12 Days of KERRently Christmas Day 6 Giveaway: Diamond Hoops from Diamonds Direct

When Kyle Noonan put a ring on it this past April, he opened my eyes to a new world I had never loved before: DIAMONDS!

Its safe to say that I have become one of Diamonds Direct’s best customers of 2020…I purchased some stackable rings to add to my hands, took gal pals in for a complimentary ring cleaning and encouraged them to purchase diamond huggies, & even picked up 3 matching diamond pinky rings for me & 2 of my best friends….the list goes on and on!

And now its time for me to pay it forward to one of you…& this giveaway is pretty spectacular, which is why it feels oh-so-right to share this on my birthday! Today’s winner will win these gorgeous 14 karat yellow gold diamond hoops that have a total carat weight of 0.75 carats! These are the most perfect hoop that can take you from day to night because they are dainty enough for everyday, but they’ve also got that “wow factor” for a night out! Me personally? I’d wear them every darn day!


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*Day 6 KERRently Christmas Giveaway is valued at $1320 & is open for 12 hours….from 12pmCST, December 17, 2020 through 12amCST, December 18, 2020. Exclusions: No returns or exchanges. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Giveaways are eligible to anyone, anywhere, inside or outside of the US. Winner will be contacted by KERRently!

  • Vania Walters

    Love this! Mama needs hoops so she can remember who she is. 😂

    • Monica

      Need!! Awesome!

    • Kristi

      Love these and Diamonds Direct! My engagement ring and band are from there!!

      • Valerie Hydrick

        These are amazing. After a crappy 2020
        like everyone else lost my job 30
        days ago. My birthday is 12/31 so this would be amazing. Thanks to you both for this opportunity.

    • Amy mills

      Ooohhh… So pretty!

    • Lds

      My ears love bling

    • Heather


      • Ashley

        Love these so pretty for the holidays!

    • Chandler Bryant

      Ooooo love!!! Such a fabulous give away!!

    • Amber Montelongo

      Beautiful!! 🥰😍✨💫

    • Abby Backlund

      Diamond hoops are a Christmas dream!!! Yes please!!

    • Stefani Kopenec

      These earrings would be a perfect finishing touch for just about any outfit! LOVE them! Happy Birthday! 🍾🎉🎂

    • Krissy Feuerhake

      HBD fellow Sag! Would love some bling to ring in the new year 🙂

    • Bailey Francis

      Love love love

    • Chelsey Newhouse

      Time to FROST yourself! 💎 It’s been way too long since I’ve seen some sparkles! Would love this!

    • Lana

      These are such a beautiful and generous gift! Thank you for hosting such a fun event for us to participate in! Fabulous items to look forward to every day but these are just stunning!!! They would really jazz up my “Volunteer” tee when I’m Fort Worth Animal Care and Control working with my orange dot crew dogs 😆 but really! I do wear things besides dog hair and tees! Lol

    • Kristen Searcy

      Omg I hope I’m not too late! It’s 11:58pm and I hadn’t had time earlier to do this! Beautiful earrings. Love love love!

    • Ashley Hamilton

      Gorgeous classics!!!! Love!

    • Cynthia

      Huggies earrings will be the perfect gift for me , will be like the light at the end of a túnel ,🔆🔆my ears will be hug with elegance and sparkle ❇️ I will get lots of compliments 🤗 a perfect way to end this crazy year. this beautiful earrings will be a reminder that 2020 wasn’t so bad at all !!

    • Taylor Sindelar

      Wow those are stunning. Thanks for sharing these lovely earrings with one lucky winner

  • Jamie Gorczynski


    • Jen

      Me please👀

    • Melissa York

      These would be my first diamonds ever!!! 😍😍😍 And Happy Birthday!!! 🎉🎊

  • Georgie Catron

    Wow. This would be amazing!! 💎

  • Jordan

    Happy holidays!

