2021 Wellness Week: Everything You Need to Know About SLOW CARB

This post has been A LONG TIME COMING.

And I have severely delayed writing it because, quite frankly, I didn’t want to steer anyone wrong. Like, I’m not a dietician, I’m not a doctor, & I’m certainly not a fitness expert or nutritionist who can consult people on what to and what not to eat! But what I do know is what has worked for my average, medium sized body….and that’s SLOW CARB! So here is everything you need to know, and maybe a little information you didn’t even ask for!

August 1st, 163 pounds: THE DAY I GOT ON THE SCALE & BALLED MY EYES OUT.

January 12th, 144 pounds: THE DAY THIS BLOG POST WAS FINALLY WRITTEN (I reference *written* versus *published* because that was 24 hours before Kyle & began our fast, which lasted through the 18th, and my weight has continued to decrease over the last few days.)

In case your still doing the math in your head, that’s a difference of roughly 5 months & a 20 pound deficit. I didn’t starve myself…I actually did quite the opposite. I didn’t workout like a psycho….I actually only worked out or walked for 30 minutes only 4x a week, which was the same as when my weight was at it’s highest so I really don’t think that counts. I indulged when necessary and I cut back when necessary. It has been all about *KEYWORD* moderation, which is actually a skill set & quality that I have learned the most in 2020 & continue to improve on every single day.

So here I am: 38 years old in the middle of a pandemic, sitting in Dr. Callie’s office at the largest weight I’ve ever been. (You’ll hear me mention her several times through this post. Dr. Callie Hollenshead is both mine & Kyle’s family medicine concierge physician & you can learn more about her HERE. FYI: If you are looking for a new doc, she is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and deeply committed to her patients….so much so that all her patients have her cell “just in case!”) So, I’m in her office, where I begin crying to her (like I’m sure many patients did during the middle of 2020…what can we say, it was a doozy) explaining how I have always been able to lose weight…until the age of 35. These past 3-4 years have been rough, and my ability to just eat clean for 3 weeks and lost those extra 5-10 pounds doesn’t come as easily as it once did! I also begin to justify how I know its not about a number, but about being healthy….but 6 months prior, the scale read about 20 pounds lighter. I knew the weight gain came from a handful of particular things: our engagement high (lots of champagne and wine & being excited to begin wedding planning!), tons of home cooked meals that were comfort food driven (quite frankly, if you weren’t eating comfort food during “Shelter in Place” orders, then I’m not really sure how you survived quarantine), and the simple fact that I had NOTHING to keep my body in check for. I wasn’t putting on jeans and I wasn’t putting on dresses…I was putting on sweatpants that hid all 163 pounds of me.

Dr. Callie immediately says, “OKAY, HERE’S WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO: I know you love food and I know its a big part of yours & Kyle’s life. So, you’re going to still get to enjoy things, but you are going to enjoy them while following the Slow Carb model!”

She then referenced author Tim Ferris, who I have been a fan of for years. One of his books, “Tools of Titans,” is a personal favorite of mine that I refer to quite often, and while I have read the majority of his books, the particular one I haven’t, “The 4-Hour Body” is where Slow Carb is VERY THOROUGHLY explained. She gives me the condensed version of what Slow Carb means, entails, and how to successful get rid of this stubborn weight by trying to for 30 days. Here’s a brief overview and the primary guidelines, but you can reference pages 70-99 for more detailed and thorough rules.

  1. Avoid “white” carbohydrates: This is pretty self-explanatory, but yes, that includes rice, potatoes, breads, cereals, grains, flours, tortillas, pasta, fried food breading, etc.
  2. Eat the same few meals over an over again: Tim explains in his book that yes, although the grocery store is filled with tons of food options, there are only a few items that won’y cause weight gain. I stick to mixing and matching from the following: beans/legumes, lean protein such as chicken, fish, turkey, and egg whites, & any vegetable you want! If its not in that list, don’t eat it.
  3. Don’t drink your calories: This includes milks, juices, sodas. Tim says a splash of sugar free creamer in your coffee is okay in the am, and then stick to teas & waters. As far as alcohol is concerned, he still enjoys 2 glasses of wine per night. Wine sometimes causes me to bloat a little too much from the sugar, so I prefer vodka & sparkling water.
  4. Don’t eat fruit: The only fruits permitted are tomatoes & avocados. Tim explains this much more eloquently than I can, but basically it has to do with the glycerol phosphate & triglycerides and I have no idea what that means, but its a rule so I follow it!
  5. Take one day off and go nuts: Yep, eat whatever the hell you want. Satisfy whatever craving you may have. I was VERY excited about this the first couple of weeks, but I would make myself so sick, that honestly it kindof lost the appeal after a while. Now, this is the day that I have a big freaking cheeseburger, or pizza, or pasta…and only at one meal, versus the entire day!

