, too! I don’t know if the deals will rollover or if they will launch new ones, but knowing Amazon, there will be some surprises in store!

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