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Dress: Iris & Ink; Tights: SPANX; Heels: Christian Louboutin; Necklace: Bauble Bar; Earrings: Gorjana; Monogram Cuff: Thank you, Accessory Concierge! (Its monogrammed with the date that “Courtney Loves Dallas premiered, 12.05.13!); Cone Cuff: C.Wonder; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire; Watch: Michael Kors

Can I brag for a second?!

I must say, 2013 has been one hell of a ride.  Its been a whirlwind that I never could have prepared for, and I have had one too many OMG moments to remember!  One of the coolest aspects of this past year is that I have gotten to meet some PRETTY AWESOME WOMEN….women who either I look up to or have admired for a long time. Jenny McCarthy and I had a moment in February 2013 that involved some pretty loud laughter and inappropriate humor (ummm, hello, soul sister/spirit animal/BFF), and then there was Whoopi Goldberg in December of 2013 who complimented my Valentino shoes (totally makes the purchase worth it now!)…..

But there was one woman who I got to meet in 2013 who absolutely took my breath away….a woman who I admire so much….a woman who has taken opportunities and turned them into a thriving business and a brand….and a woman who stands her ground and doesn’t take “no” for an answer….Ms. Bethenny Frankel.

Getting to go on her talk show as a guest was a dream come true. I can only hope to cross paths with her again in the future, pick her brain even more, and tell her thank you for inspiring me to bust my ass and work hard everyday.

Is there a woman in particular who inspired you in 2013?


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  • Sophia Sanchez

    I just wanted to stop by and say what a big fan I am. I’m originally from Chicago & have recently moved to South Texas (where my family is originally from) & I’ve just launched my own fashion & lifestyle blog. You are such an inspiration, a great role model and if I can achieve even half of your success as a blogger, I will consider myself blessed. I love everything you represent… and on top of it you are beautiful and have an amazing eye for fashion. Many blessings to you in the New Year!

  • Melody Sours

    The woman who most inspired me this year was… wait for it… YOU. I admire the way you speak your mind, go for what you want but still keep that charm us Dallas women are known for. I look forward to what you’ll say (and lets face it, equally importantly wear) on The Broadcast daily. You’ve inspired me to be more daring in life and on my blog. I can’t wait to see what exciting things you do in 2014! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Tiffany Elam

    Honestly, I’d say you’ve inspired me. What would Courtney wear has become my daily mantra when getting dressed each morning. You’ve inspired me to not give up on my blog & that one day, my dream of working in the fashion industry is possible. Keep doing what you do girl. Happy New Year’s!!

  • Kendra

    You have inspired me! The way you dress is inspiring, and the way you put outfits together is inspiring! Love ya girl

  • Amanda Elizabeth

    I agree Bethenny is amazing! Courtney the way yup speak your mind is inspiring! Cheers to 2014! Meet @ the Barre

  • Jenny

    I hate to be a bandwagon Betty, but you have been my inspiration this year! I have never even followed a blog before, and is check your daily. You have helped awaken my tired ass closet, and made me realize when you look good, you feel good! You are tenacious, hilarious, and seem downright fun to be around! As a fellow saggie, I get your drive, and have only one complaint- I am so jealous of your closet! If you are ever in Santa Barbara, me and my girls will show you how we do on the west coast!

  • kokoshell

    I just think you are adorable and strong and I love your new show–was happy to see you back on Bravo! Keep up the good work/honestly and funny wit!

  • She Rocks Fitness

    Bethenny ROCKS and how she built her brand from the ground up has been truly amazing! I love her know “BS” balls to the wall attitude. She’s also pretty damn funny. Here’s to a ROCKIN’ 2014 and Happy New Year!

  • Cortney

    You have also inspired me. I absolutely love fashion! Since I am an educator, it can be difficult to be fashionable while maintaining a professional aura. I’m inspired to develop a blog which showcases how to be a young, fashionable professional. Any suggestions?!

