How My Trunk Club Personal Stylist Makes My Life Easier

Raise your hand if shopping for vacation clothes gives you more anxiety than the packing itself?!

Yep, same girl, same.

When it comes to vacation style, I am very particular. In my mind, I’ve got it all planned out, but actually FINDING all those specific items on a time crunch can really be exhausting. ENTER: Trunk Club. Trunk Club was started for ONE reason: To help clients build a great wardrobe. Once you sign up for their services, they do all the fashionable heavy lifting! Need help sourcing great staples for a work wardrobe? Check. Maybe you are headed to a black tie gala & don’t know where to begin when it comes to finding a gown? Check. Going on vacation & don’t have time to search for all the must-haves? Check. No matter your size (they assist with petite to plus-sized & men’s or women’s!), your budget, or your location, Trunk Club will ensure that you feel confident in your wardrobe with their range of quality apparel. And since Trunk Club is part of the Nordstrom brand family, you can guarantee that the products you are getting are TOP NOTCH!

For me, Trunk Club is a no brainer. With my busy schedule, sometimes heading to the mall or schlepping through the array of online retailers isn’t ideal! So what’s a girl to do?! Call Megan! Megan is my personal stylist who knows EVERYTHING from my sizes, to my preferences, to my budget. And not only is Megan accessible to chat about my wants & needs, but she also is great at finding those hidden gems that she knows my closet will thank her for! Since we have been working together for over a year, she knows what my closet already has….so when it comes time for a seasonal or vacation refresh, she is knowledgeable about what pieces will work well with my existing wardrobe! And every time I get my trunk in the mail (you can chose whether you want it monthly seasonally, or for a specific special occasion!), I know she has packed it will items that are certainly going to WOW me! (I mean, let’s talk about those pearl Malone Souliers pearl flats, shall we?!)

And the best part about Trunk Club is that they still let my personal style shine through! When I receive my box, it’s always fun to play mix & match and decide what pieces I can’t live without. Trunk Club includes a pre-addressed return label, so I keep what I want, and send back what I don’t. But the best part is that I get to try everything on in the privacy of my home AND I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY OF THE SHOPPING AT ALL!

And to be honest, it feels totally fancy getting a compliment and replying, “Thanks, my personal stylist picked this out!”

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*Thank you to Trunk Club for helping me build a great wardrobe when I don’t have the time to shop & for sponsoring this post!