Courtney Loves Dallas Premiere Party


With my best friend & “Courtney Loves Dallas” co-star, Tori Gonzales (visit her jewelry line, ALL THE WIRE, here!)


With girlfriends (and familiar “Courtney Loves Dallas” castmates, Katie James, Tori Gonzales, & Annie Napier


With publicist, Bri Crum, and my assistant (you’ll see her soon on “Courtney Loves Dallas!”), Shannon Russo


Thanking all my close friends and family for their unconditional support after the premiere

NGL_5Courtneylovesdallas_34673712_494798 Toasting to an incredible season of “Courtney Loves Dallas” with my 3 friends, Katie James, Thais Moses, & Tori Gonzales

 (Photos courtesy of Jerry McClure)

Leather Bustier: Zara (Similar from Shopbop); Leather Pants: Topshop x Nordstrom; Heels: Christian Louboutin; Scarf: Zara, old; Earrings: Bauble Bar, old; Rose Gold Pave Chainlink Cuff: Bauble Bar; Crystal Pave Chainlink Cuff: Bauble Bar; Knotty Pinky Ring: All the Wire

This past Thursday was a whirlwind. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Here’s a little background before we dive deep into the specifics:  I had been in New York City doing press for “Courtney Loves Dallas,” and woke up to news that there was a major ice storm coming through Dallas.  My flight was scheduled to land in Dallas from NYC at 705pm, and I was already stressing that if it got delayed I would miss my premiere party.

  • 1030am: American Airlines flight from NYC to Dallas is cancelled.
  • 1031am: Start crying.
  • 1032am: Frantically begin packing and decide to head to La Guardia Airport and find at least some airlines that is flying back to DFW Airport.
  • 1145am: American Airlines puts me on another flight.
  • 1146am: Purchase Spirit Airlines ticket on a whim, in hopes that at least one of my flights will make it back to Dallas.
  • 1205pm: Spirit Airlines flight delayed for the first time.
  • 1230pm: Spirit Airlines flight delayed for the second time. Begin to cry again.
  • 130pm: Spirit Airlines flight delayed for the third time. Order my first drink at the airport bar.
  • 131pm: Realize iPhone has 7% and begin to panic in search for a charger.
  • 145pm: Second American Airlines flight is cancelled.
  • 145pm: Tweet that I am stuck in La Guardia Airport and will be watching “Courtney Loves Dallas” from airport terminal.
  • 146pm: Fight a loud, mouthy woman from Jersey for an outlet in airport bar.
  • 205pm: Spirit Airlines announces they are boarding Dallas flight.
  • 220pm: Spirit Airlines flight finally boards.
  • 230pm: Let Mom know that I have made a flight back to Dallas.
  • 231pm: Forget to tweet that I made a flight back to Dallas.
  • 238pm: Phone dies.
  • 545pm: Land in Dallas.  Realize phone is still dead.
  • 546pm: Charge phone with UBS cord on my laptop (UMMMM, why I didn’t do this during the flight, I have no idea.)
  • 547pm: Call Tori, my best friend, and apologize for not telling her (of all people!) that I made a flight back to Dallas.
  • 555pm: Step outside in Dallas and bitch about how its so much colder in Dallas than in New York.
  • 600pm: Get in car and head to apartment.
  • 605pm-645pm: Slide down the freeway during the beginning stages of the ice storm.
  • 645-700pm: Console Mom via phone because the ice storm is keeping her in Fort Worth and she is upset that she can’t make it to premiere.  I assure her that doesn’t make her a bad mom.  Safety first.
  • 701-720pm: Attempt to fix my hair, then just add more dry shampoo so I don’t have to curl it.  Put on makeup over my airport face. Chug a glass of red wine. Tease hair again.
  • 725pm: Leave for premiere.
  • 815pm: Arrive at premiere.
  • 816pm-Present Day: Smile & enjoy the ride.

I can’t say it enough.  Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and love you have sent me over the past 4 days.  You are why “Courtney Loves Dallas” will be a success….and I sure as hell can’t do it without you.


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  • Anto Ruiz

    My sister and I are huge fans. You’re genuine and honest. You have a way of making us laugh then cry all in a matter of seconds. I appreciate how candid you are about your feelings towards Matt. I find it difficult to express my feelings on a daily basis, but can’t imagine doing it on nation television. It is impressive. His loss ! You deserve all the happiness in the world! Go, You!

  • Sofia

    Congrats on you new show. I wish you much success. Great look for the premiere.


  • Angie Hart

    Love your style-sense of humor and I am right there with you on these men! I follow you on FB – Angie Belknap Simmons Hart – We are so much alike!!!!!!

  • Meaghan

    Loved every minute – congrats on this accomplishment! You’re so hilarious & the clothes aren’t bad either 🙂 Hope to run into you, Mary, & the APOT ladies again at NYFW in Feb. Enjoy your Bravo season!

    xx Meaghan

  • Kelly

    Congratulations Court on a wonderful premiere! Sorry you had such an awful day but I am so glad it ended up so positive!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Amanda Elizabeth

    Hilarious…”fight a loud mouth jersey woman for an outlet in airport bar”….dry shampoo is where it is at! Thanks for the timeline amazing as always!
    Meet @ the Barre

  • Chrisitne Frezza

    You sure as hell don’t even look like you had a crazy flight experience! You look great in the pics!

  • Jennifer

    Seriously, I just died at your description of the day! Love love love your show, so happy it is finally here!

  • Tiffany Elam

    Wow, what a day! I am more than ecstatic that Courtney Loves Dallas is finally on the air- I’ve waited soooo long!


  • FiftyTwoThursdays

    Love your show!! Sorry about all the delayed flights, crazy weather! Try my DIY sugar scrub to cheer you up and make your skin happy again! 🙂

  • Susanne

    I freakin’ laughed my arse off at your description of your day! LOL! Stuff always happens at the wrong time. Watched and loved your premire. My present day=wating on the day I can fit in a Bustier……………………….

  • Heather

    Truly are an inspiration! I have followed you since you last show on Bravo and I think you are an amazing person! Congratulations! Hope you have a fantastic season and I know we all can’t wait to watch!

    XO 🙂


  • nia

    where is Toni’s outfit from? Gorgeous.

  • Sarah T

    LOVED the show! Only complaint (to Bravo) is that it needs to be an hour long! A half hour just isn’t enough. Waited forever to watch it and so glad you made it back in time for your premiere.

  • Allison Kaiser

    Congrats Courtney,Your Site is awesome.

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  • Air Head Prodil

    ourtney Loves Dallas Premiere Party .it is nice articles make me very pleased

    Thanks .

  • Carla

    Hey just wanted to give you an idea for some great clothes and accessories! Check out Double Back Ranch. It’s a little boutique in St Hedrick A burb of San Antonio!!

  • Joe Plumber

    Katie James has some hot lips!!!!