12 Days of KERRently Christmas Giveaway Day 12: $1000 Target Gift Card

Even though I am kindof sad that they giveaways have to come to an end (I REALLY LOVE SPOILING YALL!), I am excited to share today’s because I know it is probably MUCH NEEDED!

I know how expensive the holidays can be, especially when 2020 was financially taxing on lots of people who’s jobs were affected by COVID-19. Which is why I want to give $1000 to someone WHO REALLY REALLY NEEDS IT. I will send this gift card digitally to today’s winner first thing TOMORROW MORNING…so they can do some last minute Christmas shopping, or buy essentials that their family needs, so make sure you enter by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT CENTRAL TIME.


1.    Follow @KERRently on Instagram. 

    2.    Like today’s giveaway Instagram post.

    3.    Leave a comment using #KERRentlyChristmas. 

    4.    Nominate a friend in the Instagram comments or blog comments who’s finances have been severely affected this year due to COVID-19 and tell me why this $1000 is needed.

    6.    Share this giveaway in stories, tagging @KERRently & #KERRentlyChristmas. 

    7.    Leave a comment on this blog post!


*Day 12 KERRently Christmas Giveaway is valued at $ 1000 & is open for 12 hours….from 12pmCST, December 23, 2020 through 12amCST, December 24, 2020. Exclusions: No returns or exchanges. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Giveaways are eligible to anyone, anywhere, inside or outside of the US. Winner will be contacted by KERRently!

  • Wiley Lewis

    🎯❤️🎯❤️🎯 alll the things!

    • Sanaya Bharucha

      Amazingly beautiful!!!

    • Mary Anchia

      I love love this giveaway!!! Fingers crossed!!!

    • Melisa Reichard

      This would help out so much. I have been furloughed from work for 6 months and my fiancé for 9 months. Fingers crossed 🥰🎄🎁🎅🏻

    • Allyson Wallis-Lee

      #KERRentlyChristmas i am a hair stylist and used to work in a salon. In February, two months after my husband and I got married, my husband had to have emergency surgery after becoming paralyzed due to a ruptured herniated disc. He was 4 months away from completing his electrical apprenticeship and 3 days prior to his surgery I had an appointment with my dr about starting a family. Luckily My husband came home from the hospital on march 13th right before hospitals started the no visitors policy due to covid. I have since signed up to be his in home caregiver to try and supplement some kind of income since salons had been shut down, but it isn’t enough to cover rent and my husbands temporary disability was only for a year which is coming very soon. We were hoping he would be able to walk again and go back to work, but it doesn’t look like that is happening any time soon. I guess covid didn’t directly cause our current life situation, but it has made it worse because people are not visiting since our shelter in place was first implemented. Having family and friend be able to visit really helps my husband feel better while being in such a hopeless situation.


    Target is my favorite. This would come in so handy during the Holidays!!! Can I spend $1000 on wine? Challenge accepted! 🙂

  • Kailee Kolade

    Targgeeettttt!!!! Call me basic, but Target is my happy place!!! What a lovely way to end your giveaways!

  • Carlie

    I would LOVE this!!!!!

  • Sanaya Bharucha

    Unbelievably outstanding!!

  • Melissa

    This would really help. A lot of us are struggling financially. Thank you for giving something to help!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I would literally die of happiness omg!!

  • Kim Henrichs

    Sorry got so excited I hit enter. My best friend Mari moved into a new house that was cracked down the middle, then had to have shoulder surgery and cannot travel to see her ailing parents due to COVID. She’s taken a huge financial medical hit.

  • Kelsey Fisher

    Amazing giveaway!!!

  • Jessica Hansen-Frazer

    My best friend could use this!!

  • Paula Aveni

    Great way to end the 12 days of Christmas!

  • Tina Patel Doshi

    The best place to shop!!!

  • Saher

    Yes yes yes

  • Meghan N

    Who doesn’t LOVE Target?!

  • Jen G

    Would love this gift card to go to my brother & sister in law. My sil is a nurse on the front lines and constantly strives to be there for her patients and her family (they have 2 adorable daughters). This would be a blessing for them.

  • Saher

    Love love

  • Dayna

    What a generous giveaway!!! Fingers-crossed.