  • Kadie Driggers

    With my wedding being postponed this year, this would totally help not getting the additional sparkle that I would’ve/should’ve received 😉

    • Lauren

      These are stunning!! 😍

      • Lana Newberry

        These are such a beautiful and generous gift! Thank you for hosting such a fun event for us to participate in! Fabulous items to look forward to every day but these are just stunning!!! They would really jazz up my “Volunteer” tee when I’m Fort Worth Animal Care and Control working with my orange dot crew dogs 😆 but really! I do wear things besides dog hair and tees! Lol

  • Simran manm

    Love this

  • Krysta

    These are gorgeous!

  • Whitney M

    This one has been my favorite! Thank you for your generous gifts this year!

  • Annette

    Who doesn’t want to sparkle on Christmas 💎💎🛍

  • Jessica

    OMG OMG OMG!! Also, happy BIRTHDAY!

  • Andrea

    Thank you for such beautiful and thoughtful giveaways. These are absolutely stunning!

  • Alexas

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How special to GIVE a gift on your special day.

  • Valerie

    These are beautiful! 🤩💎

  • Katie Yow

    These earrings are absolutely STUNNING!!! Thank you for being so generous during the holidays!! 🙂

  • Bev Escobar

    I really want this!

  • Carlie Parrish

    Would LOVE these earrings!!! #KERRentlyChristmas

  • Annette

    Who doesn’t want to sparkle on Christmas 💎💎

  • Katie Greenwood

    The perfect earring!!! 🥰🥰

  • Michelle Rumley

    Happy birthday Courtney! Also, these would be great to wear everyday when I’m watching in a mask. Give the kids a reason to look up more 😜

  • MQS

    Oh my gorgeous! 😍 Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄

  • Chenette Cole

    Beautiful! My fave so far.

  • Lindsay boyer

    These are STUNNING!!

    • Karli Mizer

      Yesssss. A little sparkle to jazz up this Christmas would be nice ✨

  • Maribel

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Rebecca

    Stunning!! I need these! 💕

  • Megan Bachmann

    Gorgeous!! 💎

  • Lisa

    These are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Ali Paterno


  • Chenette Cole

    And most importantly, Happy Birthday Courtney! God bless.

  • Kelly Rensberger

    This would be an amazing gift to win to wear on my hopefully 🤞🏼Wedding day next year!

  • Rebecca

    Gorgeous!! I need these! 💕

  • Megan

    Gorgeous!! Love these!

    • Heather Lauderbaugh

      Bling bling baby!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Rebecca Bauer

    Love these earrings! Happy birthday, Courtney!!

  • Jayme Aills

    Happy birthday! This is the giveaway ive been waiting for!!!!!

  • Lauren Pence

    I love these! 💎

  • Janel

    Omg! Gorgeous!

  • Katherine Bower

    #KERRentlychristmas 💎 🙏🏻

  • Kristen Reilly

    Beautiful! What a great giveaway! Happy Burthday, hope you have a great day! ❤️

  • Erin Chesser

    With my 12/25 birthday, I’ll count the right ear for Christmas and the left ear for Birthday!

  • Michelle

    Amazing to say the least! Thank you for the opportunity! 💗

  • Denyne

    I love these!

  • Shannon Franco-Gallardo

    Would love these to add some SPARKLE!

  • Corie Clifton

    Happy Birthday!! What an awesome give away!!

  • Alyssa Haigood

    They’re beautiful!!

  • Amber Goynes

    Amazing! Sparkling magic ✨✨✨✨

  • Janet Barrera

    Love this! A diamond is a girl’s best friend!

  • Maggie Pieri

    Happy holidays and happy birthday!

  • Fiona Kelley

    Happy Birthday and thank you for the contest!

  • Kellen

    Happiest of Borthdays!!

  • Emily

    Gorgeous! Happy Birthday!!

  • Catherine Davis

    Wow!! I would never take these off lol. These are absolutely timeless 😍😍😍

  • Sabrina Cavazos

    Totally need these 😍

  • Madeline Roth Brons

    You’re giveaways are always amazing but this one definitely is at the top!!

