A Sequin Blazer + My Boyfriend’s T-Shirt

 Photos by Molly of A Piece of Toast

Jacket: Vintage gift from grandmother (Similar option by ASOS, Similar option by Ella Moss, and Similar option by Dorothy Perkins);  T-Shirt: Thrift find (Similar FUN option by Alloy); Leather Pants: Zara (Similar steal price and Similar splurge price); Booties: Zara, old; Clutch: ASOS, old (Similar); Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Navy Cuff: Bauble Bar; Twitter Handle Necklace: Bauble Bar; Earrings: c/o Gorjana

Sometimes, I can’t take all the credit for the outfits you see pictured here on my blog.


I know, I know….And in this rare odd surprising moment, I am okay with passing the torch and giving credit where credit is due.

For this particular look, I would like to pass the torch to my mother’s mother, my Mimi, a woman with great style…and if you laid your eyes on her closet, you might understand where my love of clothing stems from….and you might stop calling it “materialistic,” but better yet, begin referring to it as “genetic.”

This sequin jacket is one of many vintage “hand me downs” that Mimi has gifted me over the years.  Back in the day (read: 15 years ago), I used to think it was ridiculous that she would wear sequins during the middle of the day to the grocery store and act like it was totally normal.  Then as I got older and developed my own personal style, I became one of those women who began to behave the exact same way….and suddenly her closet became my playground of fashion lust.

I have had my eye on this sequin blazer for quite sometime and Mimi has continued to brush it off and giggle at my coy, subtle mentions of it.  I had just finally come to the assumption that a) she was just being selfish and wanted to keep it for herself, b) she was flat out ignoring me while I continued to annoy her about the darn blazer yet again or c) she just really couldn’t hear me tell her how much I wanted it (she is 82 for crying out loud…bless her heart, ahem, ears).

But during a recent visit to her house she did the unthinkable…she passed it down to me and tossed it in a to-go bag for me without any hesitation.  (And quite frankly her act of kindness has me hoping that her traits are genetic too because I don’t really know if I will ever have it in me to be that unselfish with my coveted closet.)

Oh, and as for that cool t-shirt?!  Yeah, its “my boyfriends.”  And no you technical fact-checkers, I don’t have one a boyfriend.  (Look, I’ve already swallowed my pride in this blog post and surrendered to my way cool, 82-year old grandmother and her kickass vintage blazer….just lemme slide without explaining the t-shirt too, okay?!)

Any sentimental” hand-me-downs” you could never imagining life without?


  • Krista

    First, I love this outfit! You look great! Second, I wouldn’t have much of a closet if it wasn’t for my grandmother’s hand-me downs…well not quite true. Though, I have so many cherished ones. One of my great grandmother’s pieces is a leopard print, fur beret with a vintage hat pin. It is beyond gorg!


  • Lauren

    The colors of that sequin jacket…drool. I love this entire out. Want it for my own closet!


  • Tiffany Elam

    I have a black sequin blazer that I bought two years ago & I couldn’t be more in love with it!


  • Petra

    Gorgeous top and I love the blazer. Great style.
    xo, Petra


  • Marisa Bartelt

    This look is fabulous, and so is the blazer! I have got to pick up some leather leggings, loving the look.

  • Marisa Bartelt

    This look is fabulous, and so is the blazer! I have got to pick up some leather leggings, loving the look.


  • Kelly

    I love the sequin blazer, it really ads a whole extra element to the outfit! And the pop of blue with the clutch really ties it all together, great outfit, well done!

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  • Kalli

    I bought this sequined tuxedo jacket from Target recently and I love it! It was like the heavens opened up and angels started singing haha.

    But I’ve been gifted vintage jewelry from my great-aunt on my dad’s side (she died not long after my dad was born), my dad’s sister and also from my grandma on my mom’s side. Most of it is just costume jewelry, but a good chunk of it is from the 1940s and 1950s. I love wearing it and it is definitely some of my most prized possessions!

  • Allisom

    That jacket is amazing. It looks like plain black sequins, but they are the coolest colors. What a great find! Your grandma did good!


  • Scott

    The star though of this outfit is the leather pants!
    I am liking this trend in women’s fashion right now..

  • Abby Rose

    That t-shirt is what I call an “I won” moment…girl you hit the thrift store jackpot!

  • madeleine

    Your grandmother has awesome sequin taste. I need to go raid my Grandmother’s closet for any hidden gems!

  • Jennifer Webster

    You can make ANYTHING look good, girl! Love me some CK <3

  • Stephanie

    Amazing blazer and I loved the story about your grandmother. I don’t have it yet, but I am hoping to inherit my mother’s Custo and jacket collections:)

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  • Jenna DeSantis

    You are glowing in sequins!! I love this blazer- it’s so awesome that this has been in your Grandmother’s closet for some time. How special you must feel to be able to wear it 🙂 I wear my Grandmother’s scarves and jewelry all the time. Love your outfit!!

    XO Jenna

  • Chelsea

    I love this post! the sentimental value is so amazing! i was very close to my grandmother! She gave me a ring that she had a jeweler make with all the different pieces she could no longer wear because of her arthritis. Before she passed she gave it to me, she was a tiny thing and so am I, the ring fits perfectly and I NEVER take it off! You can always see me wear it in every post! Love the jacket hand me down!

    XO http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  • Melanie

    What a fun outfit!! The blazer definitely is a stand out piece & you styled it perfectly 🙂


  • Heidi

    Love this outfit! One day I hope my mom will start passing down her handbag and jewelry collections to me. 🙂 Random question…do you spray tan? If so, do you have a favorite place in Dallas?

  • Jessica

    super cute look. Love how you “glammed” up a baseball tee! great blazer
    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-

  • Thrifted and Modern

    That blazer is to die for! Come check out our blog and shop our store! http://thriftedandmodern.com/blog

  • Catherine Griffin

    My Granny’s taupe mesh/metal clutch is one of my accessory staples. I am DYING over this blazer…Love it!

  • Lauren

    Love that she passed down her sequin jacket. I always wear my grandmother’s opal ring that she passed down to me when she died and I would be lost without it. I also always get compliments on it! It is irreplaceable… as is your sequin jacket!


  • Laura

    the boyfriend t-shirt available here for a great price


  • Anne

    First, I am obsessed with the last photo in this post. The combination of the reflective quality of the jacket with the blur of the background and the perfect lighting has given it a 3D quality that I can’t stop looking at.

    Second, I have to admit that I am quite selfish when it comes to my clothes. I can’t bear to part with things. Hopefully, that will change and my daughter will reap the rewards. However, at this point, she still turns her nose up at my style. Maybe when she can appreciate it, my selfishness will have subsided. Props to your Mimi for her unselfish act.

  • Sandra Taylor Douglas

    Love you and your show you work it girl

  • Katie Pond

    I love the hair. sex and the city did the same part down the middle with a classic bun !!! very classy. 🙂 I always love you high and low fashion mixed together.

  • Steph F.

    Love the vintage rocker chic ensemble! You’re such a creative lightbulb for trends.