  • Michele Bolton

    What an AWESOME giveaway!!! Thanks CK!

  • Socorro Larkin

    Seriously of all the giveaways this one is the BEST, most practical giveaway!! Thank you for being so generous & also thank you for helping to keep us sane with your blog posts and videos during this hard year. Having personally lost a dear family member to COVID I appreciate the normalcy of seeing your newsletters pop up in my inbox. Merry Christmas & cheers to 2021 🤩

  • GiantSis

    I know just the friend who needs this!

  • Vanessa

    Who doesn’t love Target! What an awesome giveaway!! #KERRentlyChristmas

  • KH

    I don’t have IG. Can I still enter by leaving a comment?? This would make an AMAZING Christmas to a friend in local business who is suffering due to COVID. I would donate to her!!

  • Lori Graham

    Yaaassssss!!! Mama needs some Target love!

  • Maribel

    Merry Christmas!!

  • Jenny Roberts

    Target can basically solve the worlds problems…

  • Jessica

    FUN!!!! Merry Christmas!

  • Leshelle Vallejo


  • Alessandra Nolan

    Hi Courtney
    I’m spending Christmas alone all my family is in Brazil and my friends are traveling so this would definitely brighten my Christmas and yeah no shopping done
    Been a rough year I barely have to eat till the first ! So that’s my focus
    So would be amazing getting this gift !!
    You are awesome!!! Merry Christmas 🎄

  • Valerie Shannonhouse

    This is an amazing gift. Merry Christmas.

  • Dani White

    My mom is fighting horrible autoimmune issues and her health has really declined in 2020. This year she was prescribed $1000 shots-and as a retired teacher, the financial (and physical/emotional) impact has take a tol!

  • Alessandra Nolan

    Hi Courtney
    Been down this holidays I’m sick and will be spending Christmas 🎄 alone and probably New Years too my favorite holiday
    So this gift would definitely brighten my Christmas
    Been a rough year not money for gifts
    Thank you for all your generously
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  • Hope Fortner

    I’d like to nominate my parents, Steve and Marla. This year has been a huge struggle for them, as my dad is a traveling salesman and couldn’t travel for much of the spring and summer due to working remotely. My mom also missed several days of work due to taking care of my grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s and had a stroke this summer, which accelerated the progression of his disease. My mom is his and my grandmother’s primary caretaker, and my parents have both sacrificed so much in trying to take care of them. In a period of 3 months, my grandfather went from moderate Alzheimer’s to being practically an invalid who needs 24/7 supervision, and my grandmother has developed some severe health issues in trying to help take care of him when my mom was working. Then, at Thanksgiving, my mom and grandfather both were diagnosed with COVID. It’s been a very difficult year for my parents, yet they continue to give everything they can to take care of everyone else. They are so deserving of this gift because they give so sacrificially and NEVER expect or ask for anything in return. Thank you, Courtney, for making someone’s holidays a little brighter. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  • Zaynah

    Love this idea!!!💛💛💛🎄🎄🎄

  • Jenny Figy

    This gift would mean the world to me!!

  • Ashley R

    Very much needed! #KERRentlyChristmas TARGET 🎯 #healthcareworker #singlemom3

  • Cynthia Raef

    So kind of you to think of others. Hard year for so many people. Knowing so many that have lost loved ones and suffering from loss of work.

  • Jenny Figy

    This gift would me the world 🌎 to my husband and I 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Nicole Reyes

      This would greatly help my hubby and I during this time of year. he’s a firefighter and has barely been home because of COVID and i have been home since March with our three boys it would truly be a god send to be able to help my hubby out with the bills. #KERRentlyChristmas 🤞🏻🙏🏻🎅🏻🎄

  • Brandi P

    I’m a recent widow with 2 kids and lost my job 8 months ago bc of Covid. This gift card would be so helpful in giving them a Christmas and putting some food in our kitchen. Help would be so appreciated!

  • Melissa Hudson

    This would make our Christmas. #kerrentlychristmas

  • Morgan Click

    Wow this is an amazing blessing. I would love to donate this to a coworker who is preparing to be a foster mom early next year. She deserves this because she is the most selfless and loving person I know and will make an incredible foster mama ☺️❤️

  • Jacqueline Wike

    This os amazing! Merry Xmas!

