2021 Wellness Week: My Morning Routine & Daily Habits

Cashmere Sweater // “Quit Like a Woman” Book // Biggie Mug // Nutribullet cup // Apple Watch Band // Tula Balanced Beauty Gummies // OLLY Women’s Multi Gummies

They say that it takes 21 days to create a habit.

Well, since we are 10 days into January….what good (or possibly bad?!) habits are you well on your way to forming in 2021?

I think it’s only natural that we all re-assess our priorities, habits, and routines at the beginning of every year. We try to leave the bad behind, wash the slate clean, and start anew. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. But ultimately, I think it’s important to note THAT WE CAN CONTROL HOW SUCCESSFUL WE ARE AT FORMING GOOD HABITS…all we have to do write them down, focus on them, and remember that consistency is key.

Here is a quick overview at my morning routine & daily habits: some are old and some are new, but nonetheless, they are all important to me, and I know I will never regret prioritizing my health & my stress levels!

  1. Hydrate & Read: In previous years, the first thing I have done when I wake up is go STRAIGHT FOR THE IPHONE! But this year I am reading 10 pages in a book to stimulate my mind differently! In the couple of days I have been implementing this change, I have noticed that my day doesn’t begin in such a stressed out manner. While reading, I finish the tall glass of water on my nightstand if I hadn’t already finished it throughout the night! The book I am re-reading right now is “Quit Like a Woman,” which is all about the pressures of drinking….I’ll share more about this book later this week in another blog post!
  2. Lemon Water: Another new habit I am adding to my routine is drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach before rushing to my coffee. This simple glass of lemon water does so much for you…..it helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body, acts as a detoxifying agent, & helps with maintaining digestive health! In addition, lemons are also a rich source of Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, & magnesium!
  3. NuFace Facial Toning Device: Once I get my lemon water, I actually crawl back into bed to finish reading….& thats when I take 5 minutes to do my Nuface Facial Toning Device. I have learned that THIS DEVICE WORKS WHEN USED EVERY DAMN DAY, so I felt like I couldn’t just half ass it….I needed to find a time of my day to add it in…so multitasking to the rescue! In all seriousness, people ask quite frequently what I think of this device…and I must say, it really does effectively contour your face…so if you own it, consider this your friendly reminder to find 5 daily minutes for it! Hell, write it on your to-do list if you must!
  4. Morning Skincare Routine: This entire breakdown is coming later during wellness week in a blog post, but the cliffs notes version for now includes a splash of cold water, Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, & sunscreen! And brushing my teeth with my Vanity Planet toothbrush, of course! (Code CKBRUSH for 75% off!)
  6. Make Today’s To Do List & Sip Coffee: Once I have gotten my mind right & spent about 30-60 waking up, its time to hit the ground running with the actionable items that I MUST ACCOMPLISH by EOD. These can be work or personal, I just try to list them in order of importance! I know a hand written to-do list feels a little old school, but crossing things off makes me feel accomplished!
  7. Move My Body: 30 minutes per day, no excuses! Somedays, I grab my airpods & go for a walk during conference calls, while other days I am working out at home with Obe Fitness (use code KERRENTLY for 30% off your first month)! Usually about 3-4 times throughout the week, Kyle & I will power walk a couple miles with Bossy or do Session Pilates, so the other 3 days, I like to do things that are fun for me! (I LOVE all the dancing classes on Obe’s site!) Later this week I will be sharing some of our favorite ways to workout at home in an entire blog post, FYI!
  8. Vitamins & Glotrition: It’s time to load up on the good stuff! I have taken these OLLY Women’s Multi gummies for years (read all about them in THIS BLOG POST), but I recently also add these Tula Balanced Beauty gummies, too (code KERRENTLY for 15% off, FYI!)! Not only are these Tula gummies vegan, natural, gluten & soy free, but they also are loaded with Biotin and folic acid, which support healthy skin & promote hair & nail growth! But they’ve also got probiotics & prebiotics, which help calm bloating by improving the natural balance of the digestive system! (Also, the founder of Tula is a practicing gastroenterologist who has studied probiotics for 15 years…so she knows a thing or 2 about how gut health can effect your skin health!) I also pour my bottle of Glotrition Super Beauty Elixir, which is my favorite way to get my clinically effective bioactive collagen into my system!
  9. Get Dressed for the Day: NO MATTER WHAT & even if I don’t have any plans of leaving the house! I have found that this small act really plays kindof a mind trick on how well I perform and how much I accomplish throughout the day, especially since I mostly work from home! Doing this actually reminds me of when my mom use to make me get dressed up on days I had tests in school…she had this theory that dressing up made kids feel confident….DRESS WELL, TEST WELL! Apparently, Mom knew what she was talking about….and I think it still applies as a grownup going to work!

