Apartment Reveal: A Custom Dream Closet

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When I began my hunt for a new home this past Spring, the first question that I always asked the agent was…..”Well, what’s the closet space look like?”

After searching for the perfect sexy, single gal apartment, I quickly realized that my definition of “plenty of closet space” & pretty much everyone else’s definition are EXTREMELY DIFFERENT from one another. And after assessing my obsessive need for the perfect closet, I came to the conclusion that, perhaps, it just doesn’t exist…..which, in a surprising twist, got me even more excited about moving…because do you know what that meant?! I MIGHT ACTUALLY GET TO CUSTOMIZE A BEDROOM INTO A FULL FLEDGED CLOSET SPACE.


The process was easy: Transform an office space (like, I need an outlet, a laptop, & some wifi….this “office” didn’t stand a chance!) into a beautiful closet, showcasing some of the pieces that deserve to be on display & making the room feel like it was styled to perfection. Thankfully, The Container Store quickly came to the rescue with their Elfa Closet Collection! Whether it was the made to order dress rack bars, or the customizable shoe shelving, the jewelry organizers, or the drawers that held every other knick-knack, this closet was a) completely easy to design, & b) the greatest investment I’ve ever made.

My clothes can breathe, my shoes have a color-coordinated home, & it’s actually pretty to look at, too.

Dreams really do come true!

Want to create your own Elfa closet?! Shop the pieces I used below!

Or shop the decorative pieces I styled the room with here:

Photos by David Spector