  • Lindsey Harden

    Happy birthday!! I personally think these hoops would seem extra sparkly when I wore them out and about in the Tahoe snow!

  • kelly a


  • JenG

    So generous!!!!!

  • Becky Massengale

    Happy birthday!!!! This was worth the wait. Beautiful earrings and just the right size.

  • Katie Woodhouse

    Absolutely beautiful! Sparkle for CRNAS, Sparkle for frontliner, #KERRentlySparkling

  • Christine

    These are gorgeous! My engagement ring is from
    Diamonds direct. They’re awesome!

  • Heidi

    Such a good giveaway! I would wear the crap out of these!

  • Lauren

    These are beautiful!! Happy birthday!!

  • Kayla Altman

    LOVE 😍. We could use a sparkly Christmas!

  • Elizabeth Ridinger

    Would love to win this!

  • Jacqueline

    In love with these hoops! I would wear them everyday!

  • Jessica Burgess

    Yes!! Happy birthday!

  • Lauren

    Love these!!! Happy birthday!

  • Lauren C.

    They are beautiful! A single girl needs a little sparkle too 😍

  • Kennedy Abney

    Love, love, love! 😍 Happy Holidays!

  • Megan

    These are stunning!! 😍

  • Kim Kelley Bibby

    Wow! What an amazing gift these would make.

  • Demeriz McDonald

    Sparkle sparkle

  • Erin S.

    This is an amazing giveaway!! Would definitely make my holiday sparkly and bright 😍

  • Sarah

    I haven’t worn jewelry in SO long because my son used to just pull on it all haha I think it’s time to start again! So beautiful!

  • Maribel Guzman

    Omgoodness these are just too gorgeous!!! 😍😍😍

  • Kelly B

    Wow factor is spot on! What an amazing partnership and giveaway to end a crazy year.

  • Erica Kosemund

    This would really be the win to turn my year around!!

  • Cheyenne

    I’ve loved your posts with diamonds direct this year! These earrings are TDF!

  • Molly O

    This is an amazing giveaway!! 💙💎

  • Saher

    Wow!!!! What an amazing giveaway 🤗

  • Juliana Lauren

    Omg literally DYING over today’s giveaway!!😍 How kind!!! #KERRentlyChristmas

  • Ashly M Caffee

    Love you & Noonan so much! This mama is due any day now with our 4th and final little one and I truly can’t think of a better push present… unless you have a night nurse coming up in these giveaways . HAHA
    Thanks for all you do, Courtney!

  • Heidi Parks

    These look like the perfect little hoop!!

  • Melissa Marmion

    This would be the perfect pick me up for 2020!

    • Jennefer Botello

      I can already see myself wearing these! 💎 Also, the matching rings with besties is the perfect idea.

  • Vanessa

    Omg what a fabulous giveaway!! Who doesn’t need diamonds in their life!!!

  • Bernadette Turino

    Love these!!! Thanks for doing this! 💙

  • Amy

    What a sweet birthday gesture! This new Momma would love these earrings! Hope your birthday is wonderful!

  • Nicole Baisden

    I would cry 😭🤩😭🤩 these are stunning!!!! Fingers are crossed… so hard!!!! The perfect hoop 😍🎅🏼🤩

  • Erin Miller

    Those are so beautiful!

  • Alessandra Adamo

    Oh my gorgeousness! Have been dreaming of real gold and diamond hoops for years and have been meaning to look at this company because of your incredible posts! These are going to make someone very happy!

  • Julianna Lewis

    Beautiful!!!!! Would be so grateful for these!!!!

  • Anastasia Potter

    Love these!! 💎💎

  • Kayce W

    Happy Birthday! Hope it is a wonderful day and blessing for the coming year!

  • Erika Buenrostro

    Need! 💎💎 #KERRentlychristmas

  • Sharon Leslie

    What a year! A pandemic, multiple children moving home, a major health diagnosis, a knee replacement and on and on. Could use some sparkle right now!!

