My love for MacKenzie-Childs runs deep.

You’ve seen me head to their design headquarters in New York with my mom HERE, I’ve entertained & created many tablescapes with them HERE, and I’ve even stirred up a Halloween cocktail with them HERE. Their signature black & white Courtly Check pattern is highly recognizable, & even a home decor status symbol! (I mean, we’ve all seen the MacKenzie-Childs teapot on Kris Jenner’s stove in KUWTK, haven’t we?!)

I knew I wanted them to be part of my 12 Days of KERRently Christmas Giveaways, but this year I wanted to put a fun spin on it! There are a handful of MC items that I truly can’t live without: whether I am using them everyday, or they are focal pieces in my home, or even kitchen items I reach for when I am entertaining….these items get lots of love! And I knew if I loved them this much, then you would too!

12 Days of KERRently Christmas Day 2 Giveaway winner will win a MacKenzie-Childs Houndstooth Throw Blanket, a MacKenzie-Childs Dog Leash, a MacKenzie-Childs Dog Collar, 2 MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Dog Bowls, & a MacKenzie-Childs Everything Bowl!

You have 5 ways to enter, which are listed below! You can do all 5 or just 1…but completing all 5 entries obviously gives you more chances to win!

1. Follow @kerrently on Instagram.

2. Follow @mackenziechilds on Instagram.

3. Leave a comment on today’s giveaway Instagram post using the hashtag #KERRentlyChristmas.

4. Tag a friend on that same Instagram post who would also love to win this giveaway!

5. Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post!

Good Luck!

*Day 2 KERRently Christmas Giveaway runs from 12amCST, December 11, 2018 through 11:59pmCST, December 11, 2018. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Must live in the US to be eligible to win. Winner will be contacted by KERRently & their name will be published at the bottom of this post.

Photos by Danielle Sabol



  • Saher

    So cute!!!!!

  • Katey L.

    Adore the dog items!!

  • Heather Johnson

    I love this time of year and your giveaways ! Such great gift ideas too!

  • Brandie

    Her pieces are so dreamy and unless they come to HomeGoods, out of my budget 🙂 What an exciting treat this would be

  • Shannon Lemley

    Love this soo cute!!!

  • Tiffany White

    I need this for my new apartment! Merry Christmas Courtney!

  • Kelsey Balch

    Love this giveaway!

  • Lauren Potts


  • Hannah

    What an awesome giveaway!!!!!! I have slowly been collecting MC pieces but that blanket and all of the dog accessories are so cute!! My dog Stella would love to have those items!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Love love love!!! 🖤

  • Sierra Rodriguez

    Omg I need these in my life!!!


    LOVE LOVE LOVE Mackenzie-Childs! And a puppy is in my near-future!

  • Kelly Diehl

    Live this giveaway!! Hope to win!!

  • Rene Marler

    This giveaway is good stuff

  • Sara Barnard

    This is such a generous gift. All the pieces are so beautiful and the black and white is iconic. ❤️

  • Callie Redden

    My mom and I LOVE Mackenzie Childs! I would love to gift her the blanket and/or Everything Bowl!

  • Breanna Hesser

    Nothing like MC decor! All I want for christmas ▪️▫️▪️▫️🎅🏻🎄

  • LeslieSharp

    New pupper st the Sharp house, holding off buying the dog bowls in hopes we win! 😍😉

  • Christy

    Love the black and white!

  • Lindsey Flowers

    Love black and white!! Mackenzie Childs courtly check is my fave!! 🖤🖤🖤

  • Kelly

    This would be a perfect gift for my sister!!!’

  • Ashley Camarillo

    I’ve always loved Mackenzie-Child’s & my dog Cannon girl would LOVE some new bowls! 🙂

  • Bianca Andrea

    love this set and my dachshund would love new bowls and leash!

  • Katherine

    So cute!

  • Lindsey Flowers

    Love black and white!! Mackenzie Childs courtly check is my fave!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Amanda

    My rescues would love to eat in style ♥️🎂🐶

  • Mary Rooke

    This is perfect for Alfie!! What a great giveaway!

  • Danielle Boroughs

    Black and White everything! Love it, gotta have it!

  • Tracy DeWeese

    Both me and my pup would love to win!

  • amy

    oh, i NEED to win this one!

  • Erica Gilbert

    These bowls are amazing! I would use them daily too!