  • Laura

    I’d love to support my company employees and sharing this goodwill with our girls who have been affected by COVID. We are in the event industry and can’t do our jobs.

  • India M

    Merry Christmas & this is the best giveaway ever! I totally nominate my sister! She is a single mom to three kiddos and works as a paraprofessional at the school I teach at here in DFW. She is THE HARDEST working person I know. She is always willing to step in and help others no matter what and I couldn’t think of anyone in my life more deserving! Even when the school was shut down in the spring and she was doing virtual schooling with her three kiddos, she constantly was asking who in the building she could help to try and lighten the others workload. She is so generous to others and I would love for her to win this $1000 to help her out!

  • Katie Ramirez

    I love this giveaway!! I am a Middle School teacher in a low income school district in NY. This year I ran our Holiday Gift Drive to help families in our building that are in need. We’re able to help 10 families and raise $1200 this holiday season. This week we recently found out that 2 more of our families are struggling but we did not have more money to help them out or enough time to raise additional funds. I would love to be able to send these 2 families the gift card (split equally) or use it to purchase items, clothes (some of the kids did not have coats or socks) or food that they need for the new year!

  • Stacy V

    This is amazing! I’m a teacher and this gift could bless so many. I’ve been a follower for a long time and appreciate everything you do, you have taught me how to put on fake eyelashes and how to make crab cakes (thanks Kyle)… and now you’re giving away this generous gift! You the real MVP♥️

  • Andrea

    Blessing. Thank you so much 🎯

  • Dane Pratt

    Cute idea!

  • Lauren Wuthrich

    One of my dear friends died unexpectedly in her sleep, she had a 12 year old daughter that her sister, Blaire has taken in as her own now. She has two girls and then welcomed twin boys in November. They quickly went from a family of 4 to. Family of 7. This is will be the first Christmas without her sister. She was only 34 😢

  • Christina

    I can’t buy chr for anyone. This would be such a blessing

  • Danika Sancho

    My best friend Jamie just lost her job in the restaurant industry due to COVID-19 closures. She is in a tough spot trying to find another position. This would be an incredible gift to bestow upon her and her family this holiday.

  • Amanda S

    Love target!

  • Shayla

    Love this! Thank you for your generosity and kindness this holiday season! This would help me and my husband tremendously during this time. Merry Christmas!!

  • Lindsey


  • Sara

    What a great giveaway!

  • Georgia Gavalas

    Please please consider my sister who has been a single mom for 13 years and yet one would never know the struggles she endures. Her son is never without and that’s a true mama that Kerrently can get behind! I wish all the best of luck and wishing you a wonderful 21 and for always leading with your heart.

  • Alison Hendrickx

    Yes please!

  • Lauren Barron

    Such a uplifting and amazing opportunity

  • Lauren Simmons

    How amazing of you!!!

  • Robin Mayfield


    So excited for the giveaway! I am a huge fan of yours (From your Court loved Dallas days). Christmas is hard for us because my husband and I lost our jobs. We are taking care of my in law as and making sure they are safe and healthy. Also homeschooling our kids due to Covid. This mama needs a break and some help with presents for my kids!

  • Sofia

    This is amazing, thank you for giving ✨

  • Amy Howard

    This is so sweet of you!!!! I nominated my server friend! I’m currently expecting baby number eight at anytime. Who couldn’t use this?!

  • Jessica L

    This could help our family out so very much! My grandmother just got out of hospital and my mom is taking care of her.

  • Jennifer D

    Hoping to give to my bestie Jessica! Commented on Instagram as porcelain_glamour13 Thank you again for this giveaway! Love your videos and content 😘.

  • Bev Escobar

    TARGET!!!! 🎯!