    • Sharon L

      Oh, and most importantly, Happy Birthday!!! We must celebrate every precious moment!! Have an amazing day!! 🎂😊🎉🎊🥂

  • Amanda Walker

    Love your blog!! You are THE OG. Sparkle baby!

    • Amanda Walker

      (almyffinsta)–my fashion only IG (and some food!)

  • heather greeson

    Wow. Beautiful!

  • Arianne Stuerzel

    Squeeee! Shiny things to add some sparkle to a blah year!
    BTW, you’re a goddess! Love your page ✌🏼 💎

  • Nicole Reyes

    Omg!!! These would be so amazing!!!! Happy birthday by the way!!! Mines tomorrow 🤩 #KERRentlyChristmas

  • Adriana Garcia

    I think my ears need to be wearing them beauties!!! LOL

  • Katie Sullivan

    Would make my Christmas for sure!

  • Cynda

    Oh my goodness!! These are so beautiful!! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!! #kerrentlychristmas

  • Rosemary Compton

    Nothing beats a sparkly #KERRentlyChristmas Giveaways day!!

  • Kelly

    Diamonds! Never a bad gift. Gorgeous.

  • Amy Lou Carothers


  • Mattie McCarthy

    So gorgeous!

  • Daisy Beisler

    Diamonds really are a girls best friend… and well I’d be happy to make these my new bestie 😍

  • Amanda Payne

    The perfect everyday hoop and the perfect everyday way to wear diamonds. As if there was an inappropriate way to wear diamonds!

  • Michelle Anderson

    That photo of you is beyond gorgeous! Those earrings are stunning!

  • Natasha Crane

    Now that’s how we wrap up 2020!!

  • Kylee Armstrong

    The most PERFECT giveaway! ✨


    These are stunning pieces. Diamonds are a girls best friend. KERRently sparkling!! I would love to gift these to my mother!!

  • Tanya Wright

    Absolutely gorgeous !!

  • Lane

    Love!! #kerrentlychristmas

  • Caitlin Siegfried

    Obsessed!! So gorgeous!! #KERRentlyChristmas

  • Errica Williams-Henke

    Diamonds are a girls best friend! 💎💎💎

  • Zaynah

    They are beautiful!!! Happy birthday!!!

  • Denise

    I’ve had my eye on these! LOVE!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Jesse Meyer

    Love these! Happy happy birthday!

  • Jesse Meyer

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Kristin

    Love these! So beautiful!!❤️

  • Laura Gibson

    Obsessed, need these in my life! Happiest of birthdays!

  • Kaitlyn

    So excited for this giveaway. Diamond huggie earrings were on my Christmas list but these ones are even more magical than the ones I wanted.

  • Emily DeCuir

    These earrings are gorgeous!! I would wear them all the time! Love!! Happy birthday Courtney!

  • Amy aelorni

    You’re fabulous! Happy FABulous Birthday!

  • Blair McNamara

    These are so beautiful!!

  • Cynthia Raef

    Gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

  • Alexandra Streuber

    Stunning as ever! Oh – and the earrings are gorgeous too. So thankful you give back during this time! xoxoxo

  • Paula Aveni

    Beautiful love it

  • Sophia Saldivar

    Happy birthday!! Hope it’s the best one yet!!
    I’m a hoop girl and these are a must have!!

  • Cynthia West

    Those are beautiful!🤩

  • Bailey Smith

    Oooo I love these. My mom would love these as a gift!

  • Amy Cummings

    You are a lifesaver Courtney Kerr! Been following you since most eligible Dallas and don’t know where I’d be without your beauty and fashion links 😉 fell in love with you during an episode of most eligible Dallas during the episode when you commented about ladies wearing high heels and bikinis 😂 “this lovely wrap bought me a wedge”

  • Natalie Ostrander

    Sparkly diamonds? Yes please!

  • Kimberly Prejean

    Love these!

  • Meredith

    What beautiful earrings!!