  • Jennie Campbell


  • Lauren

    What an awesome assortment of goodies! Need that blanket and Everything bowl!!!

  • Stacy wall

    Perfect gift for our Sweet Mammy!!

  • Danielle

    I love all the MacKenzie products! They are so classic!

  • Kelly

    LOVE!!! My mom filled our childhood home with Maxkenzie-Childs for the last 35 years. For me, it feels cozy, familiar, and like home. I would LOVE to bring more of this into my surroundings and have my baby grow up with nostalgia for this brand. This giveaway is amazing!! #KERRentlychristmas

  • Michelle

    I love these MC pieces and would love to have a collection as big as yours! My rescue pit Asher would love those bowls!

  • Megan Crowley

    Love these products sooo much! Everything is adorable and just love this 12 days of KERRently Christmas because I just love Courtney Kerr!!

  • Victoria

    I love all things Mackenzie Childs, just such classic pieces. ♥️

  • Selena White

    Love love love love!

  • Sarah Limon

    This giveaway is so cute!!! If I win I will gift these items to my brother and soon to be sister in law. They recently got the cutest Goldendoodle puppy, Lucy!!!

  • Jennifer Hale

    Love MC!!

  • Victoria

    I love all things Mackenzie Childs! Such classic pieces with a touch of whimsy! ♥️

  • Brianna

    This Mackenzie Childs Giveaway is 🔥🔥🔥 I would love to add these LOVELY pieces to my kitchen

  • Kyli Childers

    I love these!!!! The would look adorable in my new dog room for my golden!!!!

  • Ashley

    All this stuff is so cute and classic!

  • Gladys Salazar

    Love Mackenzie Childs fabulous products great to spice up your kitchen and home decor. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kristina

    LOVE MacKenzie child’s and would love to spoil my furr babies with some swag this year!! I have two French bulldogs and just saw you were gifted an English! I can’t wait to watch bossy and fancy become best of friends. XOXO

  • Katir

    Yassssss Giveaway❤️

  • Stephanie

    Loving all these awesome pieces 😍 ig name: @step_on_me8

  • Jordan Perkins

    Wow! Love the black and white pattern! So fun!

  • Heidi W.

    Oh man! My Dobie would look SOO cute in this collar 😍!!

  • Gladys Salazar

    Love Mackenzie Childs products beautiful to spice up any kitchen and home decor. 💞

  • Andrea

    So cute! I love her design and have been wanting some of her pieces! Merry Christmas!

  • Brandy Satterwhite

    I would love to win this!! And my dog would love the leash and bowls! Perfect Christmas gift Courtney! 💕

  • Brianna

    Omg absolutely LOVE Mackenzie Childs!!!

  • Jennifer Johnson-Kurth

    These would be the best gift’s for the BFF and her old and new pup! So stinking cute!!!

  • Brenda M.

    Beautiful – love the pattern.

  • Alison

    Dreams do come true right? Would love some Mackenzie Childs ❤️❤️

  • Catherine Walsh


  • Michele Dasch

    Love, love, love❣💗🏁 This pattern though is to die for. New fav❣

  • Audra Coston

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    Not only would this be an amazing gift for me but also for our fur babies!!! #KERRentlyChristmas ❤️🐶🏁

  • Jenna Dye

    Black and white courtly check is what dreams are made of!!! 😍 Solid giveaway girl!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 🎄🏁🏁

  • Lexi Macdonald

    You are perfect and so are these black and white bowls and blanket! Have been obssssed with you forever!!

  • Chanler Melton

    Black and white are the perfect combination!! ❤️

  • Madison Richardson

    What an amazing treat this would be for our home, and also our fur babies!!! ❤️🐶🏁

  • Jenna Thomas


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    Have always wanted to have some Mackenzie Childs in my life! 🤞🏻

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  • Adrienne Jubb

    Would be perfect in our kitchen!

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    I love it! So cute.

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    I love your blog and MacKenzie Child’s!

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    So cute! I love the Courtly Check pattern, it’s so versatile. I know my pups would love to rock some Courtly Check too 🐾🏁

  • Bethany Walter

    Prior to you and two of my friends that are from upstate New York I didn’t know what Mackenzie-Childs was. Now I’m obsessed and need all the serving plates in it!

  • Mallory

    The dog bowls are everythingggg 😍

  • Krystina Johnson

    STAAAP I love anything black and white! 🎄 Perfect present to myself. 😎

  • Georgina

    Every girl and her fur baby needs some Mackenzie Childs in their life!

