At first glance, Courtney Kerr is quickly recognized for her larger than life personal style: It’s playful, fun, & full of her sassy personality. Since a young age, this outspoken Dallasite has spent most of her life eating, sleeping, and breathing fashion…so much so that she has dedicated her life to chronicling her fabulous style & taste on her well known blog “What Courtney Wore,” which has transitioned into an online magazine, “KERRently.” From her style do’s & don’ts, to her unfiltered look on life, Kerr’s unique take on style is one that readers certainly find as a breath of fresh air.

Courtney’s life took an interesting turn when she was cast on Bravo’s 2011 docudrama, “Most Eligible Dallas,” which eventually led to a 2013 spinoff show, “Courtney Loves Dallas.” Female viewers were eager to know everything about Courtney’s wardrobe, which was her lightbulb moment to leave her longtime, successful career as a retail shopgirl and venture into the world of style blogging. In addition to style expert & tastemaker, Kerr has also added talk show host to her resume. For two years, Dallas woke up to her every morning on the panel of opinionated women on KTXD’s 2-hour morning show,  “The Broadcast.” In 2014, CBS Radio also scooped up Courtney to co-host afternoon drive show, “UNcorked with Leigh Ann & Courtney Kerr,” which airs on their Dallas hot adult contemporary station, 103.7 KVIL. The ladies, who have the ONLY all female drive home show in the country,  discuss everything from celebrity gossip, to relationships & sex, and everything in between. In January of 2016, “UNcorked” went nationally syndicated and began as a weekly online podcast for Play.It.

After 5 years of juggling it all & going 100mph in designer heels, Courtney recognized that it was time to elevate “What Courtney Wore” into a online magazine, appropriately named “KERRently.” She knew there was no way she could add this to her already full plate, so she looked to longtime assistant, Shannon Russo, to be her right hand gal and Director of Operations. The duo spent months brainstorming about how they could create an online magazine that still embodied Courtney’s personal style, but also added curated elements of her day to day life including beauty, living, and travel. In January 2016, “KERRently” was launched.

Courtney, 36, resides in a fashionably decorated Dallas high-rise, and when she isn’t playing dress up in her closet or thinking of her next sarcastic one-liner, she can be found eating tex-mex, drinking dirty martinis, traveling the world, or playing fetch with her four-legged best friend, a female rescue pit bull who is appropriately named “Fancy.”


It’s safe to say that it’s a zoo around the KERRently offices and it’s quite shocking that anything ever gets done! Fancy, who eats gluten free & is quite particular about the temperature of her water, is about as lazy as it gets! She enjoys the lap of luxury & sleeps every night at the foot of Courtney’s bed on a faux fur blanket. Fancy despises getting wet, hates playing in the mud, & will unapologetically stare at you with her signature “one ear flop” until you acknowledge her cuteness. A sucker for a kiss, she’s quite the licker, & isn’t afraid of public displays of affection. But be careful…if you let her get too close you’ll be picking white fur off your clothes for the rest of your life! Thankfully, Courtney has a lint roller in every drawer! #AdoptDontShop