  • Britt Segina

    I would love to split this between a few family and friends that have had a difficult year

  • Daniela mills

    My mom would love this so much ❤️ My dad is an essential worker 62 and gets up everyday to work at Walmart! He’s a hard working man and so is my mom. Throughout all the craziness he has gotten up and gone to work at Walmart everyday to provide for all of us with supplies and essential needs

  • Stephanie Delarosa

    Thank you for your generosity, you are truly beautiful inside and out ❤️ Merry Christmas 🎄
    Xoxo- Stephanie

  • Blair

    I would love to win this to give to a friend who’s been having a rough go around in 2020 (who hasn’t though right?!) Thanks for all of your fun give aways:)

  • Stevie

    I would like to nominate my dear friend Sarah who is a small business owner in Mansfield. She became a single mom to two girls this year after bravely leaving an abusive relationship. She has worked so hard to keep her business alive and parent/homeschool through COVID. She’s exhausted but always so positive. She’s funny, smart, and beautiful inside and out. I know this would be a huge blessing to her and her girls! She deserves a sweet surprise! ❤️

  • A

    Got laid off and sold my home. My son and I had to move in with my family. They really could use this and would be such a nice thank you for taking care of us 🙂

  • Kelly Daum

    This is such an amazing gift! I nominated by boyfriend in your Instagram comments. He is a full-time musician who has been denied unemployment and is basically out of funds at this point. I’ve helped him where I’ve been able, but it’s killing him that he hasn’t been able to get gifts for his family this year. This wouldn’t just be a Christmas gift for him, it’ll help him in so many ways more than that! #KerrentlyChristmas

  • Kami Gordon

    I would like to nominate my brother Josh Gordon. This year for him and his family has been tough. His wife , was diagnosed with MS. It made it so she could stand on her feet as a hair stylist. He has been working a ton and been run down. He has been sick with COVID and that set them back. They have dog, Otis who they found out today has 31 teeth pulled from a previous owner and has an infection in his nose that was covering his eyes. Instead of using money for Christmas they are treating the dog. Which is amazing but they deserve a Christmas. He has a 13 year old son who is the sweetest and I know is disappointed in no Christmas. They are kind and generous and have had a tough year. They are a deserving family. We all wish we could help them more.

  • Becky Tezkol

    I nominate my sister who is a school cafeteria lady. The scene at schools has greatly changed this year and these workers have been asked to do so much for so little money. It would be amazing to win this prize!

  • Candace Khan

    I would love to nominate my niece Ashlie (@ashlielopez89). She is a hard working single mom who recently moved into a new place. She recently got engaged and is excited to start a new chapter. Her fiancé lost his job a few weeks ago so the burden of bills and Christmas fell on her. He just found a new job but they were both recently diagnosed with Covid. Now they are both out of work for a few weeks while they recover and will not have any income coming in during this time off. This would help her family greatly.

  • Natalie

    This is so amazing and how kind of you to think of others during the season of giving! Both me and my husband are small buisness owners in CA I am a hairdresser who has lost access to my salon for 8 out of the 12 months of this year and currently shut down again. My husband owns a used car dealership and is probably gonna have to shut his doors for good soon. We just found out that we need a new roof put on our house and I can’t even sleep . I love to give this time of year but this year I can’t and am just trying to make it a memorable and loving holiday still for my almost 4 year old son! This would be so helpful this year god bless!

  • Candace

    Love target and love following you ❤️

  • Megan schwan

    You are an angel. I left my nomination on Instagram. My cousin could really use this 💕
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  • Tiffany J

    This is amazing! I nominate my wife of 4 years(together for 17 years). She does do much for everyone, putting them first before herself. She deserves so much, I just can’t give it to her. Knowing Sandi she would use the gift card to get everyone else gifts. Due to Covid we aren’t able to go to OK to see her family and we can’t go and see my mom and sister. My family just tested positive this week snd we will have to see them after the new year of it is safe for my mom.

  • Rachel Paradowski

    Love your generosity! You truly are genuine!

  • Beth

    Love this and pray it goes to the right person!

  • Wedy

    My sister has 4 kids and could really
    Use it.

  • Jen

    4 months without working/a paycheck and several vet emergencies (both for my babies and for rescues) this year hampered my Christmas shopping. I wont see my fam until after New Years, so I could use this to finish shopping for everyone! ❤️

  • Meg Tompkins

    Thank you for giving- This is so kind of you!! As I mentioned on Instagram, I would love to nominate my friend Jessica, a nurse practitioner on the front lines, who can’t work full time unfortunately due to a child with a new cancer diagnosis at home who is immunocompromised 💔. Their fundraising event was canceled due to COVID and I know they would deeply appreciate such a huge gift, as well as use it for their children, and hopefully a new sweater or candle for mama ❤️ Love following you and all of your work!!