  • Abbey Travelstead

    I’m getting a dog in the new year and this would be PERFECT to pamper him!! 🥰😍 thank you for offering an amazing giveaway.

  • Jessica

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  • Crystal Kirby

    Love the black & white checks! You have the best style!

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    I love Mackenzie Childs so much! I wish I were rich so I could buy the whole line! Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway!!!

  • Whitney

    Cozy blanket fanatic right hurrrr! 🖤

  • cynthia markham

    I feel like I won yesterday’s first day of christmas, but just in case I would be beyond stoked to finally have some Machenzie to display! Not sure if I would let my dog use those bowls or if I would keep for myself 🙂

  • Alex Benton

    To die for!! Such great items, always a classic feel that you can make your own.

  • Mandie Klein

    I bleed black and white Courtley Check ❤️

  • Lindsey Harris

    So cute! I need it all!

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    I’m thinking my puppy would try to steal the blanket as well!! Would adore this giveaway!

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    One of the best giveaways I’ve seen this holiday season! I love everything MacKenzie -Childs does, they can do no wrong.

  • KtotheLA504

    This would be the cutest for the new puppy we are getting for our dad for his retirement!!!

  • Christy Hunt

    I would love to win this to gift it to my friend. They lost their home and everything. It would really put some cheer in the Holidays! I love your 12 days of Christmas .

  • Christy

    I would love to gift this to my friend who lost everything. I love when you do the giveaways . This one is very special. Merry Christmas.

  • Nicole

    Black and white checkered is the color of my soul. XOXO

  • Taylorhodgesm

    Would love to win this for my pup Lucy and my new home!!

  • Erica Hoffmann

    Love love Mackenzie Child’s, and you!

  • Raquel Sanders

    Oh I so need this in my life 🖤 Of course you of all do the best Giveaways ! #KERRentlyChristmas 🎅🏼

  • Danielle

    My pups are so spoiled! They would love these items and I would thoroughly enjoy the everything bowl and the wrap.

  • Mycah Hamilton

    Would love to win this for my puppers #KERRentlyChristmas

  • Kate

    I freaking love that you paired up with MC for a giveaway! Epic that your giving it away since Bossy just joined you & Fancy! Keep us posted on how Fancy is doing with Bossy. I would love these for my pups!!!! 🖤

  • Kathya D

    WOW! My dog needs these!! This is awesome.

  • Ashlyn

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    Love all the items especially the Everything Bowl. Completed all entries IG: alinapicazo

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    Great items indeed. And that jacket you are wearing…WOWZA! IG: seanrconn

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    I LOVE Mackenzie Child’s!!! My pup would be stylin’!

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    I want the throw!!

  • Erica Yamamoto

    Obviously I would be ecstatic if I won. Which is highly unlikely considering I’m not that lucky, but…. since I am taking the time to leave a comment for my entry. I just want to shout out to Courtney for being such an awesome animal lover. Warms my heart to see people adopting not shopping. Congratulations on your new addition Bossy. Fancy will always be Bitch #1. Lol.

  • Julie O'Donnell

    ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful black and white!

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    So great, excited for giveaways, what a great product!

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    I WANT THIS BLANKET! I literally cannot have enough blankets, especially ones as fabulous as this one 😉

  • Shari

    I have the perfect black dachshund puppy-Cocoa Bean, for all the puppy accessories! I love all things Mackenzie Childs and would appreciate the additions to my small collection! Merry Christmas! #thismissourigirllovesmackenziechilds

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    These are so cute! Wish I had some Mackenzie Childs pieces to make Korea feel like home this Christmas! ❤️

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    I want this badly!! So cute & matches all of my decor… 🙌🏻 Love you Courtney Kerr!! 🥰

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    Classic and timeless

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  • latanya

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  • Latanya

    I left a comment on your IG post

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  • Latanya

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  • Stephanie Siller

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    I 🖤 Mackenzie Childs Courtly Check! My pups Higgins & Ladybug would L🖤ve the dog bowls and leashes! Merry Christmas!

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    No better way to celebrate yourself this Christmas then with some MC Courtly check! 🤣😍

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    This is so freaking cute! I have been seeing her pieces but love that she is giving us stuff for our animal BABBIES!!!

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    Good luck y’all

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