  • Ellie

    You! I have written you an email on how you have really turned my year around. Thank you!

  • Kristi

    I’d have to say I just met a woman at our new church who just has that inspirational way of living and I know I’m going to be blessed by getting to know her better in 2014. And yes, you Courtney! I live in a small town in Eastern WA state and I miss my Dallas a lot. I confess I didn’t know about your blog until I read about it on Bravo and saw your show. (like I said I’m in a small town!) I immediately signed up to receive it and am so glad you are back and we can follow you and your show. I love it. I’m going to have to look up The Broadcast online and get it together now! I love your fashion and I wanted to reach through the T.V. and slap the makeup on the guy in NYC during Fashion Week. I love your best friend for speaking what we were all thinking and LOVED what you were wearing and bringing class to Fashion Week. Love your style and keep it classy! Here’s to a great 2014!

    • Kristi

      I know it isn’t very Christian to want to slap anyone but he made me really upset!

  • Eden

    I had played around with a blog a couple of years ago but just couldn’t come up with a real purpose for it! I spent all year trying to figure out a way to set myself apart and achieve my dreams of becoming a stylist! Well…my best friend introduced me to your show and blog and I immediately got that motivation I needed!
    Lauren Conrad has always been an inspiration of mine! She has such an effortless style and has always kept it real!! Now I can add you to that list!! I couldn’t have learned about you at a better time in my life….when I really needed that extra push to not give up on myself!! Well and not to mention you are absolutely hilarious…and I want to be friends with you and Tori!! Wishing you a wonderful 2014!! 🙂

  • Jo Perez

    This may sound silly but the woman who has inspired me the most this year is myself. I have faced many obstacles this year and manage to come through smiling.

    On a separate note, Courtney you are just adorable. I was so happy to hear that you would be back on television with your own show. Your smile and laughter are infectious and I look forward to Thursdays when I can hear it. I am working on getting my body back this year (starting Focus T25 on Monday) and even though I am older, I look forward to having a body that might actually look decent in some of the beautiful clothes that you wear.

  • Ashtynn

    A blog -keeper should post daily and respond to threads…you do neither….why not?
    You talk about how busy you are, yet there are only weekly (maybe twice weekly, tho rare) posts.
    Your outfits are quite pedestrian/’mall girl’, not at all fashion-y.
    You couldn’t be cuter, tho– I just wish you would ‘own this space’ better— you could be a star!

    • Courtney

      Thanks for your comment! I never knew there were “rules” about how often one should post? I post when I feel inspired…unlike alot of bloggers who are doing paid posts and posting disingenuous content. The holidays have been a busy time, and you are correct, I have not posted alot lately…primarily because I am busy with other projects (not just a blogger)….I host a daily live television show in dallas, am working on a book, and have taken some personal time to regroup for the new year! But thank you for the feedback and expect lots of new content over the next couple of weeks! xo

    • Tara

      I’m pretty sure having your own show on Bravo makes you a “star.” Also, myself and many others love Courtney’s style… not at all “mall girl.” And there are no rules in blogging, that’s what’s so cool about it. Keep up the good work Courtney!


    • Robyn

      Guh this makes my head hurt. Not to take away from the incredible high-fashion blogs out there, but they just are not my thang (and I live in NYC but hello – have a non-fashiony job and can’t wear 7 inch glitter heels to work!). One of the reasons I ADORE this blog is because it highlights outfits that are gorg but REAL. I can actually wear those boots and that top without my boss reminding me that while I look like I’m 12, I’m still an assistant dean at a college and have to dress like one (oops).

      Keeping doing your thing xx

  • Ashtynn

    Also, a true bloggist posts the good comments and the challenging ones– your ‘moderator’ is quite selective!

    • Courtney

      This is MY SITE run by ME. On the daily, I receive SEVERAL hateful, impolite, hurtful, and downright rude comments from complete strangers. I leave the ones that are constructive criticism and yes, I do moderate and delete the ones that that I don’t think are kind.