I don’t really understand why THESE PARTICULAR RULES worked for me, but they did! And when I was CONSISTENT and stuck to them regularly, the weight legit FELL OFF….not to mention, I felt like a million bucks! And of course I want to mention that the best resource you can use to research more about Slow Carb and see if its right for you is Tim Ferris’ book, “4 Hour Body,” which you can purchase HERE!

Now, once again I feel like I need to remind y’all & include the disclaimer that I am not a dietician or a nutritionist or in any way qualified to be giving advice about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. I’m simply sharing information about what worked for me! Please consult your doctor before making any drastic changes to your health or diet!

And speaking of doctors, if you are looking for a new physician in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our doctor, Dr. Callie Hollenshead, is accepting new patients! You can learn more about her practice HERE, or you can email her atmethodistpw@mhd.com, or call her at 214-522-2700.

  • Ashley mason

    Love this post and your honesty about your journey! I needed this to get myself motivated!

  • Michelle

    My husband and I have been following the slow carb life for about a year and we have lost almost 120 lbs together!

    • Megan Morales

      That is extraordinary! Congratulations!!!!!!! Would you mind sharing what y’all eat for snacks?? Thank you!

  • Courtney M.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Kim A

    I can do this! I’ll miss my fruit smoothies, but love that I can still keep my wine!

  • Hillari

    So excited for this blog post! I’m ordering the book now! Would it be possible to give some of your favorite meal ideas? I know that you love magic spoon cereal, can you have that on a normal slow carb day or would that be on your cheat day?

  • Nicole Palumbi

    I love this diet too! Started this when you talked about it last time. Do you take the supplements? Magnesium, calcium and potassium?

  • Candice

    Just ordered the book! Girl just turned 40 so I can relate!

  • Ashliegh

    Can you share some of your breakfast, lunch, 2nd lunch, dinner ideas? I loved the ground turkey bowl you shared in your ig highlights but looking for some simple ideas! Thanks

  • Lindsay

    Thank you so much for sharing, I’m like, “SAME!”. Did you use a cookbook, too? Or is there a cookbook you’d recommend?

  • Kelly

    I am so glad you found something that worked for you – and not only do you look great, it sounds like you FEEL great!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Amanda

    Courtney- THANK YOU for sharing your story! I am 35 and over the past 2 years I’ve gained 30Ibs putting me at … 163 at 5’3”. I have cried and cried and felt so discouraged and disappointed with myself for gaining the weight. Seeing someone who I can completely relate to losing weight in a healthy way is exactly what we need! It’s always more powerful coming from someone who lived it- rather than someone who never experienced it. Please keep sharing your joinery.

    And tell us your height! You look 5’10” but I think I remember you were shorter? 🤍

  • Cindy L

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve too magically put on 20 lbs and appreciate your realness and willingness to share! You always look amazing, but I know you feel more yourself now ❤️

  • Erin Young

    Could you do a post on some meals you eat, especially breakfast. Thx!

  • Deb

    I have admired your look for years. In my head, I have told myself that you must be 110 and 5’9″. So, to learn that you are 5’4″ and weighed 163 just makes you so much more “normal” and genuine! I would much rather take advise from someone who is more like the rest of us folks. So thank you for your honesty and realness! Now, to go find out more about slow carb!

  • Kelly Pia

    Love this!

    Question for you….how do you handle sweet tooth cravings without fruit? That is usually my go to when I’m craving something sweet after eating my meal.

    • B

      I find that hot tea after meals helps to tame the sweet tooth beast.

  • Kate

    Agreeing here with Erin Young above. I need help with sample meals. Any way you’d consider doing a daily meal log blog?