2021 Wellness Week: Your Guide to an Ultimate At-Home Workout

I am going to speak for the majority of people when I say that self-motivating yourself to workout at home can be VERY DIFFICULT.

Where do I start? Will I hate it? How long does it last? What equipment do I need? Is it expensive? What if I get bored? Who will be there to motivate me along? Trust me, I get it.

Prior to last Spring when we all began quarantining, the extent of my at-home workouts what with Obe Fitness. You have heard me mention them pretty regularly in stories, as I have enjoyed their platform since they launched several years ago. I would use their classes on the days that I didn’t want to workout outside, when I wasn’t meeting with my trainer Brit (I’ll get to her in a second!), or when I was traveling (which was, like, ALL THE TIME!) and only could workout from my hotel room.

But after the world shut down, online workout platforms became the new normal and several of my friends, who happen to be fitness experts, had to pivot and to accommodate to this new way of burning calories! Here are the details about some of my favorite online platforms & fitness experts who you can enjoy from your living room:

  1. Obe Fitness: Unless you’ve been living under a rock or a are a new follower, then you WITHOUT A DOUBT have seen & heard me share my love for Obe Fitness. With classes all over the map from pilates, to strength, to HIIT, to dance cardio, stretch, yoga, & everything in between, Obe gives you no excuses when it comes to moving your body! Most classes are only 28 minutes and are offered live or on-demand, which means they are convenient with anyone’s schedule! Don’t forget I ALWAYS have an Obe code! KERRENTLY gets you 30% off your first month PLUS your first week is always free! That means if you are new to Obe, then you get roughly 37 days on unlimited fitness classes for around $20!
  2. Stay Fit Virtual: Once Kyle’ & I’s ACTUAL PERSONAL TRAINER, Brit, couldn’t do house calls anymore, she decided to spread the love and make her ass-kicking workouts available to the public through OnPodio! She created a new brand, Stay Fit Virtual, where she is coming to you LIVE through Zoom several times a week! While most of Brit’s classes are using your own body weight, once and a while she will have you use light 3-8 puns weights, but she leaves the choice up to you! And not only is her playlist always incredible, but she does EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT alongside & right there with you. In all honesty, one look at her and you’ll be shouting, “WHATEVER SHE’S DOING, I WILL DO, TOO!” Also, can’t make her live Zoom classes? Don’t worry because they are all available for on demand purchase, as well!
  3. Keridon Fitness: I have known Keridon since she was 18 years old as a freshman in college, and I can testify that she is doing EXACTLY what she’s been called to do…and that’s whipping people into shape. Having spent almost 2 decades in the fitness industry, Keridon is a Certified Master Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  Not only does she have a high-profile clientele in Houston (like some of the top NBA & NFL players who live there!), but she’s been in the business of sharing her workouts for quite some time. Fun fact: My former roommate was in her very first fitness DVD that she launched YEARS & YEARS AGO! When Kyle & I visit Houston so he can check-up on his restaurants there, Keridon always meets us at our hotel for an incredible workout….but even if you don’t live in Houston, you can still enjoy Keridon’s workouts with her LEAN & KLEAN 30-day fitness program! It’s built for busy people and will provide you with 30 days of workouts, nutrition tips, & a grocery list! Dumbbells are the only equipment required & all of the workouts can be modified to accommodate any fitness level! The best part? She’s offering a discount code to help motivate you to kickstart your fitness goals….use KERRENTLY75 get 75% off the entire program! That give you the entire LEAN & KLEAN guide for only $11.75!
  4. Train with Mada: Mada’s workouts are SO NEW, I haven’t even had the opportunity to take one of her virtual classes yet, but I can vouch that she’s knowledgeable, fit, and a JOYFUL PERSON who will put a smile on your face! (And boy, oh boy, isn’t that what we all need during a workout?) Even though Mada’s online classes LITERALLY launched about 2 weeks ago, she’s no stranger to the fitness arena. Before becoming a mom to her 2 adorable kiddos 3 years ago, Mada instructed in Dallas at a bother reformer pilates & TRX training studios. Her class styles include low-impact, strength training, high-intensity, and even Mommy & Me! (Fun fact about Mada: Successful women must be in the gene pool because not only is Mada a BOSS, but you might know her sister, Alex Snodgrass of “The Defined Dish!” How proud are their parents?!)

And while all these options are guaranteed to making you break a sweat, I can also guarantee that you will see results if you stick with it! What other online fitness platforms do you love? Share with the KERRent Community in the comments below!

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