  • Heather Waters

    Need!!! 💎

  • Meredith Kee

    Love them!

  • Jessica Hansen-Frazer

    These look amazing!

  • Kelly Kokoszyba

    These are Stunning Courtney!! HBD!!

  • Ashley

    These are stunning!! I need these in my life 🤩

  • Amanda Brown

    I’ve always wanted some nice jewelry but have never pulled the trigger. These are gorgeous!! What a fabulous giveaway!

  • Lea

    STUNNING earrings! I need them in my life. 🙂

  • coby byerly

    I was just telling my son when he is ready to propose he needs to go to Diamonds Direct

  • Elizabeth Vance

    Gorgeous!! Need more diamonds in my life!!

  • Lisa Z

    Love these!!

  • Kate E Look

    Love this! Would be a perfect “treat myself” gift!

  • Leslie Foster

    All I want for Christmas…. 💎🤗 Gorg!

  • Leslie Foster

    All I want for Christmas… 💎🤗 Gorg!

  • Gabi

    Oh my goodness those are SO PRETTY!!!

  • Shelby


  • Andrea Jones

    These are beyond gorgeous!
    You are killing it with #KERRentlyChristmas!

  • Cara B

    My position was eliminated with my company due to stupid CoVid, so I could ummmmm def use some extra sparkle in my life this season! ✨🥰 Would weerrrkkkk it on my next zoom interview! 🙊🙌🏻

  • Meghan N

    Gorgeous! Happy birthday, beauty!

  • Melissa

    Very excited about gold and diamonds!

  • Rachel

    Diamonds! Yes please.

  • Debbie Dominguez

    Happy Birthday Courtney! What a beautiful giveaway today 💎💎 thank you!

  • Kristen M

    Love these and your giveaways! ❤️❤️

  • Kelsey Veldhuizen

    Such gorgeous earrings!!!

  • Larissa


  • LEE Haun


  • Michele Bolton

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CK! What a beautiful, stunning gift! Thank you for your giving heart!

  • Allison

    So pretty! 😍 This COVID bride could use some diamond earrings. 💕

  • Kristen Ford

    Happy birthday to you Courtney! Thanks for all the inspiration & this fun giveaway 🎁

  • Kelly Sehulster

    Loving the sparkle on these hoops! Gorgeous!! Can’t go wrong with diamonds!! #kerrently #diamondsdirect #kerrentlychristmas

  • Jaclyn Nathanson

    Love these! Perfect touch of sparkle and size for all year round.

  • Kailee Kolade

    Beautiful!!! And happiest of birthdays to you!

  • sally criswell

    Gorgeous Courtney! Happy birthday honey! 🥂

  • Hillary

    Gorgeous Courtney! Thank you for always sharing wonderful and fun content! Happy Birthday!

  • Tara

    Oh my goodness I need these in my life.

  • Adrienne S.

    Love these and would LOVE to win!

  • Kelsey Cook

    These are so pretty!!! 💎 Happy Birthday!! 🎁

    #kerrently #diamondsdirect #KERRentlyChristmas


  • Madi T

    Happy birthday Courtney!!🍾
    I love the items you have this Kerrently Christmas!🎄i’ve been looking for a update pair of gold hoops and these are beautiful!

  • Kate Calder

    Happy Birthday, Courtney!! Hope Mr. Noonan has been paying attention to your wishlist at Diamonds Direct!

  • Josie Keathley

    A dream come true this would be!!

  • Lacey

    Love these!!

  • Roxie Montalvan

    I love these!! Thank you so much for the giveaways you do!

  • Samantha

    Absolutely LOVE Diamonds Direct! The staff is so accommodating and they always offer to complimentary clean my jewelry 😍

  • Jill

    Absolutely stunning! I’ve been dreaming about some bling this year!

  • Amber Olason

    Oh my gosh! I love them 😍

  • Tanya

    These would be amazing everyday earrings! And who doesn’t love diamonds 💎🔥😍

  • Melissa

    Gorgeous classic earrings.