      But once again, I am allowed to do that because this is MY PLACE OF INSPIRATION…..and hate is not something that I want trolling in my space 🙂

      • Beniquez Palmer

        Two snaps up.
        You go Courtney.

      • Annette x

        Isn’t it funny how people are quick to judge when they are just guests passing through. There are a billion blogs out there, if someone doesn’t like this one, move on and find another. Why be a baby about it? This is Courtney’s space and she can run it any way her sweet heart desires. There really are no rules. Keep up the good work Courtney. Lov ya.

  • Heather

    You and Bethenny are two of my personal heroes! You both are driven, motivated women who inspire me everyday. And the best part is that you both seem to be incredibly genuine and down to earth. Oh yeah and you do it all while looking fabulous!

    PS, I loved the Bethenny episode when you were on the panel – I love that you are true to your morals and southern roots. It seems to be so rare these days!

  • Ashley Pletcher

    Absolutely love Bethenny Frankel! She really is an inspiration!! Congratulations for making a guest appearance! Cheers to 2014!


    Afternoon Espresso

  • Lori Stephens

    I just had some free time and watched the first few episodes of Courtney Loves Dallas. It is surely going to be my next Bravo addiction. I absolutely love both you and your precious girlfriend! I laughed out loud so hard at ya’ll getting your big hair on then when she got on the bull I had tears running down my face then your Mom trying to hide her sandwich sent me over the top girl! I pray that God has healed your Mom and I pray that God continue use to bless you so much in 2014. You are so wonderful and amazing Matt is an idiot for letting you go but I’m sure he knows that now. Just keep on being YOU and everything will fall in place all in Gods timing.

    • Lori Stephens

      Oh and you and your precious spirit inspire me. I love it and I’m so happy for you

  • Michelle

    Watching an episode of your show and noticed that your nail polish changes color back and forth during the “same” phone call with Matt. Shame to find out this is all fake.

  • Melissa Jobin

    Courtney! First of all, huge fan… love your style. Second, I have been searching your blog for the top you wear in some of the talking heads that has that to-die-for gold/bronze-y peter pan collar! Any links you can share with where to find it?

    • Bethanny Zimmerman

      I know what you mean about “mean people” seriously take one thing into consideration, you will received these “mean comments” though be aware they are jealous, jealously is around just try to ignore it. My style and look resembles you a lot and 4 years ago I owned my own business, a fitness studio and believe me I had jealous people around me too.:( oh well sorry their are mean people around I always say whatever we give or send out there is what we get back, all we need to do is look in the mirror…..

    • Stephanie

      I second what Melissa said– Love the peach-y top with gold peter pan collar- I’m dying to know where it’s from? 😉

  • Jennifer

    Hey Courtney, LOVE< LOVE< LOVE you, your show, & blog. You and the show are my newest obsession. I am obsessed with your fashion and I think you are the new "it" gal. Hope you are living the dream, because I enjoy watching it:)

  • Nicole

    Hi Courtney!
    You should totally do a blog on how to style hair! Your hair always looks fabulous! Wishing you a successful 2014!

  • Beniquez Palmer

    One word “Glamo-Flag”. The act of using animal print to hide any physical features not to be seen by small children or the elderly. Love it.

  • Kelley Shelton

    You are truly an inspiration to me! I love your show and your fashion sense is incredible. This North Carolina girl is always looking to you for style ideas and outfits I can pair with my signature cowgirl boots! Keep up the awesome work. Xoxo

  • shay

    I try to buy everything you put on your blog 🙂 My favorite is your Baublebar stuff! If it wasn’t for you, I would have never found such cute accessories! Please keep posting 🙂 Also, I love your outfit when your wearing the Iced Lariat Pendant Necklace on bauble

  • Sophia Kriegel

    Courtney you are the most inspirational, kind hearted, and funny woman in the world. Not only have you inspired me to follow my dreams but you have made me realize my own “passion for fashion”. As a 12 year old, i cannot put myself out there as much as a adult like yourself. This year you have showed me so much. I was wondering if you had any tips or advice about how i can expose myself to the modern world of fashion. how can i get started towards a career such as yours? thank you so much for your time!

