2021 Wellness Week: The Easiest Skincare Routine, like, EVER

As we continue to move into a new year and adapting new habits & routines, I hope you all are continuing to make your skin a priority!

And if you aren’t because you don’t know where to start, well don’t fret…your skincare-loving internet BFF is coming to the rescue! 

Today on my IGTV, I have an entire video dedicated to the easiest steps you need to follow when it comes to creating a skincare routine! These best practices are precise & to the point, and they will have you glowing in no time! 

And since Colleen is having her big 7-year anniversary sale right now (& also because I am one of her biggest fans!), I am going to share this simple routine with some of my favorite products of hers! 

PM Routine: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat, Moisturize! 

  1. Radiant Cleansing Balm
  2. Glycolic Peel Pads
  3. Retinol Supreme Eye Serum
  4. Face Oil 9
  5. Extreme Recovery Cream
  6. Intense Hydrating Mask (get the full-size HERE & the travel-size included in the Exploration Kit HERE)

AM Routine: Splash, Vitamins, Moisturize, Protect!

  1. Splash of water
  2. Vitamin C Treatment Complex
  3. CBD Oil
  4. Sunscreen of your choice 

Click HERE to shop the entire Colleen Rothschild Anniversary Sale….& don’t forget to use the code 7YEARS so you can score 25% off your entire order!

  • Cynda

    This was very informative! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! I absolute LOVE all of my current Colleen Rothschild’s products, but am constantly confusing the order in which I am supposed to apply each product in order to achieve the best results for my skin type. After watching your post, I even went online to take advantage of her 7-year anniversary sale & purchased a few new products that I haven’t yet tried because of their price-points. You are the best as always, Courtney!

  • Katie

    Thank You! I just ordered ALL of these! Can’t wait to be glowing!

  • Taylor Beavers

    Hey, Courtney! It’s cool that you incorporated CBD oil into your skin care routine. I have seen a lot of people have positive results using CBD for many different things!

  • David Porter Jewelry

    Thanks for sharing your skincare routine. 🙂

  • Better Alls

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