What are some of your healthy habits you’ve done for years? And what are some that you are just adding to your wellness routine?! Would love for y’all to share with the KERRent Community in the comments below!

  • Natalie

    soooo excited for wellness week!! thanks for sharing your morning routine, looking forward to the skincare specific post 🙂

  • Jennifer Duffy

    Love this content. Thanks!

  • Jacqueline

    Thank you for sharing your routine! You’ve inspired me to start waking up earlier in order to not feel so rushed!

  • Lana Newberry

    Thank you for sharing this routine!
    I recently ended my career as a full time registered dental hygienist after 23 1/2 years. I have moved my 75 year old mother out of memory care (she had been there for 3 years in FW) and is now living with me. I also do pit Bull rescue so I have 4 dogs in my home. 😂. So, trying to maintain a routing has been difficult for me since all these big changes.
    It is also difficult to find some time to do any of these things for myself at this time, as my mom wants to be where I am and do everything I am. I love that she is here. But, just sharing your routine has given me some inspiration.
    I’m 47 and single so I don’t want to just disappear into the Pj’s and being sloppy life. I know there is still another life ahead for me to make an impact.
    Much love-

  • Rosemary Compton

    Love all of these habits and am actually doing quite a few of them! I also am plugging my meals into the Cronometer app every morning so I can stay within my macros & calories and keep off the weight I lost in 2020. I’ve never been the best with a morning routine (I love sleep & I love our bed!), but with opening a new business this Spring, I think it’s exactly what I need to set myself up for success!

  • Katie Yow

    These are EXCELLENT tips. I’ve always said I want to start reading but it seemed like such a daunting task because I would think of reading the WHOLE book in a rush just to finish, however taking it 10 pages at time is much more approachable!!! Thank your for being you and I’m pumped for wellness week!!!! 😊

  • Kathi Sanger

    I have worked at home for about 10 years. I get up and take my dog out and then I do a race walk up and down the hills by my house. When I come in I make my bed( a must always) and then make organic celery juice. I used to do the warm lemon water like you, but I like the benefits of the celery juicing a bit better. Then I get in my Teeter to stretch my back out daily. Then skin care and daily hygiene. Love your routine!

  • Kim Hughes

    Being a business owner I have worked from home for 23 years so my morning habits feel to the way side with kids, ranch life, caring for others. This past year I have reflected a lot about how I must be my best to give my best.

    I have started back to a Bible study daily for one hour.

    I’m going to take your advice and start on warm lemon water and 30 minutes moving my body.

    Your just the cutest thing. My DIL has me following you.

  • Claudia

    I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing this type of content!

  • Kacie

    I’m definitely going to add the lemon water to my morning routine because I keep reading how helpful it is for the body. This year, I’m prioritizing reading more, investing in medical grade skincare, and establishing a regular movement routine.

  • Kera

    I’ve been drinking warm lemon water in the morning for about 4 years now. When I first started, my friends thought I had started getting routine facials. I’ve also put my social media apps on a timer so that I can’t use them before 10am.

  • Lauren G

    I love this! Thank you for sharing All the things!!

  • Kaeleen Stone

    Lemon water in the AM is a non-negotiable for me! Honestly a goal of mine for this year is to get up earlier because I feel like I’m always rushing. I have to be up pretty early (out the door by 7:05) and I have the haaaardest time getting up on time. I want to be able to enjoy my morning routine more and this is really motivating!

  • Cher

    Grandmother drank warm lemon water in a lovely china cup every morning. I am 71 and recall the memory clearly. Enjoyed reading your morning ritual and especially love that it includes warm lemon water. ( Grandmother had beautiful skin as well.)