  • Erin Laughary

    I would absolutely love this gift card for much needed home essentials for our family. It’s been a hard year and it would be a blessing to end out 2020 this way. Thank you!!

  • Erin Laughary

    Please please let it be me. I’ve been so lonely this year not seeing family and this would be a great end to 2020.

  • Irena Lambridis

    Girl I’m humbly nominating myself 🙏🏼 What’s year!!!! After my 20 year hubby leaving our family ( still have no idea why) and then within weeks of the divorce being final I was in a terrible accident on the highway when an RV hit me and totaled my car…. nothing would make me happier than fuzzy target slippers in every color and chocolate covered Oreos with wine for dinner ever day this holiday lol 😂😂😂 only up from here- bring on 2021!

    But seriously- thanks for everything you bring to this space 🥰

  • Alexandra Perales

    Nominating my son Luis! #kerrentlychriatmas Thank you & Merry Christmas ♥️

  • Nicole Salak

    Nominating my Mom! My dad passed away last year and then this year her mother passed away. She has been trying to deal with those losses all while helping take care of my sister during Covid.

  • Stephanie C

    This is amazing and would be so helpful!!! 💚

  • Chris

    This is extremely generous of you!!!

  • Elizabeth R

    I nominate my younger sister. As soon as we went into quarantine in March her job furloughed her. Eventually she went back to work only for her manager to be such a pain that she had no other choice but to quit.
    Since then they only have one check coming in.
    To make matters worse my sister, her husband and the two kids have covid. I know the kids will not have the Christmas they were hoping to.

  • Sophia Saldivar

    Hey Courtney!
    Today, I’m nominating my mom. My parents closed their business in 2018 and finding work after was a struggle. When she decided to move forward with her baking and prepped family meals, COVID-19 happened. Then, in the middle of this, my 34 year old brother shatters his knee and needed round the clock care. She doesn’t hesitate to move in with him for 3 months! No work, no money but figuring it out each day. Then, her mom, my fabulous Grannie, fell and broke her hip. Again she stepped in. Now her days are full of therapy visits and ensuring three houses are maintained: food, laundry, and all the in between. Still not working, still trying to get back on her feet. And she doesn’t complain. I don’t know how she’s doing it and I guess that’s the talent of a mom – to hide the troubles, scares, and worries. Now, as I am expecting her first grandchild, she caters to me while I’m visiting from Dallas. It’s a mystery to me how she’s able to put gas in her car, food on the table, and pay her bills. She’s a magician but she more than that- she’s a mom.

  • Lauren

    I would spend this $ on my Mom who is always taking care of my grandparents and everyone else!

  • Debbie Dominguez

    AMAZING way to end your Kerrentlychristmas giveaways!!

  • Tamara

    Love this giveaway! 🖤

  • Kristen Reilly

    Great giveaway! 👏🏼🥰

  • Erin Brandel

    I would LOVE to nominate one of my best friends, Jolene. She’s a hair dresser, so for the better part of the year she wasn’t able to work due to COVID. Aside from that, she recently had a stroke, at 35-years-old. She is newly pregnant with their second child, and she can’t work due to issues with the stroke. She is so deserving of the $1,000 target gift card. Please choose her!

  • Jacqueline Carrasco

    Thank you so, so much for dedicating this to those in need. I am nominating my cousin Michael who is the bread winner for his family. He was furloughed and recently brought back to work thankfully but had his truck stolen (the family’s only car) from their apartment complex a few days ago. In their car, my god daughters car seat, diaper bag, stroller and other necessity items for her were taken. As well as all their intimate items including her baby shoes. She is two years old and this would go to replacing all of those items and purchasing new clothes for her since they are now saving or a new family car to make it to and from work.

    Praying they can win this so they have some relief from this unfortunate tragedy. Thank you again for doing this. ❤️

  • Sarah

    I’m nominating a friend whose husband physically assaulted her this past summer. Because they worked together and an order fir protection, which meant he could not be near her at home or work meant they lost their jobs. She is currently on public assistance and exhausted all her savings and retirement funds so she doesn’t foreclose on her house. This would mean a lot to her and her son.

  • Dennise Burke

    Merry Xmas!!! Nominated my friend Devin Elyse

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