  • Laura

    Dear Courtney,

    I’m writing to you because I’m a HUGE fan of yours! I was just watching the episode where some people were saying negative things about your appearance, and I felt compelled to write you-
    You are so pretty, fun and inspirational. I am about to be 45 years old….And I love your sense of fashion, style and panache.
    I’m a violinist/ teacher performer, so getting dressed up to perform is a part of the game……

    I just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful role model for young girls and “old ones” like me that still love to dress up and fashion……

    If you ever come to Boston, I’d love, love, love to meet you…….!!!!


    Laura Bossert

  • Christine

    You! 🙂

  • Rick Berg

    Hi Courtney,

    First of all, I really love your show on Bravo and watching you on “The Broadcast”!

    Second, I have a quick comment about your site/blog:

    I LOVE the content, posts/pics… You have a real talent for this, and the positive comments seem to reflect that!

    However, when checking out your blog, I noticed that your site is really slow (I have been a web developer for over 14 years) and after investigating it further, you have a lot of potential wordpress security issues. Also, at first glance, your wordpress installation is not optimized, which would explain the slow performance issues. I know you are actively promoting the site and trying to monetize through affiliate and partnership programs, however, on a slow website, you could be losing business and potential customers if your site isn’t performing well.

    You can check out the performance report here:

    Both grades should be at an “A”.. a grade of “C” and “D” are not acceptable, especially if you are looking to acquire and keep eyeballs on your site…

    I wouldn’t mind fixing this up for you for free. It shouldn’t take longer than an hour or two to get it whipped into shape.

    I’m here in Dallas and would be happy to go over this on the phone or in person. Let me know if you would like to discuss further..

    Take care,


  • Lizzie

    Hi Courtney! I am very much enjoying Courtney Loves Dallas + love seeing what outfit you will pull together. I think you should create an “Ask Courtney” feature on your blog.. a video segment each week where you give advice/ answer questions that those who follow your blog write in. My first question would be how to break into the fashion industry.

    Thanks so much!

  • Sofia

    You look great in vibrant colors. Loving you shorter haircut.


  • Jessica

    Hey Courtney!! I just wanted to let you know how much you have truly inspired me to take big chances in my daily wardrobe! I also look up to you as a blogger and as a person. You are so fun and down to earth, and of course you are EXTREMELY FASHIONABLE! I have always wanted to comment on one of your posts but what really made me want to comment, was how you were able to talk with Bethany Frankel!! AH I am just so obsessed with how both of yall took chances on yalls career and it truly paid off! I hope to be successful in fashion one day in my hometown, and you are my inspiration!! Love you girl and keep doing your thaaanng!


  • Christina R.

    Hi Courtney!
    You remind me of a real life Carrie Bradshaw: beautiful, smart, witty and perfectly flawed in a way that makes you relatable. I LOVE your show and I hope Andy bumps it on up to a full hour next season. I have a question for you, I just cut my long hair into a long bob very simuliar to yours. Could you PLEASE tell me how you style it and what products you use? I love how your hair was styled when you were on Millionaire Matchmaker. Thank you for your time and I wish you continued success! You rock!

  • Meagen

    This is my first time visiting your website… seen you on your tv shows and various Bravo shows! Love your new shorter hair! I’m always intrigued by your fun style and wonder whether I could pull it off like you do 🙂 Looking forward to reading more in the future!

  • Cherry Richardson

    Please post today’s show 02/10/14, with the lemon juice and egg white facial. I really like your show, and topics you discuss.