  • Dane Pratt

    Yay! Happy birthday and Happy Holidays!!

  • Caymen

    Yes!!! Mama wants to get herself her own push present!

  • Kristin Conte

    Love. Love. I’m going to keep entering till I win something!! Lol

  • Caymen Keen

    Yes! Mama wants to get herself her own push present!

  • Lindsey Akin

    These are stunning! Thank you for always giving back to your readers!

  • Mary Horan

    These earrings are so beautiful! Sadly earring options have become limited since having a baby this year and all he likes to do is pull! 🤣 This is a great (and very thoughtful) giveaway gift!! 💖

  • Alessandra Nolan

    Omg so gorgeous!!!! 💎

    Happy birthday 🎂 !!!!!

  • Lauren Wuthrich

    Happy Birthday. These are beautiful!

  • Theresa Kelly

    Happy Birthday🎂. Beautiful diamonds! Love following your posts! XOXO

  • Jessica H

    yes please! ✨🥰💕🤞

  • Steph G

    I need some sparkle in this year!

  • Jessica Hath

    HBD!! Congrats! These are GORG! ✨🤞💕

  • Jacinda C.

    Happiest Birthday, Courtney! I would love for Santa to place these under the tree for me this year! Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway! <3

  • Adrianne Valdez

    Happy Birthday Courtney Kerr!!!

  • Dayna P.

    These are so pretty!! <3

  • Lindsey Akin

    Generous giveaway! Thank you for always giving back to your readers!

  • Stefanie

    These are gorgeous!

  • Pam Boyd

    Happy birthday! Would love these hoops

  • Stefanie B.

    These are gorgeous!

  • Christy deClairmont

    Happy Birthday, Courtney!! Hope you have a sparkly day!! Thank you for putting together this generous giveaway.

  • Kelsey S


  • Marcy Taylor

    So beautiful! ❤️💎

  • Lindsey

    STUNNING 🤩💎💕

  • Shauna

    Loveeeeee 😍😍😍
    Happy happy birthday!!

  • Jessica Moore

    Omg I soooooo need these earrings ! Ahhhhh

  • Kimberly

    Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to YOU!

  • Aurora Cassidy

    Diamonds (Direct) are a girls best friend!!

  • Alison Hendrickx

    YESSSSSS please! Diamonds are a girls best friend! 💎

  • Kandi Ames

    I’M GONNA NEED THESE BITCHES ASAP MMMMMK?! Or else my poor husband is going to suffer.

  • Linda Cordray

    Obsessed with these!

  • Maura Spindola


  • Julie

    I absolutely love these!! So pretty!

  • kara l r

    I seriously thought you were going to say they accidentally gave you something kyle was surprising you with! those huggies are gorgeous

  • Robin

    I love diamonds!!!

  • Amy mills

    Ooohhh… So pretty!

  • Krista Lee

    These are gorgeous!! #kerrentlychristmas

  • Aubrey Meyer

    Diamonds are a girls best friend 💋 that and your dog! #KERRentlyChristmas

  • Belen Torchetti


  • Courtney Moore

    I really need these beauties in my life! 💎💎💎

  • Kendra

    Absolutely gorgeous! The perfect accessory to wear on the first day day of my new gig!

  • Kristin

    You’re the MVP of Christmas – these are stunning! 😍

  • AlLison terrell

    I need These!!!!! #KERRentlyChristmas

  • Miranda Gilbert

    Why yes I need these earrings!! Followed all directions on the post to win. 🙂

  • Katie

    Gorgeous earrings! What a great giveaway!

  • Stephanie

    Need! 😍

  • Taryn Babayan

    We need as much sparkle as 2020 can give us… and then rock it in 2021! 😍✨

  • Lisa

    Everyone needs a little sparkle 💎

  • Adrienne

    Wow what a lifetime piece these would be!

  • Madison

    I watched your engagement happen on Martini Monday and I’ve watched every Monday SINCE! 🤍

  • Lauren Pendarvis

    Us December babies love to sparkle! Love them! Need them!

