Polished Baubles: Essie & Bauble Bar Join Forces

You know what kindof girls really drive me batty? The ones who get engaged and then squeal every time they show their new ring with a response like, “OMG, don’t look at my nails….I totally need to get a manicure!”

Know what that’s called? #EngagedBratProblems

Like, c’mon y’all….you know you will be wearing your damn engagement ring everyday.  You know people will ask to see it.  So just be pro-active…get the $35 manicure.  BASICALLY, YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHOW ME YOUR RING WITH BAD CUTICLES, CHIPPED NAILS, & 2-WEEK OLD DRUGSTORE POLISH.

Is that really too much to ask?!  I really don’t think so.  You found the man of your dreams….WHY DON’T YOU CELEBRATE WITH PAINTED NAILS?!

I’d like to just say for the record that while I’m not engaged with a something-point-something karat rock on my finger, I still manage to keep my nails done regularly.  (But then I remember that my manicure would never be driven by the karat weight thats on my finger, but by the bracelet count that’s on my arm!) And lucky for me, and every other gal who loves a good bracelet/manicure combo moment, essie + Bauble Bar have teamed up for the same cause!

What these two leading, power brands in beauty and baubles have done is quite genius: For $50, you get to pick out your favorite shade from the essie Winter Collection and then 3 complimentary Bauble Bar bracelets to wear along side your new nail color. Pretty adorable idea, right? Because in a time of bracelet crisis, it’d be nice to already have your fingertips taken care of….

But as if having Bauble Bar and essie team up wasn’t exciting news enough for me….I am thrilled to announce that essie has asked me to help rally all you manicure mavens and get you excited for their new Winter Collection! This Saturday, November 17, from 2-4pm, essie will be hosting a pop-up shop in the Connection Court of Willow Bend Mall in Plano, TX….and yours truly will be there hosting all the fun! Come join me for a complimentary essie manicure and see the new gorgeous Winter Collection for yourself!

Free manicures on a Saturday?! Now you engaged girls have no excuses.

See y’all then!

  • cake & valley

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA love this post & 100% agree!!
    we were just looking at bauble bar last night and noticed they teamed up with essie!
    love it all and LOVE essie!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  • Paige

    Preach it sista, forever and ever, AMEN. BIGGEST pet peave, seriously.

  • Dani

    I have already acquired Butler Please and Where’s My Chauffeur (I went to 5 different Targets in search of the latter one a couple of weeks ago)!! I must admit that I”m obsessed with Essie (and OPI) polish, and buy one every few weeks. Which I then take to the nail salon and have my nails painted and covered in clear gel bi-weekly, so that when I FINALLY get that special bling…my nails are always perfectly ready! LOL!


  • madeleine

    HAHHAA I just laughed out loud at this post. Hilarious and agree. My favorite is when they get engaged and talk about how they never took their very serious boyfriend’s hints to get a manicure! Do you think he would care otherwise?! I love the Butler Please shade!

  • Kelly

    I totally agree, chipped nails are just not acceptable and in NYC you can get a good manicure for $10-$15! No excuses!

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  • Michelle Levine

    Agreed! If only the free mani’s were here in Boston this weekend! I could use one ! And no I dont have a ring on my finger ha but bracelets and a wrap watch indeed 🙂