My Afternoon with Sarah Jessica Parker









Photos taken by Kristi Redman/D StyleSheet

Blazer: Zara, old; Dress: H&M; Shoes: SJP; Necklace: All the Wire; Earrings: Gorjana; Spike Ring Set: c/o Stella & Dot; Haven Ring: c/o Stella & Dot; Petite Spike Cuff: c/o Henri Bendel; Petite Cut Out Cuff: c/o Henri Bendel; Nails: Orly Kiss the Bride

Recently on the blog, I talked about a few moments that took my breath away during NYFW.  Ironically, I had no idea that the biggest moment of my career was right around the corner:

About 3 weeks ago, I got a frantic phone call from my Broadcast producer telling me that he had just landed me an interview to sit down with Sarah Jessica Parker in Dallas to talk about her new shoe collection exclusive to Nordstrom, SJP.

After replying with “OMG, OMG…SHUTUP SERIOUSLY OMG,” then the real panic set it…


As professional as I tried to be (um, I was secretly DYING inside), I must say, this was a day an absolute dream.  SJP was not only kind, but complimentary, and graceful….basically, the woman we should all aspire to be.  She answered questions thoughtfully, yet unapologetically, all while having an incredible dose of humility and a girl-next-door charm about her.  And despite her world being bigger than any of us could ever imagine, she still comes across as that small town girl from Ohio.

Sarah Jessica touched me in a way that I don’t think I will ever be able to explain or put into words.  I was moved to tears for the remainder of the day…and not in the “fangirl” capacity, but in a way that encouraged me to continue to pay it forward and do something that women can be a part of and enjoy.

Thank you, SJP, for a moment I will never forget and for reminding me that kindness is the best thing we can put on each morning.

Ps. Here are the 2 interview segments so you can enjoy Sarah Jessica’s fabulousness as much as I did! (And if they don’t load immediately, just refresh your browser!)

Pps.  THE SHOES! THE SHOES! I wanted one of everything.  Scroll below to shop the entire SJP collection, exclusive to Nordstrom.


Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 3.38.21 PM

  • Tana Cowin

    LOVE THIS!! Truly inspiring. Congrats on such a fantastic interview.

    By the way you look AMAZING! SJP’s shoe line is beautiful.

  • Jonathan Hoyle

    Omg I’m so jell. I wish I could of made it to Nordstrom to meet her. You did such great a job in the interview. I would of been a nervous wreck. You both looked amazing and it’s nice to know that SJP is truly a nice person.

  • Esther K.

    Courtney, you are a beautiful, amazing, authentic
    Young lady, it’s so nice to see all the success coming your way,
    SJP interview, icing on the cake. Congratulations, all the best
    With all that keeps coming your way!

  • Amanda Elizabeth

    How amazing is she???? Congratulations Courtney!!! How fabulous are those shoes???


    Amanda | Meet @ the Barre

    • Dara Lynn

      I was thinking the same thing Amanda!!!!

  • Kelley Warner

    Courtney! This is AMAZEBALLS!!! Great interview.

    I absolutely LOVE your dress; did you recently get it from H&M??

  • courtney

    What an incredible opportunity! Very happy for you, SJP is such an amazing woman!

  • sasa

    Awesome! I love the shoes:) <3

    New on

  • KD

    You did an amazing job Courtney! Great/seamless interview and great subject in SJP.

  • Rach

    You’re so lucky you got a chance to sit and interview with her!!

  • marsh

    this is a very good thing … really very good…

  • Jenn

    that was awesome! Courtney, you speak for all of us! It’s like we all met her!

  • Katie Levans

    Please please please tell me you know where SJP’s tights are from…

  • Meghan

    Great Interview! You did amazing and SJP is so sweet! It’s so great to see how your determination and ambition have led you to meet one of your idols!

    Hopefully these shoes will be on sale at some points so I can afford them!

