Baby I’m a STAR


Jacket:  Avec Les Filles // Bodysuit: Kerrently for Priv // Leggings: Lysse // Sneakers: Golden Goose // Sunglasses: Sicky, old// Crossbody: Gucci (this color option is sold out, but HERE is the black version)


Adorable cute coats & jackets are my one and only lifeline during the cold weather months. There is something that is so simple about getting dressed when all I have to do is throw on some outerwear over a monochromatic look.  And truly, winter is almost over…so keep it REAL easy. Until the temperatures raise, ONLY shop for outerwear….ONLY search for pieces that you can wear over all black!

Shop today’s look by scrolling through below!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Jade D'sa

    In love with this sweater!! It’s so nice-girl and bad-ass at the same time!