  • Audrey Munoz

    Dear Santa,
    These would be perfect! 💗
    Ps. I’m on the nice list in case you forgot.

  • Celina


  • Maleah

    Love love love Diamonds Direct! My husband picked out my engagement ring and wedding band there and his wedding band! And hopefully future gifts 😬

  • Alek_Sandra

    If 2020 has any chance at making it… it’s this giveaway!!! 😍😍

  • Leah C

    So beautiful!!!! Need these for Christmas

  • Megan Garcia


  • Kerstie Clark

    So beautiful!!! 😍😍😍

  • Erica Hoffmann

    Who doesn’t need sparkle?!

  • Erica Hoffmann

    I love some sparkle!

  • Brittany Lloyd

    Please please please!!! 🤩

  • Bailey

    These are stunning!! What an amazing and insane giveaway! Why not try to own your first diamonds as a Courtent Kerr give away!? 😘🤩

  • Elizabeth Scher

    Loooooooooove! Need all that gorgeous bling!

  • Jocelyn Magnifico

    These are absolutely stunning!!!!they’d make a great gift for my mama!

  • Ara Burton

    Love Diamonds Direct!! They’re always so helpful.

  • Gabrielle Hubler

    Absolutely stunning! Would love to add some diamonds to my wardrobe! ❤️💎 #kerrentlychristmas

  • Alison C

    This are the perfect pop of sparkle for both night and day… LOVE them!

  • Stacy

    These are stunning!!

  • Ara Burton

    Happy Happy Birthday!!

  • Ashley Akins Dodd

    Beautiful! Love this Giveaway!

  • Nicole Gallego

    OMG! So generous and beautiful! I would love to win!

  • Kelly

    Omg I freaking NEED!!!

  • Jill G

    Diamonds are a girls best friend! Love!!!

  • Kara

    Happy Birthday!!! Gorg earrings!

  • Katie Vu-Duc

    This is such an incredible giveaway! Happy birthday!!

  • Danika Sancho

    These are perfect!! 😍

  • Lauren McDonald

    Stunning!!! ✨

  • Gina Verticchio

    I need these in my life! Love them!

  • Allison

    What a perfect Christmas gift to me! 😉

  • Heather Robbins


  • Johannah

    These are amazingly beautiful and I don’t blame you for wanting to wear them everyday!

  • Kassie Cessna

    i need for my wedding since I just got

  • Emily H

    Love these so much!! Have followed you for a long time and I don’t get tired of your feed 🥰

  • Ruby Nunez

    Love you and these earrings! They’re perfect for Christmas and everyday! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Roni

    Beautiful sparkly things! A girl’s best friend, right?

  • Stephanie

    Stunning! ✨

  • Emily Collins

    Yowza, these are gorgeous! Happy birthday Courtney!!!

  • Marisa

    These would be such an amazing gift to end this financially, physically and mentally difficult year.

  • Kara Petrisko

    2020 needs some sparkle! Sign me up! 😍 PS- Happy Birthday!

  • Lindsay D

    Love Diamonds Direct!! They made my engagement ring too & those huggies are perfect!!

  • Mychellya shadle

    I want to be “dashing” through the snow with these beautiful earrings!

  • Megan schwan

    OMG how generous- these are gorgeous and I would love to win these!!

  • Amanda E

    Would love to have these, absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Megan schwan

    Happy birthday Queen 🐝

  • Casey Hastrich

    Loving this! #kerrentlychristmas bringing joy to quarantine!

  • Natalie

    Happy Birthday!!! 🎉

  • Bailee

    Omg love 💗

  • Sara G

    Happy birthday!! The sparkle is REAL!

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    Happy Birthday to the Christmas giveaway QUEEN!!! I would die if I won’t anything. Plus it took me so long to figure out how to post this comment that I feel like I should win on that basis 🤣 lol jk good luck and happy holidays everyone!!!

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  • Summer G

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