  • Gabrielle Scalese

    OMG how did you keep it together, I would have died. SJP is such a style icon. Everything she wears is impeccable. Loved the videos <3

  • Amanda

    Love this fashionable moment! 🙂 xoxo

  • Chels

    So fun that you were able to interview her. I actually think I saw you in La Duni that day too while my mom and I were having brunch! We were able to see her when she was at Nordstrom and snap a few pics. Her shoes are absolutely beautiful!

  • Erin B.


    But seriously, what a fabulous friggin opportunity! Congrats!

    Will you post a full frontal of your outfit, though? I have a feeling it’s all kinds of amazing.

  • Wendy

    Love this! Thanks for sharing! I am a little jealous, but in a good way. 🙂

  • Alyse

    Where are SJP’s tights from??? I love them and need them!

  • Lashonda Douglas

    Great interview Courtney and to let you in on a little secret…I absolutely love SJP too!

  • Liz Cueva

    Absolutely FABULOUS.

  • cher

    Courtney , you have become such a great interviewer.Great job with SJP. You kept straight on with the interview questions when , oh my goodness, it would’ve been so much fun to just chat it up with her. I hope you did have time to girl talk and have some fun!
    Congratulations on the interview!

  • Sofia

    Courtney, YOU have arrived! 🙂 What a wonderful opportunity to have spent time with her and interviewed her. I bet that was one of the items on your bucket list. SO happy for your success. BTW, How is your mom doing? Hope all is well.


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  • Leah

    Talk about a dream come try! So exciting!!


  • Margaret Ybarra

    You lucky girl you! I am so jealous! What an experience, I mean, who doesn’t love SJP?!

    You really held your own in this interview, great questions, transitions and vibe – you did wonderfully! Cheers to more hosting & interview gigs for you, you are a natural!

    xo – margaret

  • Gabriel Rafael

    That was such a GOOD interview! No one could guess you were panicking at ALL by watching how you interviewed her! Mazel! Also, really great getting to meet you at Tori’s All The Wire event on Saturday! Congrats once again on this interview!

  • corinne

    Love me some SJP! I’ll never forget going on the sex and the city tour all those years ago in NYC! Plus the shoes, wow, gorgeous!

    Your interviewing skills are great too! You seem very natural and conversational, which makes it so much easier for the listener to enjoy and get the most out of the interview!

  • elizabeth

    could not be more perfect. sjp is so perfectly sweet:)

  • Katie

    I have been such a huge SJP fan for ages and as of recently have become a fan of yours as well! You did a really wonderful job with the interview. Congrats on all of your success~ xo

  • Huong

    Awww, what a fantastic moment to document, Courtney! Amen! You can save the world with kindness. Here’s to your career exploding! ::clink::

  • Liz Tate

    Two fabulous and inspirational women…….best of luck to you Courtney.

  • Chivonne Burks

    That was a little piece of heaven!

  • Chivonne Burks

    That was a little piece of heaven!

  • Madison

    What an interview with such a powerful person! She’s great and so was the interview- nice job Courtney! xox

  • Megan

    Uhb- sessed with this interview. LOVE Sarah Jessica like no other. You are a great interviewer. Truly a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing.

    Megan @ Siren Jane

  • Kellie The Shoe Diva

    Congratulations! SJP did sound very gracious and kind. You did an amazing job! You were so composed and natural. Who would’ve thought that moments before that you were flailing and panicking? lol

  • Amna A

    One — this is absolutely AH-MAZING!
    Two — Congrats, this is such an amazing career highlight! Way to go Court! You fabulous lady, you!
    Three — YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! Love everything about your outfit!!

  • Mia

    This interview was so much fun to watch! You and SJP sounded like a couple of old friends chatting about your mutual love of shoes. Part of what makes SJP so loved is her simple down to earth kindness. That is what makes her a true star and fashion icon, her grace and humility.

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  • Shasie

    Love her! I will have to check out her new collection

    Live Life in Style
    Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers

  • Regina

    I loved the interview. Both of you are fantastic. Just one thing, is it necessary to have the price point so high on these shoes? Some of us fashionistas look great without breaking the bank…these are over my head.