Are Plastic Shoes REALLY a “Thing?!”

Top: ALC // Jeans: Levi’s // Heels: Schutz (also come in black HERE // Sunglasses: Chelsea28 // Bag: Chanel via Bag Borrow or Steal // Lips: MAC Powder Kiss // Earrings: Gorjana // Coin Necklace: All the Wire

First it was Kim Kardashian.

Actually, wait…no.

First it was strippers across the world….then it was Kim Kardashian….and now, well, now it’s me.

I’m talking about clear, plastic high heels., and yes, I am 100% HERE FOR IT.

Consider these the new nude pump, yet another way to make your legs appear miles long! At first, I was a little apprehensive. Would they be comfortable? (Surprisingly, YES! LIKE, “WALK ALL DAY” COMFORTABLE!) Would they make my feet sweat? (Not really, granted its not 100 degrees outside anymore!) Would you be able to see the condensation? (I mean, yall, I really, really like these!) SERIOUSLY, IS THIS A THING?! Why yes, ladies, it most certainly it. And a trend that *probably* isn’t going anywhere. But hey, the upside of purchasing a clear pair of shoes is that they go with EVERYTHING! Talk about versatile!

Maybe the pair I’m wearing isn’t your style? Scroll through below to shop this entire look, PLUS more clear options that I LOVE!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Joshua Robertson

    This clear shoe trend is everywhere! I am loving it! This was a great look that you put together!
    Can we get this trend started in menswear as well ? Lol

  • Lovely Fuchsia Dress

    Love the simplicity and classic vibe on this look.